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Article Marketing Strategies: Write Multiple Articles on One Topic Quickly
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Writing multiple articles on a similar topic can make writing easier...

When writing an article series, the temptation is to think that writing a series will help your articles gain more readers.

You know how mobs of people wait in line for the latest Harry Potter book?

People are roped in with the characters and the story line, and then the author has a built in audience waiting breathlessly for the latest release.

Unfortunately, that’s not the way that it works with article marketing.

Ideally, if you’re writing an article series each article would be able to stand on its own and not reference the other articles or mention Part 1, Part 2, etc in the title or article.

There is no real effective way to connect articles in a series so that the reader sees all of them, and publishers prefer to have individual articles rather than several that are trying to be tied together.

What is the benefit of writing a series then?

The benefit is for the author. Writing several articles on various nuances of the same topic makes writing easier, and it makes coming up with the article topics easier. You get your momentum going, and you can actually write faster.

So, how can you write multiple articles on one topic quickly?

Step 1 – Write a list article.

One of the best ways I’ve found is to start with a list article. This would be a list of top tips, rather than a how-to article.

So, let’s say you have an article with a Top 10 list. For the sake of an example, let’s say that I have an article called “The Top 10 Mistakes Article Writers Make Without Even Knowing About It”.

My first article would include the list of the top 10 mistakes.

Step 2 – Then, take each item in the list and write a separate article for it.

If my list is 10 items long, that means 10 more articles. The initial article becomes sort of like an outline for the whole series.

Of course to do this, you need for each item to be meaty enough for its own article. If I have a list of 10 mistakes that writers frequently make, I can elaborate on each tip/mistake in an article.

You don’t have to have 10 items–it could be 3, 5, 7 or whatever (I wouldn’t go any lower than 3 though). Just be sure that all of the items in your list are weighty enough to merit an article of their own. You might be surprised at how in depth you can go on a simple topic by focusing one article on each list item.

Quick Tips:

  • Each article should be a stand-alone article. There should be no Part 1, Part 2, etc in the title or article body.
  • Don’t mention the other articles in your series in the article. So, no need to say, “We’ve already covered the top 3 mistakes that writers make, now let’s move on to the 4th.” There is also no need to recap any of the other tips you’ve written articles about–after the first article, let each article be solely on one tip.

You will be shocked at how quickly you’re able to write articles in this manner, taking a list article and then using each item in the list as a new article topic. All of your articles will be very closely related in theme, but they will be different enough to make sense on their own.

I’ve used this tactic many times, and I am always amazed.

If you try this method (or if you already do this), can you please give us your take on it? Did you find that you were able to write more easily?

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7 Responses to “Article Marketing Strategies: Write Multiple Articles on One Topic Quickly”

  1. Nick says:

    I have been following your blog for some time now but have only commented once before.
    From my point of view, that is at the beginning of my online career & so far not achieved much, article marketing immediately presents huge problems!
    What should I write? Having written an article, where should I put it? On my blog? Do I submit it to article directories, if yes which ones? If you submit to directories does this mean that the article has to be re-written every time because of duplicate content?
    What do you do with your articles Steve, apart from have them here?

  2. Steve Shaw says:

    @Nick: Hi Nick,

    Thanks so much for your questions. Let’s take them one at a time:

    1- What should you write?

    The topic of your articles is determined by the topic of your website. Whatever the topic of your website, that is the sort of things that you should write articles about. Ideally, your website would have a very focused topic.

    I’ve looked at your website and watched your opening video, and it sounds like you intend your website to be devoted to doing reviews and posts about what’s hot at the moment.

    Now, that’s a great start, but it would be really helpful for your marketing efforts if you would narrow your topic even further. For example, what’s hot in social media, what’s hot in internet marketing, what’s the latest thing in the world of cell phones, or some very specific topic that you have an interest in.

    The topic of your website really should be something that is interesting to you, that you enjoy to write about, because you’re going to be writing on this topic for a long time.

    Once you have your topic, you can write those reviews you were talking about, and you might also write articles that teach your readers something. Let’s say your niche is “What’s hot in the realm of laptop computers”. You could do computer reviews, but also some “how to” articles like “How to Find the Best Laptop for Your Needs”.

    2 – Once you write an article, where should you put it?

    Great question–you have a choice between submitting articles manually (that would be you going to a directory and putting the article on there yourself), or you can submit articles automatically using a service like

    If submitting manually, you have to be very selective because you only have so much time and energy. Some of the biggies are,, Idea Marketers. There are tons of great article directories, but those 3 can get you started.

    When you submit articles automatically, you submit the article one time to, and then we distribute it for you to our very large network of publishers. We submit to blog publishers, website owners, ezine editors, article directories, as well as sending the appropriate articles to some publishers via email.

    I think that submitting automatically is the best use of a person’s time and effort.

    3 – Should you put the article on your blog?

    No, don’t put the same article that you submit as a free reprint article on your blog.

    You can sort of tag-team your writing for your blog and your articles, but there’s a special way to do that. First, write a blog post and publish it on your blog. Then re-write the blog post and submit it as an article. That way the content on your own site stays unique, which is beneficial for search engine optimization.

    4 – If you submit to article directories, does this mean that the article needs to be re-written every time because of duplicate content?

    Good question. I would recommend re-writing the article so that each of the directories that you submit to can have a new version of the article.

    On, we have a special tool called ArticleLeverage that helps you create high quality variations of your article, so that each publisher we submit to can potentially receive a unique version of the article.

    5 – “What do you do with your articles Steve, apart from have them here?”

    First off, my free reprint articles are not on this blog–the content on this blog is all blog posts that are specifically written to only appear on this site.

    After I publish a post here, then I re-write it and submit it as a free reprint article. I have a little system going that I do every month–write blog post first, then re-write blog post as a free reprint article, then submit article via

    I hope this helps Nick! Thanks for asking this question–I think I’ll use this reply as the basis for a new blog post (long enough, isn’t it?!).

    Here’s a resource you might find helpful. This is a beginner’s guide to submitting articles.

    Any other questions, just let me know.


  3. chris says:

    I have attempted writing a series of articles and I put links at the start and bottom of the post linking to the other related posts but I tend to find nobody reads the whole series. I created part 1 and 2 etc and found that people liked part 2 and never read the other parts, so like you said it doesn’t always work.

  4. You HAVE to write articles. At least for your blog/website. It is the best way to get traffic to your site. I have got many top ranking with content alone. I call it content driven SEO. Backlinks are secondary but of course I do that to. My backlinking strategy includes articles marketing and a variety of linking methods. Its good to have lots of diversity.

  5. Your article on producing a series of articles based on one ” list of” article came at the right opportune moment.

    Why? Because I was beginning to wonder if there’s a better way to write non”stop without having to put my brain to the limit. So this is it.
    Thanks a million for all the helpful newsletters and tips you keep sending my way. All for free, but worth thousands of dollars to your readers if the tips in there are applied, not left in the harddrive to gather virtual dust.

  6. Sir,
    I read the content. In practical life also we are using articles. The people don’t worry about the style, but they are worried about quality.
    In college also, the lecturer used to advise that plan about your future.
    Be aware of time. Because when the hardwork is joining with time, then an ordinary person becomes extra ordinary. So I am always thankful to ezine.

    Thanking you!

    Yours faithfully,

  7. I have found one of the best ways to get ideas or to supplement articles is to ask questions on Facebook. Example: What is your favorite xxx tip?
    My friends come up with some great ideas I never thought of.

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