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Affiliate Marketers: Top 10 Article Marketing Tips
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So, you’re an affiliate marketer and you are wondering how to use Article Marketing to increase sales.

If you’re trying to write articles in conjunction with your affiliate campaign, it’s very easy to get your article declined for being promotional or just plain low quality or for being non-original.

But it doesn’t have to be like that!

Affiliate Marketing and Article Marketing can work together to achieve your goals.

Follow these tips on writing articles to market affiliate products:

Tip #1: Follow the basic guidelines.

As I’ve already written a previous post, there are some basic rules that you need to keep in mind when affiliate marketing with articles.

Tip #2: Realize that article marketing is a long term strategy.

As long as you want to be selling products, that is how long you will submit articles. Article marketing is not something that you will do for a month or two and then sit back and relax. That is not how it works–you will need to expend an initial burst of effort over several months before seeing your first results. Stick with it.

Article marketing gets its power from a compounded payoff–the power is in consistency, momentum, and the cumulative affect of many articles being in circulation and continuing to be picked up for publication long after your submission has taken place.

Tip #3: Write unique quality articles.

I know it may be tempting to buy articles or use articles that an affiliate program is providing for you, but if you want article marketing to work for you, this is a no-no!

So, no PLR (private label rights) articles.

No articles that were written for a large group of people to use.

You must submit original content of which you are the sole copyright holder, and the content must be good.

Tip #4: Keep articles short and snappy (but not too short!).

Short and medium length articles are more effective than epic length ones. Take any 1500 word articles and split them into two 750 word articles.

Short does not mean frivolous–your article must have some meat to it!

And there is such a thing as a too short article–most quality publishers appreciate an article being at least 400 words, so as you’re writing keep in mind that by “short and snappy”, it means 400 words at the shortest.

For more tips on writing a short and snappy article, see this resource.

Tip #5: Put your own personal stamp on your articles.

You know that you are not the only person marketing whatever affiliate product you’re marketing. There are countless others doing the same thing. What will you do to make your marketing of this product stand out?

One way is to write from the heart–your writing should reflect who you are.

For each affiliate product that you are marketing, you will need to submit many articles, and they can’t all be the same. Learn to convey your information creatively and make your articles stand apart from the pack.

I can’t stress this enough–particularly if your niche is pretty saturated, you need to develop your own personal style of writing that makes you memorable.

This takes more time and effort than just writing the same types of articles that you see other affiliate marketers writing, but it’s worth it.

You do have a unique way of presenting your articles. Make a point of developing that uniqueness.

Tip #6: Be an expert.

A key to article marketing is coming across as an expert in your niche–this is true for affiliate marketers as well.

Your writing should reflect that you are an authority on your topic.

This goes beyond knowing your product–make it a point to learn your niche, your field of business.

Who is an expert?

Someone who knows their field and provides valuable information that has not been rehashed from other sources.

Your articles need to provide something unique. Sometimes the uniqueness comes in the way you present your articles (your writing), and other times it comes from having unique knowledge that can’t be found anywhere else. Ideally it would come from both areas.

Here are some tips for How To Sound Like An Expert In Your Articles

Tip #7: Sound objective.

How do you sound objective when you’ve got a vested interest in this product?

Include some downsides to the product.

Do not make any sales pitches (your article is not an advert–it’s supposed to be an educational article, which is quite different).

And here’s an idea…don’t write about the product.

Tip #8: Do not write about the product.

This is one of my favorite approaches (and a great way to ensure objectivity):

Write about the technology or the general niche, then use your resource box to draw the reader in to the specific product.

Any affiliate who was marketing could do so by submitting articles written about article marketing, writing, link building, building a web presence– you get the idea.

If you’re affiliate marketing, get it out of your head that you need to write every article about the product. You will have an easier time if you write about the general niche, and then use your resource box to talk about the product.

Tip #9: Be careful when hiring ghostwriters.

I know that some of you choose to outsource your writing to ghostwriters, and this is fine as long as they offer quality work that is 100% original.

If you use a ghostwriter:

*Be sure that the article is 100% unique.

*Be sure that you are the sole copyright holder of this article, and that no one else has the right to publish it as their own.

*Be sure that the article conforms to the writing guidelines for articles that market affiliate products.

*Double check grammar and spelling–you are attaching your name to this article, so review the article to be sure that it is something that you can be proud of.

Tip #10: Use an automatic article submission service to save time and increase your exposure.

You will lessen your work considerably by submitting automatically.

If you are submitting manually, you need to go for volume–you need to submit tons of articles to make an impact because you are only submitting to a few sites.

But, if you are using a service like, each article gets widespread distribution, so you can see results faster with less work.

Keep in mind–article marketing is still a long term business. You will still need to submit articles consistently each month, but just not as many.


I just want to say something that is underlies all of this:

Every article is a give and take relationship. First you give, then you take.

In the article, you give a gift of information, information that the reader will find valuable, information that is unique to you.

In your resource box, you can “take”–that’s where you can try to convince folks to go to your website or be interested in your product.

