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New Year’s Resolution: Get Addicted To Submitting Articles!
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addicted-submit-articlesSome people view writing and submitting articles as a chore, something that they put off to the last minute and dread doing.

I know, because I’ve been there!

It’s all too easy to get caught up in just submitting the next article.

For those who have stuck with article marketing over the long term and have been successful at marketing their sites, a mindset shift takes place at some point.

You start looking at your article submissions in a different light.

You start to see the power that accumulates behind each submission as it works in conjunction with your overall efforts.

It’s rather like exercising–at first you struggle to drag yourself out of bed to complete your workout, but after a few months when you start to see the muscles developing and the fat melting away, you look forward to working out because you know that each exercise session is contributing to a long range goal.

It starts to become a healthy addiction.

Do you have this mindset with your articles yet?

If not, I’d like to help you with this…

Each article that you submit is like a sales representative for your business.

How is that?

Well, each article that you submit includes your resource box, which tells about you and your business and gives an incentive to click the link going to your website. The article itself is also a display of your expertise in this topic and is effective at building a reader’s confidence in you.

So, imagine that each article is being sent out as a sales representative, going to various organizations (websites) and shaking hands with as many people from your target market as possible.

The more sales representatives you have circulating around the internet (within reason*), the more exposure your business will receive and the greater chance that people will find your website.

How’s that for a reason to get excited about submitting each and every article?

*Now, I say “within reason” because there is a delicate balance with article marketing. The idea is to submit articles consistently–we recommend up to 8 articles a month per website (although there are technically no restrictions on the number of articles you can submit with Â The idea is to build links slowly, in as organic fashion as possible. So, submit consistently every month, but don’t go overboard.

Each article is like an advertisement for your business.

Have you seen those Mac commercials?

You’ll see one commercial on TV for a while, and then the new commercial comes out and plays for a while, and then a little later a new one comes out, and then the next, and the next, etc.

Why does Apple keep on creating new commercials?

Why don’t they just create one commercial and air it just one time and then expect to see lasting results?

Because Apple knows that marketing is a long term endeavor. It is not something that you do one time and then stop. As long as you are in business, that is how long you should be marketing.

The same is true for marketing a website.

In article marketing, each article is like an advertisement for your business.

Now, that doesn’t mean that the article is about your business or trying to sell anything–what I mean is that the resource box that goes along with your article is the “commercial” for your business/website, and the article is a demonstration of your expertise.

Take a lesson from Apple.

Are you one of those entrepreneurs who submits articles inconsistently and then expects those few efforts to have a lasting impact on your site?

Take a lesson from Apple and other giants in the advertising world–you must market your site each and every month. That is just part of having a business. Submit articles every month as a natural part of the marketing plan for your business.

Just like a series of effective commercials can build momentum for a company over time, so can your articles.

Do you want to produce a following of customers who are addicted to your business, services, or products?

The first step is to get addicted (in a healthy way!) to submitting articles.

Are you there yet?

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7 Responses to “New Year’s Resolution: Get Addicted To Submitting Articles!”

  1. Becky Kimes says:

    Love it.
    I always think about my articles as ambassadors…going around the internet and letting everyone know about my site.

    And articles have so much more value than just creating back-links and getting direct clicks.

    They allow you to showcase your expertise, increase your confidence, stretch your creativity, and increase your expertise on subjects you are shaky about.

    I agree….get addicted to article marketing!!

  2. Paul says:

    Man…how did you guys find out how I get out of bed? Anyway I have serious case of “procrastination”. It’s even more pronounce during the holidays. I love article marketing but I am one who writes numerous articles then I take a big break. I know…not good but that is the way I work.

  3. Wayne Weeks says:

    Good stuff. Keep the advice and suggestions coming!

  4. I truly appreciate your emails in reference to writing articles.

    It is the articles, which has helped my online tax preparation service.

    Again, thank you.

  5. captsingh says:

    Enjoyed reading this great article.

  6. Ann Bell says:

    Yes, I think I am finally there. Thanks for all the helpful articles, tips and encouragement that you have been sending me for almost a year.

    I am working on my first article now. You can expect it sometime this weekend.

    Thanks again for all the help.

  7. articlesbd says:

    I think if articles could get you some good ranking…you will definitely be addicted to article writing…and I do agree that resource box could be a lot help for you too; I must agree with that…Thanks for sharing such good and useful contents about articles.

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