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Article Marketing Strategy – What Is The Best Article Marketing Format to Attract Readers?
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This is a good article marketing strategy to know, as you would not necessarily figure this out yourself.

I know I didn’t!

When I first started submitting online articles, I wrote much the same as I did for offline content. I figured that the organization and formatting of articles that you see in newspapers and magazines were what I was shooting for.

If you model your articles after magazine articles, nothing terrible is going to happen, but your articles will probably not be formatted in a way that best suits online content.

Why is online content different from offline reading material?

Online content is being read on a computer monitor or other electronic devise.

Those reading conditions are a little more stressful on the eyes than it would be if you had a book in your hand and were reading it by natural light.

Online content has a lot more competition.

A reader may be looking at your article right now, but bunches of articles on similar topics are available just a click away. It can be harder to hold the attention of an online reader.

Online readers are in a hurry.

When you’re reading a book while lying on your bed, you can get into it, contemplate and mull things over. Sometimes you may re-read passages to get a deeper meaning.

Online readers tend to skim content for information. The attitude is: “I’m looking for specific information, and I want it fast”.

For all of these reasons, online content writers try to format their articles in a way that is easy on the eyes and easy to skim. With online articles, you’ll usually see:

  • Shorter paragraphs.

The usual size paragraphs that you would see in books and magazines can be harder for online readers to take in.

Online articles can have paragraphs that are a sentence or two–it depends on the actual article as to what would look right. Certainly every paragraph can’t be one sentence long, or it would look odd, but in general, interspersing some shorter paragraphs is visually appealing most of the time.

If you’d like a visual of what this looks like, take a look at how I format my free reprint articles.

  • The use of bullet points to draw attention to important items.

Bullet points are like a spotlight that screams “Look here!”. Readers appreciate the extra help.

  • The inclusion of numbered lists.

Numbered lists help guide a reader through your article. They make your article easier to read as well. This is why you will see loads of articles that indicate a numbered list in the title, as that can be attract more readers to the article.

  • Sections of the article divided by sub-headings.

This is another strategy to make the article easier to read and more appealing to an online reader. A sub-heading basically announces what the next paragraph or two will be about. Sub-headings help lead the reader through your article and help him take in your main points.

  • Just the facts, ma’am.

Online readers are searching for specific information and are often in a rush, so articles that are concisely written are appreciated. It’s an exercise in discipline to say exactly what you want to say in as few words as possible.

Learning To Format Articles To Attract Readers

In many ways writing online content is easier than writing offline reading material, in my opinion.

The same tactics that make an article easier to read also make it easier to write.

I love using numbered lists–I jot down the items in my list, and that serves as my outline for the article. Then I fill in the introductory and concluding paragraph, and flesh out the in between content, and I’m done!

Seeing things clearly laid out is easier on readers’ eyes, but also easier on the writer’s mind!

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4 Responses to “Article Marketing Strategy – What Is The Best Article Marketing Format to Attract Readers?”

  1. Moira Wight says:

    Thanks for all the good information in this article, I will definitely take note for my next article. It makes loads of sense but not something I would have thought of myself! Thank you for sharing your knowledge!

  2. Sahail says:


    Search has always defined the Web, and having articles that complement search (finding exactly what you want, no filler) gives you the edge.

    Social media has shortened everyone’s attention. Article marketers have to realise that we are fighting for attention amongst microblogged 140 character pieces too.

    Your advice rings true, keep it simple, easy to navigate, and clear.

    Nice insight.

  3. Alex says:

    I don’t know what do you’ll think about my opinion, but agree with your Post. Anyway, for me, Article must have some where about 750 words and a lot of Paragraphs … on right place. For Sign, I use just basic my Information, I don’t like to hide behind the sentences and links !


  4. I’ve watched one of your videos a couple of times. And this article is the same quality content.

    Sectioning off the article into sub headlines makes it easy to read and it also let’s the search engines know what your topic is as they look at the h1 and h2 tags to determine content.

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