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4 Reasons to Use Article Marketing to Market Your Business
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Every once in a while I’ll receive a question like this:

I’ve heard so much about article marketing, but I’m not clear on what it’s about. How can submitting articles benefit my business?

That’s a great question–article marketing is a tried and tested tool that small business owners (and large business owners for that matter) have relied on for a long time to market their businesses. There are several reasons why it’s so popular:

1 – Consistent article marketing allows you to impact where your website is ranked in search engine results.

That is a big benefit to article marketing. You may not have put much thought into your website’s rankings. Here’s why they’re so important:

Google is like the world’s largest referral agency. Every day they have over 400 million searches a month. Who are the people who are doing all these searches?

Well, some of them are your potential customers. Â Think about it–every day your potential customers are asking Google’s advice for issues related to your niche. They go to Google and say, “Here’s my need–which website do you recommend I visit to find the answer to my question?”

Google tells them the answer in its results pages. Web pages that are listed higher in the rankings are the ones that Google has determined have the best chance of providing the person with the information they need.

If one of your web pages is listed high up in the results for one of these searches, then your site stands a much better chance of getting a visit from one of these possible customers.

When you do article marketing, you are helping Google to know what your website is about. You do this by writing articles on the same general topic as your website and appropriately using keyword phrases that are associated with your site in your articles and resource boxes.

It is the link in the resource box that forms the connection between your article and your website. By accurately communicating to Google what your website is about, your site stands a much better chance of getting a higher search engine ranking, and therefore more website visitors.

2 – Writing free reprint articles helps spread the word about your expertise in your field.

With every article that you write, you are adding to a library of content that sends the message that:

  • you know what you’re talking about
  • your advice can be trusted
  • you are committed to educating others about your niche

Potential customers will run across your articles when they do searches in Google and the other search engines. They will also see your articles wherever you’ve marketed them–via your Facebook page, Twitter, your blog, or website.

Your articles can be very useful for helping your readers form a favorable impression of you and your business.

3 – To bring attention to and drive traffic to your website.

Google searches are not the only way that articles can increase your website visitors. Every time you submit an article, you’ll also include what is called a “resource box”–that’s basically a short author bio with a link to your website.

When a person reads your article and finds it helpful, it’s natural that he’ll want to find out more about the author and see if the author offers more information on the topic somewhere else. He’ll look at the resource box, which usually sits below the article. When the reader clicks that link in your resource box, he will be taken to your website where he can look around and get help from the information you have there. If you sell products or services, he can learn about those too and possibly buy them.

This is a great reason to spend some extra time creating your resource box. The idea is to give some information about the author (why should the reader trust the advice you give?), and then give the reader a reason to visit your website.

4 – Writing articles allows you to market your website in many different ways without much more effort.

The articles that you write aren’t the end of the line–you can re-use that content to create e-books, as content for newsletters, podcasts, videos, and a variety of marketing outlets for your website. Check out this page for a list of more ways to use your articles to compound your marketing efforts.

Marketing with article pays off on many levels, from getting a better search engine ranking, to directing readers to your website through your articles, to establishing your expertise in your field. The work that you put into creating articles can also be re-used in other marketing outlets. Article marketing fits in well with an multi-dimensional marketing strategy.

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4 Responses to “4 Reasons to Use Article Marketing to Market Your Business”

  1. GEORGE NG'ANG'A says:

    Hi mr. Shaw. Thank you very much for the constant flow of emails you’ve been sending me .I have a great conviction that you are the right people to work with.Now my question mr. Shaw is , I have some articles several of them but till now I’ve not managed to submit them .How do I go about it .I will highly appreciate your feedback.
    My contact is +254-716780352

  2. Steve Shaw says:

    @GEORGE NG’ANG’A: Hi George,

    That’s great to hear, and it sounds like you’re off to a good start by already having some articles ready to submit.

    Your first step would be to sign up here:

    After you sign up, you’ll be sent login information for our membership site. Upon logging into your account with us, you’ll find step-by-step instructions on what to do. It’s very simple. Just let our support team know if you have any questions along the way.

  3. I like how you target your traffic with the appropriate keywords, thanks for all the advice, through reading all your articles

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