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Article Marketing Newbies: Market Your Site Like A SEO Pro!
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SEO is a full time job. People do this for a living.

It is not something that has immediate results, but rather requires consistent hard work.

With article marketing, you can do this yourself, and you don’t have to spend all day every day on it. You do not have to pay a SEO expert to do the work for you to get your site a higher search engine ranking.

If you follow my instructions, you are capable of marketing your own website, but by no means does this imply that you will not have to do the work.

The work is very doable though:

Submit 8 articles a month per website. Do this monthly for the lifetime of your website.

The reason I bring this up is for those who are just starting out. Many amateurs decide to try article marketing and then give up prematurely when they don’t see immediate results.

I just want to say this right out of the box:

You can most definitely market your own website, but you need to put forth the same level of commitment as a pro.

Everyone who is trying to make an impact on their search engine ranking is competing on the same playing field. We are all in the position of waiting for Google. Everyone has to work for results. This is true for a pro, and it’s true for you too.

As you’re doing article marketing, I encourage you to be as consistent in your efforts as you would expect a professional to be.

If you were paying someone to market your site, would you expect them to work consistently on that endeavor?

Yes, you would.

Would you be upset if they said they didn’t have time to work on marketing your site?

Yes, you would.

Would you expect them to stick with it?

Yes, you would.

It is fine to be a beginner, but in order to be successful in marketing your website, you need to have a professional mindset.

  • You can change your search engine ranking.
  • You can drive a steady stream of traffic to your site that continues to grow over time.
  • You can market your site without exhausting yourself in the process.
  • You can do so with minimal knowledge of the internet, if you are using Article Marketing.

But keep in mind that you must be consistent like a professional, and you must be patient like a professional.

If getting a higher search engine ranking was easy and immediate, there would not be a field of people who do SEO for a living.

SEO requires steady work, and when you are doing article marketing–even though it is very user friendly and not that technically challenging– you are still doing a type of SEO for your website.

A key ingredient to your success will be to adopt a professional mindset as you’re marketing your site.

  • Be consistent.
  • Be patient.
  • Look at your article marketing as a campaign, rather than just individual article submissions.

Question for you:

This week, what changes will you make in your approach to your Article Marketing campaign to develop a professional mindset?

Note: allows unlimited article submissions, but we still recommend for an optimum campaign submitting up to 8 articles per month/per site, although there’s no actual restriction.

NOTE: Please be aware this content may now be outdated. For the latest quality content on how to build massive publicity for your website, please go to The vWriter Blog - Helping Businesses Grow Traffic, Build Engagement, and "Be Everywhere"

12 Responses to “Article Marketing Newbies: Market Your Site Like A SEO Pro!”

  1. Sean says:

    Article marketing is an excellent form of driving SEO traffic as it’s so fluid.

    You can post an article keyworded to whatever you want and it’s on a site with a high page rank regularly visited by the search engines with a link back to your website.

  2. Thanks for this post. I love the fact you stress the need to be patient and see it as a campaign. A year ago when i launced my ecommerce site, i really felt frustrated after submitting 4 articles, doing some link exchange, blog commenting and found myself on page 22 for my chosen keyword on google. Today for that website and keyword, i’m number 8 on page 1 of Google. persistence and focus is so key.

    Thanks for sharing

  3. Maria says:

    Beautifully, comprehensively, and simplistically explained as always, Steve! Thankyou.

  4. I would agree that everyone can do part of the SEO without referring to an SEO expert, but it takes more than the mindset of a pro. The reason is:

    A professional SEO practitioner

    1) conducts keyword research, analysis and selection using keyword tools,

    2) writes resource boxes using those keywords pointing at different pages of his site (deep linking),

    3) compares his rankings with the competitors and analyzes their positions in search engine result pages,

    4) measures the results to see where he needs more work and so on,

    5) I can go on this list, but …

    I agree that beginners could help their ranking themselves, but they would need to lay a good foundation for such campaigns by hiring a pro to setup the campaign for them. This will be the optimization stage. Then, they can go on performing the promotion stage by article marketing themselves.

