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Article Marketing Strategies: Is Your Website Topic Too Broad?
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Look for golden nugget niches...

Here’s an interesting question that I received from a reader recently:

I have a question relating to my site and the article marketing strategies that I’m using. I started off targeting natural alternative medicines and therapies and had no idea what I was doing in terms of keyword search.

Now, I have changed focus to more natural and herbal remedies, rather than the therapies etc. (Hoping to find buying terms, rather than just information.) My dilemma is there are thousands of remedies for thousands of problems. I have started writing in the last couple of months on articles so diverse I feel like I am not targeting anything in particular.

My question is, if you have a site that has too broad a theme, like mine, what do you suggest? I have almost given up on it at times, because I really don’t know what sort of plan to follow.

So, you have a website that has a broad topic–natural and herbal remedies. You’re right–a change in strategy may be a good idea.

When it comes to websites and article marketing, it is better to be a big fish in a small pond. Right now, your pond is just too big, so you need to scale it down.

My suggestion would be not to target so broad a theme but to look for the golden nuggets that exist within it. Keyword research will be paramount to narrowing your topic and finding some niches with high payoff potential.

If you do keyword research carefully, you’ll find niches within this area where the competition isn’t so great but where there is good traffic potential.

Focus on a small number of these “golden nugget niches” until you start getting traffic and start seeing earnings of some kind, depending on how you intend to monetize the niche.

As you start doing well on these and mastering the process, you can then add further niches to the mix and just scale it up basically.

You can see why the “big fish in the small pond” approach is more effective. It can be overwhelming to be immediately dumped into a niche that is as expansive as “herbal and natural remedies”. You could work a long time and not see much of an impact with a niche that large.

By scaling down your niche based on your keyword research, you can get a foothold much more quickly. Once you have your first foothold in the search engine rankings, you just expand your topic bit by bit.

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