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Article Marketing Strategies: Writing Articles on Topics You’re Unfamiliar With
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If you're feeling stumped when faced with the task of writing on a topic you're not familiar with, this article is for you...

Do you need to write on topics that you’re not exactly familiar with?

Perhaps you own a business website and you sell lots of products that you’re not necessarily familiar with. Or maybe you’re a freelance writer and your client’s field is totally new to you.

What can you do to write intelligent articles that your readers will find useful?

It’s always a challenge to write on topics that you’re unfamiliar with, so we’re going to cover some ways to work around that:

1 – Find out as much as you can about your topic.

If you are a freelance writer with a new client, go to that client’s website and read it thoroughly. Read everything that your client is offering as information about his niche. Most websites should have this sort of info, and maybe your client has some previous free reprint articles that you can look at.

If you are writing about a topic that’s new to you, likewise do some investigating online to gather information.

You are a beginner in this field, and that’s okay. You can still write articles that will help people.

I always say that beginners actually have an edge in some ways–they are very tuned into what another beginner needs to know and what is confusing for a newbie, and they are unable to write over people’s heads. It’s okay to be a beginner and to write free reprint articles.

Your articles should teach your readers something...

2 – Put your teacher hat on.

Some people think that the purpose of an article is to show how much you know.

Actually that’s not the case.

The purpose of an article is to show your reader how to do something new.

Good teachers can teach anything once they wrap their minds around the basics. The keys to being a good teacher are:

  • Wanting to help others.
  • Believing that others can learn what you have to teach them if the right teaching method is used.
  • Patience in explaining concepts-don’t try to rush ahead too fast.
  • Empathy–remembering what it was like when you were starting.
  • Clarity in your thought process and in how you explain things.
  • Keeping things as simple as possible. If a 3rd grader were to read your article, he should be able to understand what you are saying.

Even if you’re new to your topic, you can write excellent articles just by being a good teacher.

Write for beginners...

3 – Focus on teaching the basics.

Until you become more advanced, write every article for beginners. You are just a step or two ahead of those you’re writing for, but that’s okay.

Cover very basic topics, and know that you are doing your readers a very big service by covering the basics.

Some people may have more knowledge than you, but they may not be sensitive to the needs of their readers. The people with the greatest need in your target market are the beginners.

Any area of confusion is an opportunity to teach...

4 – Be tuned in to what confuses you.

What did you notice about your new niche that made you say, “What in the world?!”

What intimidated you? What made you think, “Whoa, that sounds over my head!”

What mistakes and misunderstandings did you have when you were first starting (this may be just last week, for some of you!)?

Remember, you are a little like an adventurer. You are going into uncharted territory, and you are figuring things out so that you can lead others.

If something confuses you, that is a reason to celebrate, because you’ve just stumbled on a great writing topic.

You can write interesting articles on any topic, if you use your creativity...

5 – Use your imagination.

If your topic is boring to you, use your creativity to write about your topic in an interesting way.

Something to think about– If you see others writing on this topic and you think that their articles are absolutely boring, don’t worry about it. Your articles can be different.

Your job is not to write like everybody else. Your job is to write about your topic in the most interesting and helpful way possible. It can be a challenge for some topics, depending on where your areas of interest are, but it can also be lots of fun.


Writing articles on topics that are out of your usual sphere of knowledge can be a challenge, but it’s a challenge that can make you grow as a writer and increase your knowledge.

It’s kind of like that saying that a good actor can read the phone book and hold an audience’s attention. The same is true of a good writer.

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12 Responses to “Article Marketing Strategies: Writing Articles on Topics You’re Unfamiliar With”

  1. Bill says:

    This is a challenging task that can change your mindset towards article writing. Its very true the way you have put it that writing a challenging article can drastically grow your knowledge if done correctly. Thanks Steve for the Out of The Box thinking.

  2. Steven says:

    sound advice

  3. David Hurley says:

    A timely article; writing a couple of articles about topics I’m not familiar with is exactly what I have to do over the weekend. How did you know? ;)

  4. Anne says:

    Hello Steven,
    I look forward to each and every article you write. This one especially, has so many pearls of wisdom, and logic, that I felt compelled to thank you for setting the record straight on giving information of value. Every one of your 5 points is well taken, and should also be used when writing on a familiar topic.

  5. Kym Kirk says:

    You make it sound easy Steve…

  6. Venita says:

    Hi Steve
    Thank goodness writing about your niche eventually becomes easier. One can conceptualize faster and produce better quality articles – I agree 100% with sharing of knowledge as a base to work from – I believe that is the main purpose to the internet.

    Thanks again – your articles keeps me motivated.

  7. Meegan says:

    Hi Steve.
    Great post on ‘content’, I have been extracting my own personal ‘swipe-file’ on everything to do with ‘content’ from good writers (such as yourself)), as it is one of the main pillars of internet marketing, no matter what the niche. Nail this and you would never need a re-writer or spinner or whatever.
    Thank you for your informative emails and blog posts

  8. Earn Wel says:

    Good Information.

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