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Article Marketing Strategies – Writing That Addresses Your Audience Directly
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Recently I likened writing free reprint articles to being a rock star at a live performance. You have such a large potential audience that it can be difficult to know where to focus your attention.

Even when rock stars are performing for an audience of tens of thousands of screaming fans, I’ve often heard it said that they’ll pick out one person in the audience to sing or play to. Singling one person out helps them to “connect” with their audience in a way that playing to a massive group of people can’t.

It’s the same with writing articles for the internet. You may think, “Anyone in the world could be looking at my article. How can I make it sound personal and not like I’m a professor lecturing to a huge classroom full of students?”

Today we’ll go over a few strategies you can use to write articles that address specific questions that people in your target audience are wondering.

Collect questions.

You don’t have to be a mind reader to figure out what your audience wants to know. Most of the time people are more than willing to ask you directly or pose their question somewhere on the internet.

Pay particular attention to questions that clients and customers ask you–that question just may make a great article topic. I get a good many of my article topics from questions that clients or readers ask me.

If you have a blog, monitor the questions that people ask in the comments. It could be that in answering those questions, you are creating the basis of a future article.

If you need extra sources of questions from people in your target market, try looking at forums or blogs in your niche. When people have questions, it’s natural that they’ll solicit an answer from others on the internet who have more experience. Even if the question was not directly posed to you, you can still use the question to create an article that answers it. Chances are there are many other people who are wondering the same thing.

Do keyword research.

Similarly, you can (and should) do keyword research to figure out what topics people in your niche are doing searches for. You might not have known this, but when you do keyword research you can see the actual questions and searches that people are typing into Google and the other search engines pertaining to your niche. This information is incredibly helpful in creating articles that address your audience’s needs.

Write about what you’ve had to learn yourself.

You were not always an expert in your niche. At one time you were a beginner, and you became an expert by seeking knowledge and actively trying to learn things that at one time confused you.

Think back to some major areas of confusion for yourself as you were starting in your field. What was intimidating? What made you say, “Huh?”? What were some things that you thought were too difficult for you to learn?

Retrace your own educational steps, and pick out a few major lessons that you learned that you can teach others.

Discuss your topic in person.

One thing that is particularly revealing is to talk about your niche with people you meet in your everyday life. You may have the occasion at a party, while you’re waiting your turn at the dentist’s office or elsewhere, or with extended family members who you don’t get to see all the time.

Most likely, they will ask you questions that you didn’t know that people wondered about your niche. They will have false assumptions that you never imagined before. You can spend some time trying to teach people in your real everyday life about your field, and from those interactions get ideas for future articles.

Make It Personal

The idea is to narrow your focus down from a general audience of strangers to an intimate audience of one. This creates a different tone in the article, and I think the shift in attitude creates an article that is easier for a reader to connect with and understand.

What do you think? Will you try this?

Do you have any other ideas for ways to create articles that have widespread appeal but that are written for an audience of one?

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