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Setting Goals: Have You Hit The 100 Articles Milestone Yet?
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Goal setters are more successful

Goal setters are more successful

It doesn’t matter if you’re submitting your first article this week or if you’ve been article marketing for several months or years–I want you to do something:

Set your sights on reaching the 100 articles milestone.

This is a huge achievement–sort of like a TV show that hits it’s 100th episode.

The 100th article is a big deal!

By the time you’ve written 100 articles, you have these perks to enjoy:

  • You have most definitely established yourself as an expert in your niche.
  • You most likely have created blanket coverage for very niche specific topics (this is good for your search traffic)
  • You can use your library of articles to create several e-books or special reports targeted to specific groups of customers.
  • You have proven that you have longevity (a big deal on the internet)
  • You have proven to be consistent (also a big deal)
  • You have invested wisely in your marketing campaign, staying true to at least one effective tool over the long haul (rather than jumping to a different marketing tool every week)
  • You have the ability to come up with a steady stream of article topics. This is a major accomplishment–it is not easy to write 100 or more articles on the topic of your niche, each different and fresh, but you it can be done.
  • By the time you’ve written 100 articles, you are able to find a writing “groove”–you’ve most likely hit some dry spots creatively, but you’ve persevered, dug deep, gotten creative and have managed to keep the flame ignited.

Have you submitted 100 articles yet? If so, it’s worthy of a celebration!

If you haven’t, then you have something to shoot for.

Remember, consistency is the key–you do not need to submit oodles of articles at once. Just submit a steady rate of articles each and every month, and you will be up to 100 in no time!

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29 Responses to “Setting Goals: Have You Hit The 100 Articles Milestone Yet?”

  1. Thor holt says:

    Steve, 100 articles is surely a worthy goal, and at 2 published per month that is over 4 years of writing… ;-)

  2. Ted Ciuba says:

    Yes, it is a worthy goal, and yes, it does bring the perks you mention. I’ve done it, and it works.

  3. Very inspiring advice even though the number seems a little overwhelming right now! I do understand, completely, however how important it is to establish yourself as an expert in your niche by distributing quality articles.

  4. Steve, I’ve already broken the 100 mark a long time ago :) It feels great to know you are in the Groove, just like you say, and YES, it does give you great results. I wish I didn’t do a few articles per 50+ sites, but focused all of them on one or two :)

    Same with video, got hundreds out… Focused 40 or so on one site, does generate tons of leads now =)

    - Chris

  5. Fred Parker says:

    I am sure you’re right, but I think the 100 milestone is only a part of the equation. If you write interesting quality articles then the payoff with your readership is assured and I am by no means sure that the readers care too much whether you have written 100 articles or just 25. It is a bit like those websites written for the benefit of Search Engines without regard to the readability of the copy.

  6. EyeSpyPro says:

    Steve, I use to have so much time to write, now I pound nails all day running my 2 businesses. It’s hard enough to post them to the 1,000 plus directories. This is truly a worthwhile goal. Only 80 more to go! Thanks for the motivation!

  7. Catherine says:

    Steve, I am new at article marketing. But, I did write my first article and am working on my second. I love the service that you provide and I like getting the emails from you. Your emails keep me on track and give me motivation. Thanks again. I will get to 100 articles.


  8. Roy Sencio says:

    Thanks for the tip Steve. 100 articles is actually attainable, the only thing needed is consistency, which is what we basically need anyways to properly promote our sites, whether with articles or other tools.

  9. Brad says:

    True…. and at just 2 per week youdve reached that goal in just 1 year and get 2 week break before starting on your 500 article goal. =)

  10. Deane says:

    I can do that! But I want to do it faster than that. I’m too old to wait four years! :)

  11. Corky Carson says:

    Thats only about 1 article every 3 or 4 days for a year and easily acomplished with a little commitment.

  12. We are on article 9 :( I agree 100 is a BIG DEAL

  13. El Gordo says:

    Sounds like a very good goal to have. I submitted my very first article via on 19 November 2007 and have to date had 19 published. That leaves me 81 to reach this bold target. However, my plan is now to publish 8 every month without fail which means that I should reach this goal in approximately 10 months. Let the hard work begin!

  14. Just started writing …. agree with Thor Holt, it is time consuming! Any tips on how to speed the process up – apart from outsourcing it all?

  15. Hi Steve,

    Some great benefits there that I had never thought of!

    Plus, think of all these backlinks.


