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22 Ways to Keep Your Reader Interested in the Content of Your Online Article Submission
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Once a reader has been intrigued by your title and is now looking at your full article, how can you keep his attention through the whole piece?

Here are 22 tips to help you keep your reader’s attention:

1 – Avoid industry jargon. Sometimes a reader can be turned off if the lingo used in an article is outside of his vocabulary. Try your best to state everything in plain English.

2 – Make it a goal to tell exactly what your article is about in your first sentence or two.

3 – Try starting your article with a question. Sometimes questions can help engage readers.

4 – Use bullets to bring attention to key points.

5 – Use numbered lists to walk a reader through a process.

6 – Use sub-headings to section off the article into easy to process morsels.

7 – Avoid big blocks of content. Keep paragraphs short and sweet.

8 – Create a compelling intro paragraph to hook the reader in.

9 – Be sure that the benefit of your article to your reader is clearly defined.

10 – Keep your article as brief as possible, while still providing as much quality information as you can. In other words, avoid rambling!

11 – Avoid complicated sentence structures.

12 – Choose your topic carefully. Focus on topics that solve specific problems that your readers are facing.

13 – Show some personality. This will help readers connect with your article. If you reveal yourself a little in your articles, readers sense your personal investment and they are more likely to pay attention to what you say. Authentic, genuine, written form the heart–all of these qualities attract readers.

14 – Write like you speak. Writing that’s conversational is easier to pay attention to. (Proper grammar is still necessary of course.)

15 – Do thorough research on your topic. The article must provide solid info to keep a reader interested.

16 – Get to your main points quickly in your article. Give a brief intro, then launch into the meat of your article.

17 – When giving a ‘Top Tips’ list, put your strongest tip as your first tip and your second strongest as your last tip.

18 – With article structure, think light, tight and clean. This makes the article easier to follow.

19 – Use the active voice in your articles. Examples:

Active: The man drove the car.

Passive: The car was driven by the man.

Active voice is when the subject of the sentence is doing the action specified by the verb. Passive voice is when the subject of the sentence as the action done to it.

20 – Write a concluding paragraph that ties things together. Each article needs a beginning, middle and ending that makes sense.

21 – Write articles that express original thoughts that are relevant to the needs of your readers.

22 – Be sure that your article is free of grammar and spelling issues. These types of problems make an article more difficult to read and give the impression that the author doesn’t care. If the author doesn’t care, why should the reader?


Catching your reader’s interest with your title is only the beginning!

Online readers are always hopping from page to page, so you need to put some effort into holding your reader’s attention on your article for as long as possible. Which of these tips will you use?

Do you have any other tips for keeping reader’s interested? Please share!

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17 Responses to “22 Ways to Keep Your Reader Interested in the Content of Your Online Article Submission”

  1. sumit says:

    I was struggling to keep visitors for long time on my website. thanks for sharing this helpful information

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  4. Paul says:

    Very good sound advice. Most online article marketers do not realize how easy it is to implement your 22 tips.

    Most are looking for the easy way. There are thousands of online writing sites to help anyone looking to write articles or good content for any blog or website.


  5. Thanks for such an informative article on how to keep the reader’s attention. I think my articles tend to be a bit too wordy and sentences too long.
    I have found though that longer sentences seem easier to re-write into different versions for Submit Your Article’s system for creating multiple versions of the same article.

  6. Bhaskar Shaw says:

    I am very keen to knew about how to write my article that visitors like very much .I would like personaly thanks to Mr.Stive that without your co-operation it dose not true.
    thanks and best regards
    Bhaskar Shaw

  7. Sue says:

    This is great! I’ve printed it out and added to my article inspiration file. Thanks. Especially love the idea of starting an article with a question.

  8. All very good tips, and I will always keep them in mind when writing my articles. Thank you

  9. Dr sanjiv says:

    Thanks Steve,
    Those were great tips.
    How do you encourage a reader to comment? An article with many comments would make a new reader want to read the article in full. More comments will make him feel that many people have read the
    article because it must be good.

