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Article Marketing Strategies: How Search Engines View Your Website
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Search engines use 4 main indicators to determine what your site is about...

Last time we started covering the topic of understanding links and search engines. This info is good for you to know, and please rest assured that you don’t have to be a tech head or SEO junkie for this to make sense.

We’re just covering the basics, and this information will help you understand what is happening when you do article marketing.

As a brief lesson in SEO (search engine optimization), to determine what your site is about, along with the individual pages it contains, search engines use four main indicators:

1 – The text on your site.

For example, the text of your titles, your headings , the other readable text on your page, the image names, the alternative bits of text for your images, and so on. Incidentally, this also includes your domain name, and it’s very important to have a domain name that reflects the main keyword that you want to rank well for–at the very least your domain name should be semantically related to the main keyword that you want to rank highly for.

2 – The internal links on your site.

So, if Page A on your site links to Page B with the text ‘German Shepherd Dogs’, it tells the search engines that Page B is about ‘German Shepherd Dogs’.

Similarly, if you have a link with the text ‘Home’ pointing to your home page (as many people do!), it doesn’t tell the search engines anything about what your site is about. You want to take every opportunity with the links on your site to be descriptive of what the page you are linking to is about. If this is you, then it’s a great idea to change the text of those links so that they help search engines understand what your site is about!

3. The links from your site to other sites.

Linking to other sites related to your niche actually boosts your SEO, as it helps solidify your site as about something specific. The relevant outbound links also increase the value you offer visitors. By the same token, if you link to irrelevant sites, it distracts from your main focus and can negatively impact your ranking.

4. And now this is the important part: links from other sites to your site–we call these ‘backlinks’.

The opinion of other sites as to what your site is about, indicated by the text used in the link, is vitally important in the SEO game. The backlinks that your website receives from other websites have extra special authority for the search engines, because backlinks are less under the direct control of the site owner (you), and so less subject to artificial manipulation.

Now, the 4 factors listed above are just the main indicators–there are other elements that come into play, such as the age of your site, the amount of interaction (eg. blog comments), and the ‘stickiness’ of your site (if someone finds your site via Google and quickly clicks back to the search results, it tells Google how relevant your website is to the terms that were  being searched for.)

But for our purposes, we’re sticking to the 4 main indicators above.

How Article Marketing Helps You…

The links from other sites to your own site (backlinks) is where article marketing comes in and has a big influence on your ranking.

You write articles on the topic of your general niche, and submit the articles with a resource box that contains a backlink to your website. (Or if you are submitting Naked Articles, then the link to your website would be in the article body.)

It’s an advantage to make it so that the links that are coming into your website use your keywords as the link text (the words that form the link). You can accomplish this by using the Advanced HTML resource box and Naked Articles with

Then, you use an automatic article submitter like Your submitted article is distributed to a huge network of publishers who are interested in topics such as yours. Each time your article is published, you gain another precious backlink to your website.

With article marketing, you are building links from other sites, which affects your search engine ranking for your keyword terms. If you are using the Advanced HTML resource box or Naked Articles, then you are building links that are very informative to a search engine–they are formed using your keywords as the text.

Do you see why it is not just about getting your article published on one big directory and then waiting for people to find your article on that site and click the link in your resource box?

Article marketing is about so much more than that.

Natural search traffic (traffic from Google, Yahoo, etc) is where the money is–that is where you will see a transformation with your website traffic.

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7 Responses to “Article Marketing Strategies: How Search Engines View Your Website”

  1. Excellent article once again! A whole review on basic SEO once again!

  2. Sensible advice, well articulated. Thanks Steve. :)


  3. Kat says:

    Nice article for newbies

  4. Mark Demers says:

    I have trouble getting my articles re-published or even commented on.
    I`m going to give it another try and make the article as good as i know how to and i hope someone re-publishes it .
    Does submit your article have a free service? I looked and didn`t see one.
    Do you have any more tips to help an article go viral, I would love to read them.
    Have a Great Day!

  5. Very informative. I had that confusion before when I started. Many people recommend article marketing without explaining how it really works.

  6. Steve Shaw says:

    @Mark Demers: Hi Mark,

    You said that you’ve had trouble getting articles republished–I assume that is when submitting manually, because when submitting automatically you don’t have to work so hard to get republications. At we automatically send your articles out to a large distribution network of targeted publishers, so your articles get much wider exposure and tons more republications.

    You had asked about if we offer a free service–I’m sorry, we are a membership site, so there is a monthly fee. For more info on our tools and features, click here.

    I hope this helps,

  7. Ramachandran says:

    Interesting and informative article. Explains the fundamentals nicely.


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