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Article Marketing Strategy: Is It Wise To Put Your Phone Number In Your Resource Box?
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It's wise to very carefully choose the contact information you include in your resource box.

I received this question recently about what type of contact info is appropriate for your resource box:

I really want to include my phone number in my resource box. Are there any rules against that?

There are no rules against including your phone number in your resource box, but it is usually not recommended.

One of the main reasons is that phone numbers can go out of date relatively rapidly. For example, if the article’s still published in five years time, it will be published on a lot of site–would the phone number from 5 years ago still be valid?

Maybe yes and maybe no, but if there is any chance that the phone number might not be valid somewhere down the road, best to avoid a situation where a person calls you and gets an “wrong number” scenario.

Additionally–and this is a big point–your ultimate goal with the resource box is to get the reader to click your link and go back to your website to browse around. You will have all of your contact information on your website, so if someone wants to contact you, they can get your information from there.

The information that you put in your resource box is crucial. You really don’t have much space or much time to convince the reader to take some form of action. I advise that you spend all of your effort getting the reader to click your link and go back to your website.

Let’s say from reading your article he really does want to talk to you on the phone–that is an excellent lure to your site.

In the resource box, your goal is to pique the reader’s interest, leave him wanting more, give him a reason to visit your website, and do so in 400-450 characters or fewer. Now that’s a job! You can see why streamlining your contact info is very beneficial–it leaves you extra room tell the reader about yourself, your business, your products and services, and lure him to your website.

Here is the information to include in your resource box:

  • Your name (optional, but recommended)
  • Brief bit of information about why you should be regarded as an expert in your topic (why should the reader listen to you?)
  • You can tell about your business and your product or service (briefly)
  • Why should the reader click the link in your resource box to go back to your website? What do you have there waiting for him that he wants? Tell him what he has to gain by clicking your link, and tell him exactly what to do (Go to and claim your free report on Topic XYZ)
  • Of course, you will include a link going back to your website.
  • You can also customize your resource box to suit the specific topic of your article. Some websites position the resource box so that it sits right beneath the article and it sort of blends in. You can capitalize on this by making the first sentence of your resource box sort of an extension of your article. (More on how to do this here.)

Adding a phone number to your resource box could work in some cases depending on what you want to achieve, but for most cases I’d probably advise to focus more on links.

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3 Responses to “Article Marketing Strategy: Is It Wise To Put Your Phone Number In Your Resource Box?”

  1. Chris says:

    I get loads of spam just by leaving my email there, imagine if my phone number was listed. This is something I would never do..

  2. Gerald says:

    Great post! I think that you can put anything in your article if you think it´s valuable to the reader. Leaving your telephone number is good to build personal, one on one rapport. If you should change the telephone number you will have to make changes in all of your articles which can take a while!

  3. I have associated with your own website, thank you

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