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Rebooting Your Article Marketing Strategy In 3 Steps
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It’s a brand new year and the perfect time to take a fresh look at your online marketing plan. Perhaps last year you dabbled in article marketing, but for one reason or another you never got into it full throttle.

I know it’s discouraging to make plans to do something and then to not follow through–let’s just leave the past behind, shall we? It’s time for a new beginning. Forget about last year–you have a clean slate and right now you can start fresh today.

So, if you’re out of step, out of practice, out of sync, and totally not in the habit of writing and submitting articles, here are three very simple things you can do to get back on track.

1 – Get a game plan.

If your website is brand new, set the goal of gradually working up to submitting 8 articles a month. You can do this however you like–2 articles in January, 4 in February, 6 in March, and 8 in April, or space it out even further.

The important thing is to create a plan that has you submitting articles consistently each month, and gradually work up to 8 articles a month.

The reason for the “gradual” part is SEO–as a new site, it looks more natural for you start slowly with your link building rather than to suddenly go from zero to one hundred overnight. There’s also a perk for you personally–it’s a lot easier for you to get in the habit of submitting articles consistently if you work up to a certain amount gradually.

Whenever you submit your articles, use the ArticleTrickle tool at so that you’re building links even more gradually. With ArticleTrickle, we’ll submit your article to a few publishers each day over an extended period of time, which looks more natural to search engines.

2 – Think about who you’re writing for.

This may be where you got off track last time. A common challenge when submitting articles is coming up with the articles themselves. If you’re not used to writing (and that’s most people), it can be a strain to produce articles on a consistent basis.

I go through the same challenges with writing that you do–I submit articles consistently now, but there was a time when I didn’t. I just found it too hard to create articles on a steady basis. I had to train myself to produce articles regularly each month. One thing that really helped me was to get into the habit of writing for particular people.

Have you ever heard rock stars say that when they’re performing for a crowd of 10,000 people, that they focus on one person in the audience and sing to just that one person?

When you’re writing articles for the internet, you can run into the same performance problem that rock stars do–looking out at a vast sea of faces, you don’t know where to focus. You can feel alone even when surrounded by a mob of people.

With each article you write, you can counteract that feeling of distance from your audience by focusing in on one person. Maybe it could be a person who asked you a question through a comment on your blog. Maybe it is a potential customer who sent you an email asking something about your niche. Maybe it’s your brother-in-law to whom you were trying to teach something really basic about your niche.

The little conversations and customer interactions that you have can all be fodder for articles.

3 – Do the next right thing.

When you’re facing a new challenge, it can sometimes be so overwhelming that you don’t know how to proceed. You end up just not doing anything. Here’s a way to overcome that:

Don’t think about all the steps ahead of you. Instead, today, just do the next right thing. That may be coming up with a game plan or thinking about who you’ll be writing for. It may be sitting down to begin to write one article. It may be editing an article. It may be submitting one article.

Each day, the next right thing will be something different, but if you consistently do it you’ll start to make progress.

This Week’s Homework:

It’s very simple, just begin to do these 3 steps. Do your best not to think too far into the future–just focus on these three steps and do one article at a time.

It’s very simple, but it works. Take it one step at a time, one day at a time. This may be a new approach for you, but I really think it’s the key to rebooting your article marketing strategy.

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5 Responses to “Rebooting Your Article Marketing Strategy In 3 Steps”

  1. Peter Nisbet says:

    I have always been a reasonable writer, but found writing web content and articles for clients a different challenge to creative writing for magazines and proofing for authors.

    My trick, if you can call it that, was to write an article of approximately 700 words in one go, and then leave it 24 hours. I could then read it with fresh eyes and spot errors in sentence construction and paragraphing that can be missed when focusing on the article as a whole.

    10 years on and I still use the same procedure for my average of 4 articles daily:

    1. Research for the most appropriate keyword.
    2. Decide on the title (Very Important!)
    3. Formulate the introductory paragraph.
    4. Map out the other paragraphs and then write them.
    5. Formulate the final paragraph.
    6. Write the resources.
    7. Leave it 24 hours.
    8. Re-read and make any corrections, leave 24 hours and repeat till no corrections are needed.

    I could not agree more regarding focusing on one person and writing as if you were explaining the topic to that person. Your individual readers feel as though you are writing just for them – which in effect is what you have done and it shows!

    Many people find it difficult to write on a topic that they can talk about all day long. Just write what you would say, then leave it a day before reading it over. if you find that difficult, tape what you speak then copy it back on paper – or screen!

    Revising your work is an important part of writing.



  2. I have never had such support and advice as I have received from Steve!

    The e-mail support and ideas Steve gives to me will never be found anywhere. Steves personal interest in my ventures is as if he was my older brother helping me to succeed in life and is always there to help me along with a constant creative type of mind reading ability!

    Submit Your Article is the only place to be if you want to succeed!

  3. Steve Shaw says:

    @Peter Nisbet: Hi Peter,

    Thank you for your comment–that’s good advice! You are a very prolific writer to be writing 4 articles a day on a consistent basis. Yes, I’ve also found that setting the article aside for 24 hours before proofreading is essential.

    Many people find it difficult to write on a topic that they can talk about all day long.

    That’s so true–good point. All of your tips are spot on.

  4. Steve Shaw says:

    @michael zaenglein: Michael, thank you so much. I really appreciate your kind words, and I’m so glad that my advice hits home with you. We must share a lot of the same challenges :)

  5. @Steve Shaw:
    Hi Steve,

    I am so glad you took the time to reply to my to my short testimonial on Jan. 11. I’m working on some new articles to post through your site, and I was wondering if you could find time to leave a comment on my site, even if it is only a short sentence? I think that would be so good for me, as I would be very proud to have your great name in my comment section!
    Thank You for anything you can do! mike

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