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Article Marketing Strategies: Seeing Results In One Month?
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Search engine ranking results in one month? Not likely...

I know there can be a lot of confusion when you are first starting your article marketing campaign. You’re doing what you think you are supposed to be doing, and it is only natural to eagerly search for any sign of results from your efforts.

This is a question that I received recently, and I thought seeing the reply might be helpful to other newbies who are wondering about the effectiveness of their article marketing strategies:

I have been article marketing for one month and so far have submitted 3 articles–one article has completely been distributed and the other two are still in the distribution process. I can see them coming up on Google, but my ranking for the keyword I wanted to promote on my own site is dropping. Any ideas what I could be doing wrong here?

Good news–you are not doing anything wrong.

Why, then, has your ranking for your keyword term dropped rather than risen?

It will help to know how website marketing works in order to understand how the rankings work:

1- When you start marketing your website, whether you are using article marketing or some other tool, it may take anywhere from 3-6 months for you to see a difference in your website’s search engine ranking for your keywords. The reason for this is that Google does not re-evaluate incoming links to a site every day, week or even every month. Actually, it is more like every 3-4 months. If your website is brand new, it may take even longer.

2 – You need to submit articles consistently over the long term, month in and month out to influence your search engine ranking. Submitting one or two or even a dozen articles is not enough to affect search engine rankings. The goal would be to submit 8 articles a month every month for each website that you are marketing. Do that consistently on a long term basis.

3 – Also, in order to impact your search engine ranking for that keyword term, you should be using the term in your HTML resource box. Be sure that you are using the term as anchor text for the link going back to your website. (More info on HTML resource boxes here)

Let’s recap: You have been doing article marketing for one month, and you have one article that has been completely distributed. You have another two others that are still in the distribution process.

Why has your keyword ranking slipped?

Firstly, it’s important to note that ranking is in a constant state of fluctuation, and a slip in the rankings (or indeed a rise) can be related to a number of factors, for example an algorithm update on the search engine in question, changes on your site, changes in the way other sites are linking to you or other external SEO factors, what competitors are doing, and so on.

In my own experience, the rankings dance around a lot, and can also change according to what computer you are viewing them from, or where you are located (for example, I see different rankings for my own sites in the US, to what I see when I view from the UK).

My own rankings often change not just on a daily basis, but can often change on an hourly basis.

What you’re really looking for is an ‘average’ position for a particular keyword ranking over time, rather than expecting a position to remain constant.

In Google in particular, I also often see a fall come before a rise, almost as if they take you down a notch or two to properly assess you, and then put you back where you belong.

This happened on one of my major keywords recently where I virtually dropped from view, but am now in #1 position out of 383 million other results – with tens of thousands of searches a month, not a bad position to be in! (And mostly thanks to article marketing …)

I’ve had this experience a number of times and have learned not to be too alarmed by temporary ‘drops’ – if your site is genuinely about what you’re trying to rank for, you offer a good quality site to people searching for that keyword term, and you use article marketing to help Google and other SEs understand what your site is about, you can’t go far wrong.

Generally speaking, you have not submitted enough articles or been doing article marketing for long enough to make much of an impact on your search engine ranking yet, but they may be starting to reassess your site and what it is ‘about’, and this drop could simply be precipitating a more significant rise.

The effects you are seeing today in the search engines are also not just related to your current efforts, but also related to what you have done (or not done) marketing-wise with your website over the past 6 month or so.

Article marketing should be regarded as a long term marketing tool, and although everyone would love to see an immediate impact from the first article submission that is generally not how it works, because that is not how the search engines work.

These are a few resources I have created for folks who are just starting their article marketing campaigns, and I think you will find them very helpful:

5 Things To Do Before You Start Article Marketing…

The #1 Reason Why Article Marketing Fails

There are some action steps in each of those posts–the first post is geared toward teaching you an accurate way to measure your results, and the second post is teaching what to focus on as you’re just starting your article marketing campaign.

I hope this helps!

NOTE: Please be aware this content may now be outdated. For the latest quality content on how to build massive publicity for your website, please go to The vWriter Blog - Helping Businesses Grow Traffic, Build Engagement, and "Be Everywhere"

6 Responses to “Article Marketing Strategies: Seeing Results In One Month?”

  1. Mark Shapiro says:

    Is it possible to get banned by Google for writing so much?
    I’ve used this fine service for months for, writing lots of very good, objective articles. At first it was neat, I was dominating the google searches. But lately, they stopped showing me, the only thing I can figure is I was dominating the searches for free, thanks to SubmitYourArticle. So is it possible to do so much that you get demoted because you made such an impression with real content?

  2. Often a new site doing article marketing can be pushed down the SERPS for keywords they’re targetting by their own listings in the article directories!

    That’s due to the authority the article directories have. If the new site keeps submitting articles, eventually the search engines will work out that the articles all point to the new site and its rankings will rise above those of the article directories.

    So, if you have a new site, and you’re losing rankings to article directories for articles you submitted, consider this… if those article directory listings are on page one or two of the search engine results… that’s a GOOD thing… soon, your new site will be above them on page one or two!


  3. Mark, you have 1,013 links into your site, of which 981 point to your homepage, according to Yahoo Site Explorer. That’s not indicative of great content throughout your site. I think you need to put more content on your site and build links throughout otherwise the article directories will be the only ones benefitting from your content.


  4. Steve Shaw says:

    @Mark Shapiro: I’ve often found with my own sites that on occasion you can ‘disappear’, but it’s often a temporary affliction, and the good thing for me has often been that when I do reappear, I was higher in the rankings than previously. Can’t guarantee this is what will happen for you of course, but those are my initial thoughts. Fact is, if you have a site that is genuinely about the keywords you are trying to rank for, and offers genuine good quality value for your niche, it’s in the SE’s own interests to rank you well for those terms … article marketing simply encourages that process, in effect helping SEs like Google to understand what your site is about so it can rank it accordingly. Unclear though whether you mean the articles you were writing were ‘dominating the searches’, or pages on your own website.

  5. Hello Steve, Great article, Thanks for the incite. This helps me understand some of my rankings.

  6. Steve Shaw says:

    @Neil Shearing: Yes, that’s a great point, and I always recommend with article marketing that you not only distribute great content, but also ensure your own site builds up its own great content too (kind of why we have this blog in fact, apart from the fact that a blog has its own SEO benefits for your site – the blog posts are later re-purposed as articles for distribution).

    This way, you’re giving more reasons for the search engines to send you more traffic, and there’s more of a balance between external links and internal content, all helping to give SEs the (right) impression of a quality site they should be sending traffic to.


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