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Article Marketing Strategies: Creating an Article Topic Schedule for the Year
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Creating an article topic schedule for the year can really make your writing process easier.

This may seem like an awfully big undertaking, considering that most of us are writing at least 8 articles a month. Consider it some consolation that we’re already into March, so we don’t need to include those first few months in the schedule!

I’m doing this “class schedule” as one of my article marketing strategies–as I was telling you last time, I stumbled upon an extremely organized business (a local nursery) that had formulated a class schedule for the entire year.

I thought, “Wouldn’t it be great if I were that organized? That would certainly make writing articles easier if I already had my topics planned out.”

Developing A Class Schedule

We’re just taking things one step at a time with the ultimate goal of having a “class schedule” (considering each article to be a “class”) for the rest of the year.

Last time we decided what types of articles we would cover for certain parts of the year. This time we’ll get more specific and actually think of article topics.

I’m using myself as an example here, but you will adapt to suit your own needs.

I write 8 articles a month. Here are the articles ideas I’ve come up with for next month:

April 4

Learning To Work With Search Engines…Not Against Them!

Some website owners take the attitude that in order to get a high ranking in Google and the other search engines, that they somehow need to resort to trickery and backhanded tactics. It’s as if they don’t believe that they can legitimately rank higher for their keyword terms by simply having a great website and marketing it honestly. This article teaches why it is important to work with search engines and not against them for the long term health of your website. Also covered is a tried and tested honest marketing technique that you can do and feel good about!

April 7

Why Are Links So Important On The Internet?

You’ve probably heard website owners strategizing about “building links” to their sites. Why are links so important on the internet? This article explains what links are and why they are so important when trying to get targeted visitors to come to your website.

April 11

USP + Value + Marketing = Links

Your USP is your unique selling position. Link building starts at the very core of your business and projects outward. This article teaches you how to use this advanced link building formula to revolutionize your website and your business.

April 14

Don’t Try To Sell – ENGAGE Your Customers Through Your Online Article Submissions

Everyone who has a product or service has to get past the mental hurdle of learning to engage rather than trying to sell through their online articles. This article details the purpose of your articles and how to implicitly sell to your visitors via your articles in a very subtle way.

April 18

How To Develop Content For The Web

Your first job in creating and marketing your website is to become a content provider for the people in your target market. This means that you will be creating helpful information for your readers and viewers. How does one go about creating online content that makes a difference? This article talks about educational content and participational content and how to create the most stimulating, useful and link-worthy content possible.

April 21

Content Creation Watchwords: A Guide For Creating Link-worthy Content

What makes great content on the web? This article teaches 6 crucial content creation watchwords that form the basis of all exceptional online content. You can use these words to help create articles and other online material that readers will want to share with others.

April 25

5 Types of Linkbait to Use in Your Online Article Submissions

Linkbait is a content creator’s secret weapon on the internet. At its best, it is simply link-worthy content, the type of content that is created to inspire other sites to share the information with their readers (via a link of course). This article will teach you 5 intriguing forms of linkbait that you can use with success in your article submissions.

April 28

Your 5 Biggest Goals in Marketing Your Website

Even if you’ve never specifically sat down and thought about your goals for your website, I can tell you what they are (or should be). It’s hard to hit the target when you don’t even know which direction to aim. Read this article to find out the 5 ultimate goals you should be shooting for when doing article marketing.

Your Homework:

See, now I have April done.

To be honest I was dreading coming up with this schedule of “class topics” (article ideas), but it really only took me an hour or so. When I think about how much time and mental anguish that will save me next month when I sit down to write, I’m so happy I did this.

Now, all I need to do is the other 8 months…doh!

Will you try this?

I know it seems like a pain right now, but it will definitely make your article writing easier to pre-decide your article topics, come up with a title and a short description (which can also be used as an opening paragraph).

At the very least, create an article topic schedule for next month, then see if you want to do the other months.

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8 Responses to “Article Marketing Strategies: Creating an Article Topic Schedule for the Year”

  1. Very good advice. I often feel stumped when coming up with topics and resort to getting ideas from article submission sites and using their title suggestion tools. The trick is to write down the topics as they come to mind so you don’t forget them.

  2. Sylvan says:

    Thank You for the great advice. Writing down topic so that you wont forget helps. A schedule is always a good thing.

    Thanks Again


  3. Definitely a great way to work… it’s just finding the discipline. :)


  4. Bill Wynne says:

    I am on it. I was just having this thought last night as a matter of fact. I get almost all my good ideas in the shower. Were you in the shower too? (:


  5. Ok. You got me. I just finished up scheduling mastermind team meetings for the entire year…while I am at it I can also create a schedule for articles. I think I will take your advice though, and start with April. Keep the great information coming!


  6. Thanks for sharing this Steve. I’ve done this for the month of March and I find that it does take the pressure off when trying to write. I’m working on April’s schedule now. It feels really good to be ahead of schedule.


  7. Steve thanks for the schedule! You information is always amazing! I appreciate it

    Get Fit and Eat Right

  8. John Yeoman says:

    A very good idea is to look at the top ten non-fiction bestsellers at Amazon, analyze their key ‘media triggers – the underlying pull that gets folk to buy them – then adapt that angle for an article.

    Example: one’s original draft ‘How to Breed Frogs in Your Kitchen’ (boring) becomes ‘The Big Money Weight-Loss Diet Plan – What Top Frogs Don’t Want You to Know’. An alternative is {Ophra Winfrey’s|Any Other Celebrity’s} Frog Breeding {Fast Money|Success} Secret’.

    It never fails me…

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