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Article Marketing Strategies: How To Create A Reserve Of Article Submissions
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There are all sorts of article marketing strategies you can use that can help you reach your goal of writing 8 articles per month for each website that you’re marketing. Some times you may need to use a special strategy for a special situation though…

  • Perhaps you’re going on vacation for a while and you won’t be able to (or want to!) write articles while you’re on holiday.
  • Or maybe you’re going to be super busy for an extended period of time, and you know you won’t have time to write.
  • Or, maybe you just like the idea of getting your writing done in one concentrated burst and then sitting back and enjoying having consistent article submissions while not having to write articles.

Whatever the case, this article writing strategy might work for you…

The goal with this strategy is to write 5 articles a week for 5 weeks. That’s one article for each business day.

Now, you won’t be submitting 5 articles a week; you would just be writing them to create a stockpile of articles so that you could submit a couple each week over the next few months.

At the end of 5 weeks you would have 25 articles, which is a little over 3 months of articles if you’re only marketing one site.

It’s not a bad trade off–you write one article each day, Monday-Friday, for a little over a month, and then you can take the next 3 months off of writing.

Also, I would bet that you would get into a groove when you make it a habit of writing one article a day. You also have the inspiration of seeing a finish line in sight. It’s easier to do something challenging if you know you’ll only have to do it for a short time.

Here are some tips for undertaking this strategy:

1 – Be very specific on your topic.

You may want to choose an element of your niche to focus on each week. For example, I could write 5 articles on writing better titles one week, then the next week write 5 articles on improving your resource box, then the following week write 5 articles on writing productivity tricks, etc.

By having a weekly subject that you’re tackling, it can make your writing for that week much easier. You’ll also end up covering these niche topics very thoroughly, as you’ll be writing 5 articles on them rather than just one here and there.

2 – Decide on a word count.

Putting boundaries on your articles is a great idea–that way you don’t end up investing a large amount of time writing a 5,000 word article (which is way too long for most publishers).

The idea length is somewhere between 400 and 800 words.

3 – Schedule your “writing days”.

If your goal is 5 articles a week, then it makes sense to write one article per day, but you can divide up the writing any way that works for you!

4 – Give yourself a time limit for each article.

This is a little productivity trick called “time boxing”. If you’ve ever taken a half day before leaving for vacation, you know that it’s amazing how much work you can cram into a short amount of time if you really are intent on quitting by a certain time.

Give yourself an hour or two to work on the article. At the beginning it may take you longer, but your efficiency will improve the more you write.

Article marketing success is largely determined by how consistent you are with your article submissions. By planning ahead for those times when you’re unable or less likely to write, you can take time off from writing without missing a beat!

Do you think this strategy might work for you?

If you try it, please let me know how it goes!

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2 Responses to “Article Marketing Strategies: How To Create A Reserve Of Article Submissions”

  1. Steve

    I have also found a easy way of writing articles while not being at a desk. I use my iPhone’s Notepad function and while waiting for a train or plane or have some time free instead of checking e-mails or playing with apps or games I write.

    The good thing is you dont have to write a long time just do it while waiting and pretty soon you will have an article completed which you can email to yourself at the end of the day.

    This is an easy way to make use of dead time to get something done if you cannot always sit down and do it.

  2. Steve Shaw says:

    Great tip Lance–thanks for chiming in!

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