This is true of all articles, but sometimes because of the unique nature of affiliate marketing, that concept gets ignored.

If you’re trying to market affiliate products, please take these tips to heart. It will pay off in the long run (and the short run too!).

NOTE: Please be aware this content may now be outdated. For the latest quality content on how to build massive publicity for your website, please go to The vWriter Blog - Helping Businesses Grow Traffic, Build Engagement, and "Be Everywhere"

13 Responses to “Affiliate Marketers: Top 10 Article Marketing Tips”

  1. Peter says:

    Hi Steve,

    When you say article marketing is a long term thing, how would you describe ‘long term’


  2. Thank you for this very informative article. I especially like tip #8. That seems intuitive to me to write all around the product rather than about it directly, but I guess a lot of people get tunnel-vision…and, thus, writer’s block!

  3. Thanks for the tips. You just hit the nail on the head. I have been trying to write articles to promote my herbal erection pills product but have been rejected for a number of reasons. I think I will try your method and see how it works.

  4. Steve Shaw says:

    @Peter : When I say “long term” I mean that it will take 3-4 months before you will see a noticeable difference on your search engine ranking (because Google and the other SEs will re-evaluate incoming links every 3-4 months), and you will get your most dramatic impact by consistently submitting articles every month over the lifetime of your website. Article marketing gets its power from momentum. One of the big mistakes people make is submitting a few articles and then quitting, or submitting enough articles to start to see a difference and then quitting before getting to build up momentum.

  5. Ricardo A. says:

    Great article!

    For many like me, this could serve as a pivotal read. I’m sure that when these tips are taken to heart and applied properly, it could just trigger the longed-for results.

    Many thanks!

  6. Craig F. says:

    Thank you for the insightful article.

    I think many affiliate program managers encourage their affiliates to use the pre-made articles on blogs or “feel free to publish these articles as your own.”

    I wonder if they understand how much damage they are often doing to the affiliates’ long term success out of the need/desire to provide the affiliates with tools.

  7. Kathy says:

    Hi Steve,
    I think that your instructional blog posts are some of the absolute best out there! You never cease to give us all great ideas, as well as inspiration. You continue to help us all raise the bar for ourselves while serving as an example of someone who truly “walks the walk and talks the talk.” Just in this post alone, I’ve come away with a brand-spankin’ new idea for some articles that will definitely help my affiliate marketing efforts. Thank you! :) Kath

  8. Steve Shaw says:

    Glad to be of help–thank you so much for your encouragement Kath :)

  9. Christophe Van Oost says:

    Hi Steve,
    I’m just starting out with article/affiliate marketing, really I’m just studying all the info I can get around the topic. This site is really a treasure of good info.
    But I have just a question about a the automatic article submission service. Isn’t this submitting the same article with the same content over and over? Doesn’t that damage your credibility? Aren’t you supposed to have unique content?
    Or didn’t I get that point correct?

  10. Steve Shaw says:

    @Christophe Van Oost: Hi Christophe,

    Thanks for your question, and I’m happy to clarify things.

    With the article submission service, we have a couple tools (ArticleLeverage and Advanced ArticleLeverage) that let you create quality article variations so that you are not submitting the same article to each publisher. When you create one article, you enter it into our system and then you can create variations. By the time your article is distributed, it isn’t just one piece of content that’s sent out to all the publishers, but rather it’s many different pieces of content. We have tools that allow you to re-write the article to form many unique articles.

    Each publisher then would receive one version of your article (they wouldn’t receive all the different versions).

    A clarification on the effects if you don’t create article variations–it doesn’t damage your credibility. The very nature of free reprint articles is that your articles will be republished, so having them appear on different sites is not a bad thing–it doesn’t do your website damage.

    The only reason you create variations is for SEO reasons–if the same article is published in 200 different places, Google is only likely to give significance to one of those places, because it sees all the other places as simply duplicates of the original, and therefore far less important.

    But in using our Advanced ArticleLeverage tool, the number of possible permutations of your article are potentially unlimited. So, for one article published on say 200 different sites, they will in effect be 200 completely different articles, as if you’d rewritten the same article from scratch 200 times, and so giving you 200 separate links.

    I wasn’t sure if #3 in the post above was confusing you–in that tip I was actually referring to something else, the importance of submitting articles that you are the sole copyright owner of. That’s a different topic than what I was just talking about with creating article variations so that you can submit unique articles to the different publishers.

    Apologies for any confusion! I hope that helps–if you have any other questions, just let me know.

  11. Thanks Steve for this wonderful article, full of informative tips. As one of your customers, I have always liked reading your articles whenever I get time and they have helped me handsomely to improve my writing ability and skill.

    Actually I write the articles I submit for publication myself. Each passing month, since I started, is a month of registering great success as the number of visitors to my sites keep on increasing consistently. I also receive many encouraging comments from readers, a sign that shows that people out there like my style. All this is as a result of the tips I get from experienced people like you. Carry on. We appreciate it!

  12. Steve Shaw says:

    @Charles Kiyimba: Hi Charles,

    Thanks so much for your comment–that is excellent to hear!

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