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5 Insider Tips For Getting Articles Accepted By Publishers: The Series Wrap-Up!
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What are publishers really looking for when they review your articles? Most publishers have a list of editorial guidelines that they use when evaluating articles. Each publisher can choose whatever criteria he or she likes, but there are some editorial guidelines that are common across the board.

In a recent series, we covered 5 big things that publishers commonly look for when deciding if an article should be accepted for publication.

It all started with this post:

5 Insider Tips For Getting Articles Accepted By Publishers

We talked about promotional articles in these posts:

How To Write A Non-Sales Oriented Article

If You Can’t Write Sales Oriented Articles, How Does Article Marketing Benefit You?

We then moved on to tips for creating an acceptable title:

5 Problems With Your Title That Can Cause Publishers To Decline Your Article

And we moved on to how to create a resource box that would pass muster with publishers:

7 Resource Box Mistakes To Avoid

And we covered how to deal with spelling and grammar mistakes in the article body:

Avoiding Spelling and Grammar Issues In The Article Body

And finally, we talked about how to combat formatting issues in an article submission:

Preventing Formatting Issues When Pasting From MS Word

I hope you find this article series helpful. If you can just abide by these major guidelines, your articles will be acceptable to most online publishers.

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