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Article Marketing Strategy: 5 Extra Uses For Your Articles
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Here are 5 ways to "recycle" your articles...

When you submit an article, do you forget about it?

Do you regard each article as a one-off where its only purpose is to be circulated as a free reprint article?

Or do you have an online marketing strategy that gives you more bang for your article marketing buck?

Have you found a way to use your articles in multiple ways to promote your website?

I’m interested to hear your answers, but in the meantime I will tell you my article marketing strategy for recycling articles:

Stage 1: Blog post

First I should tell you that all of my articles are rewritten versions of the posts on this blog.

So, step 1 is writing the blog posts for the month.

Stage 2: Blog post re-written as an article

Then at the end of each month, I re-write the blog posts that were published the previous month and submit them as articles.

Stage 3: Article becomes podcast

I just started doing this a few months ago, but it’s very fulfilling to see the original article taking multiple forms.

If you are interested in sampling some episodes from our podcast, you can take a listen here.

Stage 4: Podcast becomes video

After the podcast is created, then I use the podcast to turn the article into video form.

Here are some samples from the channel on YouTube.

Stage 5: Articles are turned into e-book

This step can come up at any time–I just create e-books when I feel a need for them.

I have made several based on my articles that I use as free gifts for people who either sign up for my newsletter list or who become members of Some of these e-books are long (200+ pages) and some are short (20 pages or so).

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to turn your articles into an e-book.

Stage 6: Articles become Squidoo lens

This is one of my favourites, and I would love to make more Squidoo lenses.

I have created one Squidoo lens so far based off of some of my articles, and it has been a pleasure to get so much feedback from the viewers of that lens. You can see it here:

The Ultimate Guide To Article Marketing

If you think you would be interested in turning your articles into a Squidoo lens and would like a tutorial, then let me know, and I’ll look into creating a blog post that tells how to create a squidoo lens for your articles.

These are just ideas…

Please don’t feel like you have to do all of these in order to make the most of your articles. If you want to get your articles to do double duty, then pick one of these to focus on, get used to doing it, and then if you feel like you can, add another one on.

The idea is to think beyond your articles and develop a multi-dimensional article marketing strategy.

After all, you spend a good bit of time creating articles that are helpful, valuable, fresh and interesting, and it is fulfilling to see your content being re-purposed in ways that will serve you.

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24 Responses to “Article Marketing Strategy: 5 Extra Uses For Your Articles”

  1. Wow, thats a lot of useful info. I check this blog quite a bit and have bookmarked many of the entries.

  2. Becky says:

    You can also turn your articles into…
    Handouts that you distribute offline.
    A tele-class that you charge for…
    Beyond an ebook…a membership site where you send people how-to information every week.
    And it can be tweaked into a press release or write a press release about the article or ebook.

    The ideas and options really are endless.

    I love how you stated your strategy. I go about it sort of randomly! I am in need of some structure it seems!

    Thanks for the great content and help! And awesome article marketing tool.

  3. Alun Maxwell says:

    There are all sorts of opinions about articles floating in the ether, and I have to be selective. You are one fount of article knowledge that always cuts through the noise though. I have just read your Squidoo lens and have no hesitation in sending a link to it to my list, and I shall probably link to it in a blog post too.

    This post has got me thinking about podcasting some of my articles and I will attend to that shortly. Unlike some I don’t like writing reverse-engineered pap for the engines and the bio links only.

  4. Becki Maxson says:

    You always have good stuff to share, Steve, thank you.

    To take this one step further, I like to spin my articles a few times and put them out on other web 2.0 sites like blogger and hub pages with some good anchor text link back to where I want more visitors. It really lets you say much the same thing in a little different way, and Google will index the extras better that way too.

    And for people who have done audio stuff with podcasts, teleseminars, etc, get it transcribed so you can turn it all into text, and then do these things like Steve recommends.


  5. Becca Lee says:

    Wow Steve, thanks for the email that got me here! Tons of great info. I especially love your Squidoo Lens.
    You always share such great content to help us struggling marketers out.

  6. Mel says:

    great info – thanks. I am just starting to do this and this has given me a couple of new ideas. Thanks for sharing.

