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Article Marketing Strategies: Using A Squidoo Lens With Article Marketing
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I have been collecting questions from readers about how you can incorporate a Squidoo lens into your marketing efforts and how a Squidoo lens differs from article marketing.

Here are some of your questions:

Just what is a lens, and why is it called that?

What method has more impact?

Could I use some of my articles for Squidoo?

Great questions–let’s start with the basics…

A “lens” is just the cute name Squidoo has for a web page. It is nothing more than that. You create a web page on a topic that you know a lot about, and people go to the page when they want to know more about your topic.

For example, this is’s Squidoo lens:

The Ultimate Guide To Article Marketing

Now, to your questions:

1. What is the different between article marketing and a Squidoo lens?

They are apples and oranges–article marketing is a method for building links to your site. You submit articles consistently over time, and your articles continue to generate links long after they are first published. Your articles contain a resource box that links back to your site, so every time your article is republished, you gain another valuable backlink.

A Squidoo lens is a web page on your chosen topic. It is not meant to produce links–the only way that a Squidoo lens would produce links to your site would be if you found a way to subtly link back to your site from the text on the web page. Squidoo does not intend that a lens should be used to build links to a site–it serves a different purpose.

What is the SEO benefit of a Squidoo lens?

If you decide to create a Squidoo lens, it would need to be used as a small part of an overall marketing plan, where you have other forms of marketing that you are doing.

Here is the SEO benefit of a Squidoo lens:

Because Squidoo is such a big site, the web pages on it tend to have an easier time climbing search engine rankings.

Your ultimate goal is for your own website to be at the #1 spot in Google for your keyword terms, but it would be a bonus if you had another web page (your Squidoo lens) show up on the front page.

Here’s another difference:

Article marketing is something that you do on a regular basis. You submit articles every month, and as you get more and more articles “out there” momentum builds and your website starts to climb the search engine rankings.

Building a Squidoo lens is a one time thing–you can add to it over time, but basically you take the time to make a really good page (with photos, surveys, and other interesting things), and then you promote your lens.

Marketing a Squidoo lens–You can send a link to your lens to your newsletter list (that’s what I did) and ask them to give you feedback on your lens page. You can also use the link to your Squidoo lens in some of your resource boxes.

2 – Which is better for SEO purposes–article marketing or a Squidoo lens?

For certain, article marketing. Article marketing is the main course, and the Squidoo lens is the dessert. Article marketing has the power to elevate your website’s search engine ranking. A Squidoo lens is a side item–the lens itself may end up ranking highly in Google (or the other Search Engines), but it is very limited in what it can do for your website.

There are some definite perks to having a Squidoo lense–I see it as an open door through which new customers can find my business. The more open doors that you create, the more opportunities for new customers finding you.

Should you use article marketing, a Squidoo lens or both?

If you can only use one, then use article marketing. If you can do both, then yes, they can work together.

3 – Could you use some of your articles that have been written for Squidoo?

It is not recommended to put your entire article verbatim on Squidoo–you will need to rework the articles and restructure things to suit the Squidoo audience.

Squidoo lenses do not look like articles–they have sections that contain short blurbs, surveys, photos, etc. They look a lot different from an article.

I use some short excerpts from articles/blog posts, and then provide a link to the post so that the reader can continue reading. So, a person could read the start of a post on Squidoo and then click the “Read More” link and be taken to my blog for the full article.

If you are already doing article marketing full throttle and you already have blog, and you have the extra time to start doing an additional marketing tool, then go for it–do a Squidoo lens.

If you only have time for one marketing tool, then do article marketing.

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7 Responses to “Article Marketing Strategies: Using A Squidoo Lens With Article Marketing”

  1. Nick says:

    Hi Steve,

    This is something I have often wondered about, Which carries more weight a Squidoo lens or an article.

    It does seem that you now need to get yourself known through social media & then your work will follow on rather than tryng to hit the #1 spot on Google.


  2. Steve Shaw says:

    Hi Nick,

    Actually it’s both now–the #1 spot in Google is still as coveted as ever, but social media is also an integral part of things as well now.

  3. Russ says:

    Hi Steve,
    Wow I spent considerable time studying this article. And have some questions. Regarding getting backlinks from a lens you say

    “It is not meant to produce links–the only way that a Squidoo lens would produce links to your site would be if you found a way to subtly link back to your site from the text on the web page. Squidoo does not intend that a lens should be used to build links to a site–it serves a different purpose.”

    Oh, just answered about 5 of my own questions. You can put backlinks on a lens BUT it won’t PRODUCE backlinks (as an article would when it gets syndicated). Ok I get it. Real informative for me thanks.

  4. Steve Shaw says:

    @Russ: Hi Russ,

    Good, glad this was helpful. Have a great weekend!

  5. Sheila says:

    Thanks for the information on Squidoo. I have done lenses on there, but really didn’t think of it in the way you explained it. It is so helpful to get feedback such as this because sometimes you don’t know which place is best to give your time to. If I write something, I want to get as much benefit from it as possible. You always have such great tips, Steve! Thanks.

  6. naba says:

    Nice article…thanks! I actually have no clear distinction between Squidoo Lens and an Article before reading this.

  7. Great post, article marketing is a very powerful tool is used correctly. Thanks for the great tips always trying to learn more and better article marketing tips.

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