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Article Marketing Strategies: Will Directories Decline Articles That Already Appear On My Own Site?
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Reader Question:

What I’m considering with my own next round of publishing is to first release the articles, let them go through the thirty day distribution process, then publish them on my own site – probably rewritten 30%.

Some say it’s better to publish on your own site first so Google sees your site as the authoring site – but while this would be better for your own site’s rankings initially for the topic of the article, it would also preclude the article (in my view) from being picked up by a certain amount of directories that run duplicate content tests.

Any thoughts on this…. am I missing something?

Thanks so much for your question–yes, I have some thoughts on this. You had asked if publishing on your own site first might preclude the article from being picked up by directories that run duplicate content tests–Actually, it wouldn’t.

Publish On Your Own Site First

You should definitely publish on your own site first, and then rewrite the content and submit it as articles. I would re-write the entire piece of content–not just to 30%. Just use the original content as an outline for the article and write it from scratch. That’s what I do.

Completely Re-Write The Content Before Submitting As An Article

The re-writing part is important. Even if the content on your blog is indexed first by Google, you have no control over whether Google will continue to see your site as the originator of that content. For example, if the same content is published by or any other site, Google could decide that this other site is instead the originator, even if the article was published on your own site first. Keeping the content on your own site unique is key.

Duplicate Articles are different from Duplicate Content

So, it wouldn’t be the same content on your own site that is being submitted as articles.

But even if it were, that would not prevent the articles from being picked up due to ‘duplicate content detectors’. Here’s why:

Most directories do not screen for duplicate content, although I can see how it’s confusing because they may screen for duplicate articles. Those are two different things–directories will sometimes employ “duplicate article” detectors to:

1 – be sure that the article is not already on their own directory
2 – be sure that the article is not already published on the internet under someone else’s name.

So, the issue is more of a copyright one, rather than anything having to do with SEO and duplicate content.

Most Directories Are Not Afraid Of Duplicate Content

I don’t know of any directories that will not allow you to publish content on their site that you own and that you have published on your own site or other sites and where your name is clearly listed as the author. Directories are usually just trying to be sure that you really own the content, not that the content has never been published on the net before.

Take for example–at least at the time of the writing of this post, they screen for duplicate articles and for articles that are already published on the net under a different author name. But you are allowed to publish an article on your own site or another site and also submit it to Ezine Articles. They just want to be clear about the owner of the article, and they don’t want to get the same article on their site more than once.

Directories also do not usually screen for the SEO version of duplicate content because the very nature of a directory means that the content on it will not be unique. The purpose of an article directory is to provide free reprint articles. If the directory is successful, then the content on the directory will be republished on many different sites, rendering the content not unique.

I hope that helps a bit. Your questions are great! Please just let me know if you’re wondering anything else…

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4 Responses to “Article Marketing Strategies: Will Directories Decline Articles That Already Appear On My Own Site?”

  1. Thanks Steve for this wonderful article that has given me important tips, which I believe will of great help to my article marketing campaigns.

    I have actually been submitting my articles first to online directories before posting them on my site. Secondly, I haven’t been rewriting them until recently when I started doing it using the ArticleLiverage tool. I think that could be one of the reasons why my articles are mostly visible on other sites and less on my sites when I do a keyword search. Is that so?

    Not many marketers are informed on this aspect and I wish other article marketers can chance on this article to get the real facts. Let me finally thank the reader, who asked that question.

  2. Steve Shaw says:

    Hi Charles,

    I’m glad that this was helpful to you. Yes, the most important thing is to keep the content on your own site unique. So, for the future, I would advise putting the article on your own site first, then totally re-write the article (re-write by hand, rather than using ArticleLeverage at this point), then after you have a totally re-written article, submit it to and create your ArticleLeverage variations.
    That will produce the best results possible.

    I hope that helps!

  3. I discovered your articles sometime ago. I have read some and all the others are now in a binder and I just have to find the time to read them all. From what I have read, you really know your stuff. Internet Marketing is not easy and it takes time to be proficient.
    I have several articles in draft for Ezine and I would like to know, how long do they have to be in order to find their way into print.
    One more, In the resource box I have “click here” which takes the reader to my site. I have a diary blog and would like to direct the reader to it so that they see who I am. Would this help?
    Thanks again for the fine work!

  4. Steve Shaw says:

    @Peter M. Olsen: Hi Peter,

    Thanks for your questions–you had asked how long an article has to be in order to be picked up for publication. That will vary at the different directories, but I think 600 words is a good length to shoot for. Other directories may accept articles as short as 400 words. If you have a particular directory that you’d like to be sure your article is accepted at, then look at the directories editorial guidelines to see what they require.

    I think that 600 words will get your article accepted at the most directories possible.

    You had also asked about using a link in your resource box to direct readers to your personal blog and if that was a good idea.

    It depends on your purposes for doing article marketing–if you are marketing a business website, then I think you should just link to the business website. The more sites you link to in the resource box, the less likely that people will click any of the links. The main website you should concentrate on is your business website, so I would just link to that, unless you have a blog that is tied to the business.

    The resource box offers you some space to give brief information about yourself, and that should be enough. If your business is about you (say you’re a business coach or something), then on your business website you can link to your personal blog, if you feel it’s appropriate.

    If the website you’re marketing really is business related, I would keep things business-y though. You can provide all the info that people need to know about you on your business website and your resource box. You can also have a business blog that gives you more space to show your personality, but that also shows your expertise in your business. Just personally, I would keep the personal blog for family and friends.

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