  7. I was writing a non-fiction book. There is always the task for figuring out the outline. What does the reader really want to read about the most? So I look at my articles hits to gauge what should be and should not be included.

  8. Really good helpful strategies on how to recycle your articles.
    I am sure I will use these.
    Yes a post on how to create a squidoo lens for your articles would be great.


  9. Irene says:

    Wow! Great ideas! I always love ideas of recycling and getting more use out of something you’ve created. I always get the most useful tips from this site. Thank you.

  10. Danica says:

    Steve, these are great idea generators. I’ve wanted to do podcasts for the past year but didn’t think I had anything to really offer. Didn’t occur to me how much research material that never gets into the finished article, but could make great addon podcasts.

    Question: Can the podcasts also be an additional little revenue stream, something like $5 for each one to non subscribers or something?

    Thanks for the tips.

  11. Leslie Allan says:

    Thanks Steve,

    I do some of what you do, as in recycling articles to blogs, e-books and visa-versa. Next year, I would like to get into podcasts and video. I like your tip about Squidoo Lens. I’ll check it out. Thanks again.

    Les Allan

  12. I am a member at SYA.

    Excellent advice on how to use the same article on multiple platforms.

    I would really love a tutorial from you on how to create Squidoo Lens using my articles.


  13. Matthew says:

    Hey Steve,

    Thanks for that, the info is great. I’ll start putting that to use immediately.

    Thanks again for your ongoing content. You’re one of few where it doesn’t just stop once the deal has been closed.


  14. Hi,

    Great article, actually this lovely and the info is fantastic. i will make my habit to bookmark other info.


  15. Great article. I have been wondering if my numerous articles could not even be a book. Thanks for giving this pep-up. I will just plunge into it and would see you on the other side.

  16. Arnold says:

    I think that is a good idea which I have not tried it yet. Thanks for opening my senses about it. Honestly, it’s great.

  17. Tom Dewell says:


    I always read your emails and often your blog posts even though I am not yet a subscriber to your service. And one reason for that has to do with something I have read several people’s points of view on: if I submit an article that is then published multiple times, does it end up competing with itself for SE ranking? Is there a duplicate content issue here?
    Whether I spin an article or not, each version ends up being out in cyber-space multiple times (if it’s a good article!).
    Your viewpoint?

  18. Rod Jones says:

    Lovely artical, I was that word because apart from being very interesting it was sooooo simply put…so thank you.

  19. Lucy says:

    I reuse some of my articles in print for magazines and also email newsletters – I re-write them but the subject matter is the same.

  20. Steve Shaw says:


    Question: Can the podcasts also be an additional little revenue stream, something like $5 for each one to non subscribers or something?

    If you could manage to get people to pay $5, then that is something that you can try, but there are so many free podcasts out there that you would really have to be offering something above and beyond what anyone else was in order to inspire people to want to pay for the podcasts.

    I think of podcasting as being another form of marketing. The idea is not to get people to pay for it, just as the idea is not to get people to pay to subscribe to my newsletter. You want as many people as possible to subscribe to your newsletter and your podcast. This allows you to build a relationship with your subscribers, which can help make sales for your main product(s) down the road.

    I hope that helps!

  21. Drew Llace says:

    Brilliant information..!!I am glad that I went on this site,the information is very useful and I am going to try those strategies..!!Good job.

  22. Steve Shaw says:

    @Tom Dewell

    Thanks for your question. I’d say it doesn’t really matter, if you’re targeting a specific article for a long tail keyword phrase, as long as one of the articles from somewhere shows up for that search, then that’s fine.

    If you use something like ArticleLeverage to vary each version of the article going out, then it’s possible more articles (i.e. versions of the same article) are going to show up for the same search, as well as show up across a broader range of searches, simply because the words in each version of the article will differ.

    In ‘spinning’ the article, every time we distribute that article, it will be a different version going out, and it’s unlikely that each version will then appear multiple times, but could certainly appear more than once with other publishers picking up the article from article directories we submit to for further publication.

    Hope that answers the question.


  23. lean fit says:

    Brilliant information..!!I am glad that I went on this site,the information is very useful and I am going to try those strategies..!!Good job.

  24. I’ve being doing #1,, #2 and #5, but was also thinking about #6. This might be now the time that I should think also about the other alternatives…

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