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Article Marketing Strategies: How Long Does It Take To Get Page One Ranking On Google?
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Reader question:

I’m eagerly waiting for your keyword classes. I still want to know why up to date, Google is not ranking my site with keywords “Great Home Business Ideas” on the first page, while the traffic is moving upwards thanks to a few articles I have so far written and submitted to online directories. When I check the same keywords with Yahoo, Bing and Ask, I see that my site is on the first page although not ranked #1, which is everyone’s wish.

Secondly, when I look at the traffic rank with, I see that the site is improving drastically, although I was again informed that does not give accurate information and is not reliable. Someone was advising me to use, which is expensive to maintain every month.

I really look forward to the class where I expect to have some of the questions in my head answered.


When I received this question we were just starting our keywords tutorial, and now it’s all online! I hope that it was helpful to you, but I also wanted to be sure that your specific questions were answered. So, here goes…

Not On Google’s Page One Yet?

You had expressed concern that you’re not on the first page of Google, even though you are on the other major search engines.

Even if you’re not on the first page yet, it’s a good idea to track the ranking of your webpage on Google so you can observe movement, and generally you’ll see that moving upwards as you continue with your article submissions.

What I do every month is monitor where my main domain is in the major search engines. I’ve been doing this for years, and at the beginning there were some keywords where I wasn’t ranking at all, but over time and with consistent article marketing and other link building tactics, I’ve had the pleasure of watching my site rise up through the rankings. So, I encourage you to monitor that as well, because you’ll get encouragement along the way.

How Long Does It Take?

There are so many factors involved in ranking any particular website, such as age, on-site SEO, other links that are building up to your site, competition levels, and so on, that it’s impossible to know how quickly your site will rise up through the ranks.

It’s fairly common to see improvements on other search engines prior to seeing something similar on Google.

Article marketing certainly helps with your SEO, as you’re already seeing, but there are other things you can try in addition to give your site an additional nudge in the right direction, such as press releases, blog commenting, asking other sites to link to you and so on… this will build up your link diversity, and help your ranking efforts further.

SEO Help…

Article marketing is just one part, albeit a fairly major one that can have significant effects, of an overall link building strategy. We do have a full SEO package available, currently for a limited number of select clients, but if you’re interested please contact us via email to let us know.

BTW–An easy way to contact us is just to leave a message “Questions” box in the sidebar of this blog. Or you can use any of these contact methods here. I would suggest submitting a ticket to us or sending us an email as the quickest methods of contact.

What About and

In terms of traffic, sites like Alexa and Compete are good for judging the traffic of other sites in comparison to your own, but as this is your own site you can measure your own traffic trends exactly, and I’d advise going with something like Google Analytics for that, which is completely free to set up too.

I hope this helped answer your questions–just let me know if you’re wondering anything else.

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  1. Dee says:

    In my experience Google Analytics is rather complex but once you get the hang of it, is about the best in terms of measuring traffic flow to your site as it helps you to tweak until you get it right,

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