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Article Marketing: How Can It Impact My Business?
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If you’ve ever felt overwhelmed by the thought of getting an article written, it helps to pull back and get some perspective on the reason why you’re spending time writing and submitting articles.

Here’s the reason why you started article marketing:

You wanted to drive traffic to your website. You wanted to advance your business.

You wanted to become a player in this online arena using a marketing and search engine optimizing tool that you actually understand.

You can write articles, and even if you don’t think you’re that great at it you know that you can definitely get better.

You are working as a solopreneur or in a small business, and you need to capitalize on the online tools available to you to increase your reach and extend your company’s exposure on a budget.

Think about it–

Every time you submit an article, it’s like you’re sending a sales agent out into the community.

After you hit the “Submit” button, your articles go out into the world and go to work for you.

For example, an article I distributed about a month ago has so far had around 100 views on our own article directory. Not bad, some achieve more, some achieve less. But that’s the whole point of having a consistent article marketing campaign, where you distribute a few each and every month.

Multiply that by 12, allowing for the fact that the view rate will be higher when the article is first distributed, and over the course of a year, I’d expect this to be at around 1000 views on just the one article directory.

Multiply that by say just 10 other popular article directories, and that’s 10,000 views in a year – just for a single article.That’s 10,000 times this one “sales agent” (your article) has made contact with a targeted audience.

Now, if you multiply that by 8 articles a month – or even 2, 3 or 4 – over the course of the year, and the numbers get silly! Let me take a shot at this:

If you submit 8 articles a month that would total 96 articles a year. If each article gets about 10,000 views (on just 10 sites), then that comes to 960,000Â views for your articles in a year.

I ask you–How could your business benefit if you had a team of sales agents making 960,000 contacts with members of your target market in a year?

The sky’s the limit, right?

This is where the click-throughs and traffic growth to your site come from, when you implement a consistent article marketing campaign.

This also illustrates why those who submit just one or two articles, and then give up and hold their hands up to complain article marketing ‘doesn’t work’ – usually because they “haven’t seen any traffic growth” – are not only in no position to make such a judgement, but I would also suspect they would go on to achieve very little until they place at least some value in consistency, persistence, and faith in tried and tested online marketing techniques.

As you’re implementing your article marketing campaign, I encourage you to keep this big picture in mind.

Yes, we have to write one article at a time, but article marketing is not about one article. The marketing picture may be more expansive than you ever dreamed.

Here are your instructions:

Take one step at a time (can we do anything but that?).

Write one article at a time, but keep ‘em coming.

Don’t write a few articles and then get sidetracked–get some momentum going. Think in terms of a year’s worth of articles (960,000 article views!) and keep working toward that goal.

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