  5. Steve Shaw says:

    Thanks for your input website promo blog.

    For anyone not interested in hiring an SEO pro, keep in mind that article marketing is very user friendly and effective, and many people with little to no SEO knowledge are actually doing SEO work without even realizing it.

    You can learn to do your own keyword research and also write resource boxes using those keywords pointing at different pages of his site (deep linking). That is something that we teach on this blog (I’ll provide a link below to get you started).

    You can also compare you rankings with competitors and analyze your positions in search engine results. The link below also provides resources for how to create your own article marketing campaign (I did a series of posts on how I create my own article marketing campaigns that produce excellent results).

    Here are some resources for anyone interested in doing this:

    SEO Resources for Article Marketers

    For anyone who wants to do all the SEO prep for article marketing and does not have the time or inclination to do it themselves, they may benefit from hiring a SEO pro to do it for them though.

    The amazing thing about article marketing is that even for people who do not go to the extent of studying and analyzing–they can still see excellent results by just submitting quality articles consistently on the topic of their website.

  6. Ade says:

    This is a very comprehensive response and I would wish that you keep the effort up. It would equally be good if you take newbies into consideration when designing the top. The most important for someone like me is how to generate substantial traffic to keep one’s work going. Hope you can help on this too.

  7. steve says:

    Why do you recommend only 8 articles per month? Assuming the distribution is done over 30 days as recommended, is there some kind of “too many backlinks too fast” repercussion dealt by the search engines?

  8. Steve Shaw says:

    Hi Steve,

    I have found that submitting 8 articles a month (per website) is sufficient–anything more than that is overkill, in my opinion. When you go over 8 articles, the benefits of article submissions go down compared to the extra effort you’re putting into it.

    And yes, there is a consequence of building too many backlinks too fast. For example, a sudden upsurge in links could hurt your SEO, and would be damaging to long-term traffic trends; whereas a long-term article submission campaign which gradually increases links on a more consistent basis over time is likely to be more positive.

    The major traffic benefit of article submissions is to my mind from SEO and increased search engine ranking rather than the short-term approach of submitting many articles within a short span of time.

    Here is a post that you might find helpful:

    How Many Articles Should I Submit–Is More Better?

  9. Nick says:

    Nice advice … but what happens when a million other people are writing about the same topics as you?

    In a competitive field, like health and fitness or weight loss, the internet is already saturated with articles.

    How does “a professional mindset” help when there are a million other articles out there?

  10. Steve Shaw says:

    Hi Nick,

    Thanks for your question. The internet is a library of information that is constantly having resources added to it–whether your niche is competitive or not, the way you stand out is to write articles that offer unique information and/or to have a writing and teaching style that stands out from the pack.

    I can’t stress this enough–particularly if your niche is hot, you need to develop your own personal style of writing that makes you memorable. This takes more time and effort than just writing the same types of articles that you see other people writing, but it’s worth it. Every writer is unique, and you do have a unique way of presenting your articles. Make a point of developing that uniqueness.

    I would also encourage you to set your bar higher than your colleagues. Craft your articles based on your own expertise, rather than from what you see others in your niche writing. Your articles should not be interchangeable with other writer’s articles.

    And I would just like to say–this approach is true of anyone in any niche. Everyone’s articles should be a unique representation of their own teaching and writing style and be based on their expertise. Even if your niche is competitive, you can still stand out.

  11. Dan says:

    Actually, even with the submission of just one article, you will notice some increase in traffic. This is what probably puts most newbies off. They think they can just submit one or two articles and that’s it.

    The initial surge in traffic you see from any article submission will subside in a week or two. As this article says, it is only the consistent follow-up that will bring long-term results.

  12. Article marketing is an amazing way of getting traffic to your website. Someone told me about writing one article per day for at least 30 days so I did it and guess what I got alot of steady traffic.

    Mark McCulloch

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