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Article Marketing Strategies: Keywords Tutorial Series Wrap-Up!
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The entire Keywords Tutorial is available here...

We’ve finally reached the end of our tutorial on effective keyword research for article marketing!

I hope you found it useful. In fact I’d recommend reading the information over a second time, as it’s really important to get a grip on the information I’ve shared with you here.

In fact, here are all the lessons in this tutorial in one spot…

Lesson 1: Keywords Tutorial Starts Here…

This lesson explains why keyword research is so important when doing article marketing (or any type of online marketing, really). We also cover what you have to gain by doing keyword research and a quick glance at two different types of keywords.

Lesson 2: Main Keywords and Long-Tail Keywords

Not all keywords are created equal, nor do they all serve the same purpose in your article marketing campaign. This lesson teaches about two classes of keywords, how many keywords you should be looking for, and how keywords can clue you into what your target readers are searching for…

Lesson 3: Choosing Keywords for Your Niche

This lesson gives you some very helpful questions to ask yourself before you start doing keyword research. We also cover what “gold keywords” are and how to find them…

Lesson 4: Finding Long-Tail Keywords For Your Articles

In this lesson we go step-by-step through how to do keyword research for the longer keywords–your long-tail keywords. You learn how to assess the supply and demand for a particular keyword phrase, and I also introduce you to a special Google Tool that you might not have known about…

Lesson 5: Linking Back To Your Site With Your Keywords

Did you know that linking keywords back to your site is a very powerful tactic? This lesson explains which type of keywords you should use when linking to your site and how to form the link. I also catch you up to date on what a naked article is…

Lesson 6: How To Use Long-Tail Keywords In Your Articles

This lesson teaches the purpose of long-tail keywords, where to use these types of keywords in your article submissions. I also provide some helpful tips on what NOT to do with the keywords you use in your articles.

Learn, Ask, Share…

Visit to find out more about how article marketing can drive traffic, leads and sales to your website, or if you have any questions, please leave your comments on this post. All your feedback is always very welcome.

Finally, if you’ve found this keywords tutorial helpful, don’t just keep it to yourself, please. Please pass it on to others so they can benefit from this information too!

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6 Responses to “Article Marketing Strategies: Keywords Tutorial Series Wrap-Up!”

  1. John Wilson says:

    Thanks for a great series of articles on keywords!

    Is it possible to use the same basic article re-written for different keywords? For example, “7 methods of training your spaniel,” could be re-written as, “7 methods of training your poodle…..german shepherd etc.” I can see that the bots and human article users might regard this as duplication but could this be overcome by varying the content – for example by changing the order in which the 7 methods are presented?

  2. Steve Shaw says:

    Hi John,

    At we have a tool called ArticleLeverage that will allow you to create variations of your article in which you can do what you describe–targeting different keywords, while also creating other variations to the article (real variations of wording, rather than just changing the order of the content) so that each variation will have a good chance of being perceived by Google as “different”.

    That is what I recommend you do for the biggest benefits with article submissions.

    (BTW, in case you were wondering: When you use ArticleLeverage, we send one version of your article to each publisher on our network. This is out of respect for publishers, who naturally do not wish to receive more than one version of an article.)

  3. djoko says:

    Very nice, I tried to summarize all of your articles about keywords. Of course, it summarized the results on your behalf and in accordance with your message, I must disclose that more of those who benefit.
    Best regards,

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