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5 Creative Ways To Get Multiple Marketing Uses Out Of Your Articles
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You're doing article marketing, and on top of that you have a blog, a newsletter, and also participate in various social media activities.

You start to wonder–

"How in the world can I write enough to keep all of these marketing activities going? I feel like I'm writing all the time–articles, blog posts, newsletter articles, e-books, Squidoo lenses. Something's gotta give!" 

I hear you–I've been there before, and there was a time when I was writing, writing, writing and felt like I would never catch up with all the worthy projects I wanted to do. 

I can't explain what happened, but gradually over time things just started to fall into place.

I was creating lots of quality content, and then I started to see how the various types of online content could play off of each other. I started to get multiple uses out of one burst of effort, reaching different people in my target market, and all the while getting customers and potential customers saying, "Thank you for all the free information you offer! It's a big help–keep it comin'!"

I discovered that the real trick is seeing how one bit of writing for one online tool can be used as a marketing multi-tasker. 

I'm happy to share how I get double (and sometimes triple and quadruple) duty out of one piece of content, such as articles:

1) Turn your articles into an free e-book or report.

This would be a great way to lasso readers into clicking through to your website– "Claim your free e-book with 25 more tips for doing such and such here => [your website URL]."

It's also a great way to build your list– on your website you capture their email address before delivering the free e-book, and follow up with them by email so they visit not just once but potentially several times over the course of your relationship with them.

If you are going to do this, you need to be sure that all of your articles are 'e-book worthy', of course :-) .

You might even want to go a step further and plan out an outline for an e-book, and then write your articles to fit your outline. Then at the end you'll have a series of articles that all fit together nicely, that you can bundle up and present as a gift to your readers.

2) Turn your e-book into articles. 

Perhaps you're starting from the opposite direction–you have a great e-book already, but you need to start submitting articles. 

Why not pull chapters from your e-book and adapt them to be articles? You might have to do some slight rephrasing on the intro and concluding paragraphs, and also whittle the chapters down to article length (no more than 1500 words), but depending on the length of your book, you probably already have the makings of several dozen articles. 

3) Turn your articles into an e-course.

We always talk about writing educational articles–that is what article marketing is about. When we write, we write to teach our readers.

If you've taken the time to write several educational articles on your niche, you're well on your way to creating an e-course.

What's an e-course?

An e-course is a series of written lessons on a particular topic that folks sign up to receive via email. If you have 7 parts to your e-course, your delivery schedule may look like this:

Day 1: Intro to your e-course

Day 5: Lesson #1

Day 7: Lesson #2

Day 10: Lesson #3

Day 15: Lesson #4

Day 17: Lesson #5

Day 20: Lesson #6

Day 25: Lesson #7

Day 28: Conclusion to the course

You get the idea!

So, 7 lessons would equal 9 emails, since you have an intro and a concluding message. You would space out the time intervals for sending the lessons (and you can use any intervals that you think best), so that the subscriber was not inundated with a whole bunch of info at the same time. 

And of course you could do the opposite–if you have an e-course already, that content can be morphed into articles. 

3) Turn your articles into a Squidoo lens.

I have recently learned the wonderful benefit of having a Squidoo lens as part of a marketing plan after setting up our own lens The Ultimate Guide To Article Marketing.

What is a Squidoo lens? 

It's basically a web page dedicated to a specific topic. The idea behind Squidoo is that "everyone is an expert on something" and in your lens (aka web page) you would share your expertise on a particular topic. 

As I said before, I have a lot of content I've written over the years, in article form, in blog posts, and in various newsletters and e-courses and e-books, so when I sat down to write the Squidoo lens it was rather easy (although I can't say it was fast–it took quite a bit of effort to make our lens, but that's because we got creative with it! :-) )

Since I was so familiar with the content, I just made an outline of the things I wanted to teach to folks who were looking for "an ultimate guide to article marketing". 

When I was writing each section, I had a head start because I've already written bunches of content on these topics before. I even took the opportunity to lead folks from the lens to other online content I've written–articles, blog posts, pages of my website with helpful info–via links in the lens. 

It was enjoyable to see all the content from over the years being collected into one central place where we could offer "the ultimate" reference on article marketing.

The content on that lens is largely original and unique, but there are also parts that have been "borrowed" and re-worked from my articles, from this blog, from an e-course that I have, and various other content of mine.

So I would say for sure–if you have been writing for a while, whether it's articles or blog posts or newsletter content or a combination of all of the above, it might be worthwhile to use that library of content as the basis for a Squidoo lens.

Oh, and Squidoo also has a way to easily add the RSS feed for your articles and/or blog posts to your lens. That way when you write a new article or publish a new post, a link (and an excerpt if you wish) of your article or blog post will automatically appear on your Squidoo lens.

Or, if you don't want to add the feed, you can manually add the opening paragraph to your article, and then include a "Read more" link directing the reader to your full article. 

4) Morph your articles into a product.

If you have a large selection of excellent articles on one particular topic, you might consider morphing the collection of articles into an actual product–an e-book or online course that you sell.

Now, of course in order to make money the product has to be good, and ideally have other information added that is not available elsewhere, but your articles can go a long way toward helping you flesh out an e-book that you sell as a product.

5) Use your articles in your newsletter content. 

When we submit free reprint articles, ezine editor
s will often publish the articles. Why not make your own ezine and use your articles as part of the content? Makes sense, doesn't it!?

Bonus Tip: I've told you about this trick before–but I like to turn blog posts into free reprint articles

I also like to take one blog post or article that is in a list format (a Top 7 or Top 5 list) and then I use that one article or post as the basis for an article series. Here's the low down on how to do that: 

How To Launch An Article Series From One Lonely Article

Do you see how the various types of content can do double, triple and quadruple duty with a little tweaking? 

It's actually quite fun when you get used to it, and it's a huge motivator knowing that you don't have to start from scratch on every single project!

Let's hear from you–do you have any special tips for multi-tasking your articles? 

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5 Responses to “5 Creative Ways To Get Multiple Marketing Uses Out Of Your Articles”

  1. You can also sell them as PLR content in packs of 10,20 or more. Or spin them into new articles for unique content on hubpages,squidoo or bogs

  2. Shaikh Rafique says:

    Steve Shaw.
    Since You have asked me, I do not know of giving
    you any as you are expert yourself.
    At the moment I am thinking of health related
    articles about heart, angina, arthritis and
    back pain and so on. As some of us suffer.
    What is the remedy,medical care,or there is
    such thing as cure. I Thank you for asking
    my opinion. Yours Sincerely.

  3. Steve Shaw says:

    I would not recommend selling your articles as PLR content.

    But your other suggestions are good–just as you can use your articles as a base for a Squidoo lens, you can also use them for content on hub pages.

    For a blog–I would publish the content on the blog first, and then create an article based on the blog post, rather than the other way around.

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  5. Great article marketing techniques here. Thanks for the tips.

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