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17 Common Article Marketing Mistakes (And How To Avoid Them)
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Because we are all human, it’s inevitable that every person who does article marketing will screw up every once in a while. In coming up with this list of common article marketing mistakes, for a good many of them I simply thought back on my own innocent blunders as I was getting started. Because I read so many articles each day, I also get a daily reminder of the kinds of things that trip up a lot of people.

When I see people making these mistakes, I empathize. I’ve been there too!

There are two major perks to making mistakes–if you learn from them you get better at what you do, and you can also pass on your hard won knowledge to others so that they don’t have to walk the crooked path that you stumbled down. That is what I’m hoping to do with this next series of posts– I want you to learn from my mistakes and from the mistakes of many before you.

And if you happen to see any blunders that you’re currently doing in this list, I don’t want you to feel too bad. I remember the first (and last!) time that I submitted an article with a broken link in the resource box. My heart fell, and I kicked myself for a few minutes thinking “I can’t believe I did that!”.

That was many articles ago, and I’ve since recovered from my silly mistake, but I wanted to assure you that making the occasional innocent “oops” is not going to derail your article marketing campaign–unless you take it so badly that you give up.

Today I’ll give you an overview of the 17 common article marketing mistakes we’re covering in this series. In future weeks we’ll devote a post to each mistake and thoroughly cover how to avoid it. Let’s begin:

Mistake #1 – Not doing keyword research.

Mistake #2 – Not putting enough thought into your resource box.

Mistake #3 – Not submitting articles consistently.

Mistake #4 – Submitting too many articles.

Mistake #5 – Expecting immediate results.

Mistake #6 – Writing off-topic articles.

Mistake #7 – Submitting to only a few article directories.

Mistake #8 – Running out of article topics.

Mistake #9 – Creating throw-away titles.

Mistake #10 – Writing over people’s heads.

Mistake #11 – Not formatting your article in a reader-friendly way.

Mistake #12 – Writing promotional (sales oriented) articles.

Mistake #13 – Trying to submit the same content more than once.

Mistake #14 – Submitting a resource box with broken links.

Mistake #15 – Inappropriate use of keywords in your title, article body, and/or resource box.

Mistake #16 – Writing articles that are too long or not long enough.

Mistake #17 – Forgetting to proofread your article.

In the coming weeks we’ll cover each mistake one by one along with tips on how to avoid it.

That’s our list of common mistakes–do any look familiar to you? Are there any others that you’ve run into that are missing from the list? Please share!



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4 Responses to “17 Common Article Marketing Mistakes (And How To Avoid Them)”

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  2. Emily Blunt says:

    Great article. Thanks a lot for share your knowledge!Lots of new ideas in my mind! I just started with my own Blog, can I reference to this post with …

  3. Jim Ford says:

    I have been looking into article marketing for promoting my websites and I find a lot of advice telling me that having the exact same article on multiple sites is not a good thing anymore, but you do not mention this as being a mistake in your list. I have also read about spinning articles to help keep them unique. Is it a mistake to submit the same article to multiple sites, or is this just not true?

    Thanks… In advance

  4. Steve Shaw says:

    Hi Jim – thanks for your comment, and apologies for the delay getting back to you.

    There is so much misunderstanding out there on the ‘duplicate content’ issue it’s untrue. In brief, it’s only a problem if you have the same content on many pages on your own sites, eg. trying to hoodwink the search engines into ranking the same content that’s been slight amended each time under lots of different keywords.

    It’s not a problem if the same content is on lots of different sites – Google will just decide which is the originating site for the content, and give them all the credit. This is why I’d recommend not distributing your own blog posts as articles for example, but rewrite them for the purpose (otherwise another site could get the credit, and not your own).

    The advantage from spinning articles comes from the fact that the same article could then be listed multiple times on Google, because they’re all actually different articles so would appear for different searches – so this can increase your search engine visibility as a result.

    However, it’s important to ensure that every resultant article maintains the same quality as the original, otherwise it works against you – and it can be hard/time consuming to use text spinning in this way. Tools like can help, but you still need to be careful and check the result. The quality of the content you distribute is very important.

    Hope that helps.

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