  10. Brian says:

    Very informative and well written piece, thanks for sharing

  11. andika says:

    I also now realized the importance of article in increasing traffic to the website, thank you very useful info friends

  12. chris says:

    Great tips, most of them I do actually achieve but there were a few I hadn’t thought of before such as number 19 – Active Voice.


  13. Sir,
    fine and wish the same with all. Your training is very valuable and make me presentable to any situation to write articles. Basically I am an assistant to a writer in Tamil, Now your training is encouraging me to write in english. I thank you once again.

    Thanking you!

    Yours faithfully,

  14. Susan says:

    Thanks for your comments, Steve. Regarding tip #21, here’s something that I say to my clients regularly. I am a professional copywriter. I’ve done all kinds of writing for many years aimed at marketing a client’s product or service.

    When you think like your ideal prospect, that might mean thinking differently than the way you think. For example, I just completed a phone conversation with a client. She operates a formal wear store.

    Selling or renting formal wear is pretty much a one time sale. I’ve suggested for years that she needs other streams of revenue for residual sales throughout the rest of the year when the wedding season ends. She just told me that she’s been asked by other local business to rent space in her store. They represent a travel agency, Avon, Tupperware, hand made jewelry, and hand made purses.

    At first she balked because she said she didn’t want to be known as a flea market. I said, “Sue Ellyn, think like your customers! Think what’s desired by THEM. This is going to bring you residual income and traffic to your store because especially Avon and Tupperware are well known names. Imagine people coming into your store as a one-stop-shopping place for the middle-income consumer rather than a flea market. This is a good thing!”

    I explained to her that providing vendors store presence that appeal to people of the middle income level, which is the largest percentage of the population, would bring new business exposure to her business. She finally got the message. The same is true of article marketing.

    When you write an article, think in broader terms. What ELSE would your target market enjoy? Your would describe solutions to frustrating, sometimes life-threatening problems. That knowledge you provide associated to the topic about which you already write can be more specific. Your solution knowledge may seem obvious and usual to you. However, it is something new to those searching for answers for their problems. Here’s another example.

    The other day in the library, they hosted a free magic and puppet show for young children. The moms paid nothing to bring their toddlers to the event. It helped them. It is summer time and to find a wholesome activity for toddlers in the summer, in an air conditioned building, for FREE, is a boon to moms. Anyway, I finished my business in the library and walked outside to the parking lot to get in my vehicle.

    All the parking spaces were taken. I felt amazed and flabbergasted to see all spaces taken. But more than that, I would say 80% of the vehicles were vans. Now that might mean little to anyone except a person who thinks like a marketer. This gave me an idea to go and sell copywriting ads to local quick change oil places. I could create discount ads for a percentage off on an oil change and give them to the library to hand out for free to the moms.

    Or, something else that would be a discount for service on a van. Or, something else that would be a discount for a child’s meal at a restaurant, or a video, or a pizza place. After the show, they could go get a special priced meal at the local restaurant.

    These are all examples of thinking broader and wider to benefit your target market. The same applies to article marketing.

    Write relevant thoughts that appeal to your target. That means thinking outside of the box. That might mean writing about something that’s a little bit mundane to you but is news to them.

    Sometimes saying something appropriately humorous to your reader is thinking outside of the box. Humor can be very engaging when done appropriately. Etc., etc., etc.,

    Thanks for your tips. Please add this one to your collection. They are great, Steve.
    Susan Fox
    Market Research Writer and freelance copywriter
    Founder and President
    Brainview Training Institute

  15. Vocalcoach says:

    Love point 17 about the ordering of your top tips – excellent top tip Steve, cheers!

  16. Steve Shaw says:

    @Dr sanjiv: Hi Dr. Sanjiv,

    Good question: “How do you encourage a reader to comment on your blog”

    I try to give encouragement at the end of the article, asking readers to share their own ideas. I love looking through the responses, as many times I get as many pointers from the comments as the readers get from reading the posts!

  17. Paul says:

    Very good sound advice…particularly point number 19. I’ll never write in the “passive voice” again.


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