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8 Tips for Writing a 600-800 Word Article Submission
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Last time I was asking you about your article writing method, and I told you I would share mine. One thing that really shapes my writing method is that I aim for a word count, usually 600-800 words.

The word count goal has been one of the most helpful things I’ve done to help me write more efficiently. Otherwise I have a tendency to keep on writing until I have something the size of War and Peace. The word count limit creates boundaries on my writing and helps me to focus.

If you don’t already have a special method for writing your articles, you will develop one perfectly suited to you as you get in the habit of writing articles on a consistent basis. Until then, feel free to take what you can from my method. At the very least, you’ll have something to go on so you won’t feel like you have to come up with an article out of thin air.

Here’s how I write articles sticking to a word count goal:

1 – Decide on a topic and  jot down some basic notes.

It’s very casual–whatever key points I want to include in my article, I jot them down in brief.

This really helps in creating list articles. I try not to write essay articles because I know that articles with a list or with bullet points are easier for people to read and therefore more attractive to readers and publishers.

So, I start by jotting down ideas under a general theme. I did that for this post too (I use this same method for my blog posts).

2 – Elaborate on your notes.

After I have the notes in place, it’s easy enough just to fill in the information.

3 – After one page, do a word count.

I do word counts a few times in the writing process, just to see where I stand. Most word processing programs have a “word count” tool so you can easily check.

4 – Write the concluding paragraph.

I usually write the last paragraph before the intro, simply because I’ve just finished my last point in the article, and it seems easier to go on to the conclusion first before going back to the intro.

Here are some tips for writing a concluding paragraph that makes readers want more.

5 – Write the intro paragraph.

Many times I write the intro paragraph last, because I’ve found that I can get hung up on the intro, over thinking it and therefore making the article writing process take longer than it needs to (there’s no need to over-think a first draft).

But when I’m done with everything else, it seems the perfect time to make the intro, because I know what the article covers and I can lead into it more easily than I would have if I tried to write it before the rest of the article. My goal with the intro is to capture the reader’s attention and make him or her want to read further into the article.

6 – Do another word count.

If the word count is  beyond my limit, I may decide to take any “extra” points and use them in another article. That’s always a good feeling–it’s kind of like killing two birds with one stone. I started one article, but I end up with two.

If it’s only a little over, then I edit the article down.

If the word count is too short, then I beef up information on a few points.

7 – Write the title.

If I have a list article (8 Tips For  Writing A 600-700 word article) or an article with steps (5 Steps To Your Best Resource Box Ever) or a “how to” article (How To Write A Free Reprint Article”), then I use that to my advantage by reflecting it in the title.

8 – Then I edit and proofread.

Here are some tips for editing and proofing.

This is just a loose representation of the way I write an article. Everyone is different though, and there is no “right” way to do it. Probably for most people, the basic steps will be the same, even if the order is different.

Usually after getting a page or so into the article, you can tell if the topic you’ve chosen is too big to cover in a 600-800 word article, and you can adjust accordingly.

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