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The Article Marketing Podcast
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Exciting news … you can now subscribe to the podcast, designed to bring you the latest article marketing strategies and tips.

Listen to one of our latest episodes here:

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Click the icon as shown to subscribe to the podcast

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3 Responses to “The Article Marketing Podcast”

  1. sreekumar says:

    What are the types of articles marketed a lot?

  2. Steve Shaw says:

    Hi Sreekumar,

    Whatever is the topic of your website, that is the topic you should write your articles on. There are all sorts of categories that free reprint articles fall under–please feel free to take a look at our article directory to get an idea of what an article marketing article looks like.

  3. sniperspy says:

    Still all very valid information especially with the amount of bad quality articles on the web. With so much information being published and the majority don’t have sources i think these basic guidelines are being ignored.

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