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Article Marketing Strategies: 5 Ways to Get Your Creative Juices Flowing
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Try these 5 tips get the ideas flowing for new articles...

Beginning an article is the hardest part. You’re looking at a blank page and wondering how in the world to get started.

Your mind may be drawing a blank, and the longer you sit there the more discouraged you can get.

Here are 5 things that you can do to help get your creative juices flowing:

1 – Use Ezine Articles’ Title Suggestion tool.

Sometimes just seeing a great title is enough to inspire you to write a new article. It could be you’ve just thought about your topic so much that you’re missing some great topics.

If you haven’t used it yet, I highly recommend using Ezine Articles’ title suggestion tool. This is available for free to anyone who has an account there. The titles are supposed to be written by professional writers and keyword optimized.

You enter a keyword phrase, choose a category, and then the tool will come up with a list of suggested titles. It’s pretty cool–even if the title isn’t perfect for your exact niche, you can tweak it so that it is.

2 – Think about excellent questions your customers/readers have asked your recently, or keep a running list of great questions and the answers you’ve provided.

You may find that routine or just interesting questions that reader have asked you about your field are very article-worthy and just need to be fleshed out.

3 – Exercise.

There’s something about getting your body moving, your heart pumping, that your adrenaline flowing that makes your mind think more creatively. Sometimes I come away from an exercise session with several new article ideas–try it!

4 – Look at magazines that are somewhat related to your niche.

Look at the titles, at the photos, and you may find that you’re naturally inspired with your own articles. You don’t need to read the articles (might be better if you didn’t, as you might get “inspiration” that is too similar to the original article).

5 – Take your laptop outside or just write from a different location

The great outdoors does an amazing job of clearing one’s mind. If you have a backyard or a patio that overlooks nature, try writing a little outside. You could also go to a park.

Sometimes our minds get in a rut when we do the same thing all the time. Break your routine by going to the library or a coffee shop to work. The new situation can get some adrenaline flowing that stimulates creativity.

If you feel like your creative well has run dry, don’t give up. Even professional writers will have trouble coming up with topics now and then, and I know that I do. It can feel like you’ll never have a fresh idea again, but I can tell you from many years of experience in writing articles on a regular basis that if you stick with it your creativity will come back.

Next time, we’ll cover some more tips for getting your creative juices flowing when you’re writing articles, but for now I wanted to ask you:

Have you ever had trouble coming up with writing topics for your articles?

If so, what did you do to turn things around?

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5 Responses to “Article Marketing Strategies: 5 Ways to Get Your Creative Juices Flowing”

  1. Nick says:

    Hi Steve,

    Thank you for the 5 great tips but do you ever wonder how many slices you can cut the cake up into?

    Your subject here is all about article marketing &, I must admit, I am surprised how you keep on coming up with another topic / angle to talk about!

    Surely, there can only be so much to discuss before everything has been covered?


  2. Steve Shaw says:

    @Nick: Hi Nick,

    That’s a great question–here’s how I like to think of it:

    Imagine a magazine that gets produced every month. Each month there are several articles written on various aspects of the general topic. Usually, in a magazine they’ll have recurring sections–sections where they answer reader questions, sections where they teach how to do this or that.

    Then within each section they need to come up with ideas every month for new articles.

    Having an article marketing campaign is like that–there are likely certain recurring sub-topics under your more general niche that you write about. The trick is to keep on coming up with ideas. If a magazine can do it, it’s definitely possible. You just end up going deeper and deeper on your topic, teaching things in different ways.

    You might teach the same thing using several different methods–creating different articles on the exact same topic. For example, I answered the question “What Is A Link?” here and here. It’s the same article topic, but two different approaches to answering the question.

    One thing you may want to do is think about your overall niche, and then break it down into departments. Then, you think of topics under those sub-topics.

    Nick, I have more to say in reply to your question, but it’s too much to say here, so I’m making a new post about this.

    But in general–it’s natural to at some point feel like you’ve said all you can say. There’s a little fear there, and you wonder if you’ll ever come up with a new idea. What I have seen for myself and with lots of clients is that if you stick with it you will eventually come up with fresh inspiration. Many times the dry times can precede times when you’re overflowing with new ideas.

    I’ll share more on this in an upcoming post–thanks for your question!

  3. Hello Steve,

    Thanks for a great article with some somewhat “uncommon” strategies to come up with new subjects to write about. As for the ‘exercise’ tactic, don’t forget to bring a pencil and a piece of paper to write down ideas as they pop up. :)


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