  16. Alice Crume says:

    100 articles is definitely worthy. Can it be done? If I didn’t have this full time job to eat, yes I could write 100 articles by the end of this year (she said in a loud voice) maybe (smaller voice). But I like the idea of a goal, whatever number one chooses.

  17. Better make that 2 articles a day!

    2 a day times ie: 5 days =10/week

    x 4 weeks in a month= 40/month

    You should hit the ’100′ mark in approximately 2.5 months and if you think of those “articles” as one person put it as “fishing hooks” linked back to your website,the sooner they’re written and submitted,the better!

    As those articles are picked up by other websites ie: Article and blog sites,directories,look out!

  18. chandan says:

    Liked the post..and got encouragement to accomplish this..Thanks for sharing..

  19. Larry says:

    I’ve only written one article which is posted on the website listed above. Could you possibly give me your opinion?

  20. Thor…

    100 is an overwhelming number for many people. Breaking it down into small chunks takes the edge off. You can write 100 articles in 3-4 months – by producing one article per day. How difficult can that be? How many emails do you write in a day? Compare those to the time it takes to write one article.

    1 a day for 3 months = 90 articles is a much more achievable vision than looking at the challenge of writing 100 articles. :)

  21. best-p-d-a says:

    A great idea, with 100 articles, anyone will be trained to be writers

  22. Steve -

    I totally agree. A hundred articles and all in the same niche area will result in tightly targeted traffic. And surely it is easier to write 100 articles in one area than taking a scatter gun approach and writing 100 articles covering, say, 20 different (and diverse) affiliate products?

    As Thor says, at 2/month it will take over 4 years… but at 2/week it will take less than one! And surely that time investment in traffic generation is worth it?

    Thanks for the article!


  23. I believe article marketing is indeed one of the best forms of marketing on the internet. Seems both effective and long term. Gives you a lot of bang for the buck. I have about 90 articles, so I am almost there.
    I want to start using your system that rewrites the articles. That ought to make the “quantity” part of the process quite easy.


  24. Steve Shaw says:

    Hey guys:

    Love your comments and your enthusiasm inspires me to set new goals!

    I also think this topic of ‘How To Write 100 Articles in a year” is a worthy blog post topic. I’ll get started on that with some tips for you, and thank you so much for you veterans providing your own tips in these comments.

    For those who are starting out submitting articles–you will get there! All of us had just one article under our belts at one time.

    What is that saying?

    “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step!”

    I’ll have some more specific steps for you in an upcoming blog post on this topic…

    @Fred Parker

    You are right that you need to produce interesting and quality articles–every article you write needs to be a quality article that is useful to your readers, but a HUGE component of article marketing is also consistency. Writing 25 articles is a great start, but you will see your best SEO results with an ongoing article marketing campaign that goes on for months and years. Article marketing is all about momentum and compounded results.

    Aim for 100 quality articles (and it will take months or years to reach that goal) and you will have a built-in consistency that will payoff.

    @Gustaf Eriksson

    Tips on how to speed up the process:

    Some folks have already mentioned breaking down the goal into 8 articles a month, 2 articles a week, or more.

    I must say that the idea is not to submit 100 articles in a short period of time–if you submit articles at the rate that I recommend, this will take a little over a year to accumulate 100 articles.

    Doing things faster is not necessarily a bonus–it’s better SEO wise to gradually build up the links over a year’s time. So, set a goal for yourself–try 8 articles a month. That’s 2 a week. Then just plug along consistently and before you know it the year will be over and you will be at 100 articles.

    I did this last year and saw a dramatic increase in my search engine ranking for some new keyword terms that I was adding. On one of them jumped from #88 in #1 in the results listings. Now that’s a dramatic difference!

    Submitting 100 articles over a year’s time can have a huge impact on the health of your site.

  25. Ricardo A. says:

    Hmmm … at first glance – scary!

    But thinking about it, why not, eh?

    100 it is then.

  26. Pro IM Tools says:

    There are lots of Article Marketing “30 day” challenges that happen each year. These are great because they get your competitive edge going. That really helps me because I was going to write them anyway, now throw in a little competition and off I go. Plus they are a great forum to just getting started if you have never written articles before. Article marketing is a great way to build backlinks quickly to your sites.

  27. [...] got some great feedback from you guys on the post about aiming for 100 articles, and I’d like to offer a plan for making this grand achievement more [...]

  28. I have always wondered about this – thanks for making it clear for me.

  29. John says:

    long way to the 100 articles mark. I will definitely work harder.

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