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Do You Have These 3 Qualities of Superstar Article Writers?
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Teacher and Sudents
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I remember when I was sitting down to write my first article for article marketing. I was wondering,

"Am I even doing this right?" 

"What sort of stuff should I be writing about?"

"Are there certain types of people who are just naturally good at writing articles, and if not, can this skill be learned?" 

I have written a lot of articles since then, and I have been pleasantly surprised by what I've discovered along the way.

I DO think that article writing is a skill that anyone with a knowledge of the English language can learn (I say English language, because we're submitting articles in English).

If you can write a letter to your Mom, then odds are you can write a great article. You don't have to be Hemingway or anything, but you do need to have a few key characteristics if you want to craft valuable educational articles. 

There are probably more than just these qualities, but I think these are the major 3 that no article marketer can do without:

1) Expertise. When you're writing articles, you need to think of yourself as an expert in the topic of your article. I am not saying you need to be at the top of your field, or that you need to be the smartest person in the world, but the whole idea with article marketing is writing valuable articles that reflect your knowledge of a niche topic, and then when readers see that article and get value from it, they will be inspired to click through to your website. 

If you have a business website that you're trying to drive traffic to, you are likely an expert in the niche of your business (I would hope so! ;-) ) At the very least you need to write in such a way that you exude confidence in your topic, so that folks get the feeling that you really know what you're talking about.  

2) The heart of a teacher. It's not enough to just possess knowledge–you need to want to share it with others for their betterment.

Remember–you are hoping that your target market will actually read your articles and get value from them. In every article you write, you should be teaching something (these are educational articles, after all :-) ). 

Think about your favorite teachers growing up–odds are they were excited about what they were teaching, and each in their own special way managed to spread their excitement to you. Their face lit up when they talked about their subject–some were quiet, others were more dramatic, but each started with passion and a desire to teach.

Sometimes I get emails from folks saying "But my website is about a product–how do I teach about that and not get in trouble for writing a promotional or self-serving article?"

There is a special trick to that and we've talked about it at length at this post: What is the best way to write articles to drive traffic back to my product website?

3) Enthusiasm! Knowledge and expertise all by themselves can be kind of dry, and this is why you need to inject your articles with your excitement for your topic.

How do you do this? It really depends on your personality as to how you accomplish showing passion in an article.

Keeping this in mind, when you're writing an article,

a) Consider using exclamation points for strategic drama and emphasis. Notice I said "strategic"– we don't want to create an "exclamation point overload" situation where you've got one at the end of every sentence. :-) Pick and choose your points of highest impact, and use these powerful punctuation points sparingly. 

b)  It really helps to write as if you were talking to someone. Now, I'm not saying use jargon or slang or improper English–I'm saying to try writing on a conversational level and not like you're trying to create an Encyclopedia entry :-) Phrase your points so that someone who has little to no knowledge of your topic can easily understand your article, and don't use overly hoity-toity vocabulary. 

Just keep it real–you are a real person talking to real people. The way you impress someone is by helping them understand what you're talking about, not by making them think your article is over their head.

c) Truly be excited about your topic! This goes back to the teacher mentality we talked about earlier–a really good teacher can make any topic interesting. So, even if your website is about garden hoses or wind shield wipers–you can have enthusiasm for your topic!

Remember, there are potentially tons of folks all over the planet who are in need of the information you are providing in your article–isn't that exciting? The thought that you could cause a light bulb to go on over someone head is reason enough to think, "Wow–my article could impact someone's day, week or life in some way!"

So, you need to have in depth knowledge on your topic (and your topic always has to do with the niche of your website), you need to focus on teaching your readers, and you need to be passionate and excited about what you're trying to teach.

Let's hear from you–Are there any other qualities that you think a top notch article writer needs?

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5 Responses to “Do You Have These 3 Qualities of Superstar Article Writers?”

  1. Darren says:

    needs to be fast and efficient at writing

  2. The great lesson that marketing has taught me: It doesn’t matter how good or bad your product is, without marketing in the proper channels it’s not going to go AnyWhere, no matter how good or bad your product is! I’ve had a fabulous guitar teaching program I invented & taught to over 5,000 students here, it’s unique, but there are so many programs already out there that no significant publisher has even been willing to give it the time of day. How sad, maybe after I’m dead someone with enough money & time will ‘discover’ it LOL

  3. Regularity. In order to write well you must write and read daily.

  4. Paul says:

    Williaim you are “Write On”. The more I write and read the better I get. BTW…did you know most Internet readers read at the 8th grade level…yea this is an amazing statistic. If you don’t believe me just Google “reading level of American audience” and you will see a list of websites that make my point.

  5. Elda Titus says:

    Interesting article. I agree, and think one really needs to think of different angles.. to cover your product, so they remain interesting and fresh. Perhaps that is the most difficult for me. I appreciate all the pointers you offer.

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