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Article Marketing Strategy: 6 Tips For Getting More Newsletter Sign-Ups From Your Articles
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Are you effectively using your articles to generate sign-ups?

Here’s a question on article marketing strategy I received recently from a reader:

Hi. I’m trying to increase sign ups by way of article marketing. I use Ezine articles and although I write pretty decent articles I only get around 4-6 sign ups soon after the article is published out of around 120 views in 3 days, not really worth the effort. How can you help me increase views, sign ups and make my time spent writing worthwhile?

That’s a great question, and I have some good news for you:

You are on the right track in that the ultimate goal is to inspire folks to sign up to your newsletter list…

Sometimes it takes people more time to decide if they want to buy your product or services. If you have their name and email you can follow up with them, develop a level of trust through sending them useful emails, and that increases the likelihood of making sales in the future.

Let’s talk specifically about what you can do to get more sign-ups to your newsletter list with article marketing:

1) Submit to more article directories

The glaringly obvious point is, if you’re only submitting to a single site like, while a great site with a lot of traffic, you’re severely limiting your scope in terms of the numbers of views (and thus, click-throughs and sign-ups) your article could be getting.

For example, articles in our own article directory alone regularly get dozens if not hundreds of views within just hours of publication – and the ‘views’ are often by publishers looking for articles to publish elsewhere too …

And that’s just one site out of hundreds of other websites (all with their own set of visitors who come across your articles via varying means) your articles could show up on through using our article submission service … think about it.

2) Be sure to write educational articles on the topic of your niche.

Writing articles on the topic of your website helps you get targeted traffic. “Targeted” means that the people who are being drawn to your website are people who might be interested in what you’re offering.

If the traffic is targeted, then there is a greater chance of sign-ups.

3) The resource box plays a huge role in getting readers to click through from the article to your website.

Craft a strong resource box, which includes author name, short author bio (why should the reader regard you as an expert?), a reason to click through and your website URL. Here is more info about writing a really good resource box.

4) Offer an incentive to click through to your site.

If it is a tangible incentive, like an e-book or a coupon or an audio course, then once at your site, the reader must enter his name and email in order to receive the incentive. That is a great way to build your list.

Here is a resource that lists popular resource box incentives:

7 Effective Resource Box Lures

5) Test the effectiveness of the pages that you link to from your resource box.

You may link to a landing page where the visitor’s name and email can be captured, a page offering a free e-book for people who sign up for your list, or a sales page, etc. Some pages perform better than others, so testing is necessary. Personally, I use Google’s Website Optimizer to continually split test a heap of pages.

6) Be sure you’re submitting the correct quantity of articles.

The correct quantity can vary widely depending on your submission method.

If you are submitting manually, you will need to submit significantly more articles each month to see significant results. I’ve heard it recommended to submit anywhere from 30-50 articles a month if you are submitting manually to just a few sites. Remember that you need to submit at this level over the lifetime of your website. That’s a bit much for me, so I like to submit automatically with

If you are submitting via our own automated article submitter, you only need to submit about 8 articles a month per website that you’re marketing. That is very doable, and it’s pretty easy to keep submitting articles at that rate over the long term once you get the hang of it.

Here’s a biggie that will help you keep your spirits up as you’re getting started article marketing:

Keep in mind that the major impact from article marketing comes from search engine traffic (rather than direct traffic from the article directory). Search traffic (via Google, etc) takes longer to develop. When you submit an article, it can take anywhere from 3-6 months for the backlinks to be registered in Google and for the site ranking to be re-evaluated.

The goal is not to have a single article produce lots of sign ups.

In fact, any sign ups you get direct from a single article should be seen as a bonus.

Instead, the goal is to increase your website’s search engine ranking for your keyword terms, which can make a dramatic impact on the amount of targeted traffic you receive from Google, and thus start to dramatically increase the number of sign ups you are getting.

Search traffic takes longer to develop but it is much more powerful than getting traffic from the articles themselves.

What Are Your Tips?

I know we have a lot of readers who are successfully using article marketing to build their newsletter lists, so I ask you:

How do you use article marketing to build your subscriber list?

Are there any special tricks you’ve discovered through your own efforts?

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10 Responses to “Article Marketing Strategy: 6 Tips For Getting More Newsletter Sign-Ups From Your Articles”

  1. We have been very successful with article marketing and the suggestions that Steve is making are more than worthwhile. Personally, I would no longer recommend submitting articles manually. Rgds Vince

  2. I’m just starting out, but I realize that consistently writing good articles is the key to obtaining good ranking.

  3. I’m really new at this and I’d like to hear several suggestions, but as mentioned in this article, the trick is to entice people to sign up for your newsletter, but how? Offering something free is great, but what if you don’t have anything?

    This very blog sent me an email asking me to help answer a question about some topic. Well I was pleased to submit my two cents worth so I clicked the link that brought me to this blog and I responded to the question. Asking people for help is a good way to get their interest. I will use this technique in my newsletters, and articles in the future.

  4. Steve Shaw says:

    @Magnetic Music Notes

    Here are a few suggestions (and anyone else who has ideas, please chime in):

    1 – You can create something free to give away–that is what I do. I consider it part of my marketing materials. With the articles that you are writing, after a while you will have enough to form an e-book. You may have to do some editing and tweaking, but your articles should be educational and after you’ve amassed enough of them you can organize them into an e-book (perhaps each article being a chapter), and then give that away as your incentive to sign up to your email list.

    Or here’s another way to think of it–create an outline for your e-book (what topics you’d like to cover), and then start writing articles to fill in the outline. Submit the articles. When you have written and submitted all the articles to fulfill the outline, then you will have your e-book. I really encourage you to make your articles do double duty. Writing articles does take commitment, time and mental focus, so why not use your content to serve several purposes rather than just one?

    2 – Alternatively, you don’t have to give something away for free. What you do need to offer is something that will be of value to this person in your target market. Here are some other suggestions for resource box incentives:

    7 Effective Resource Box Lures

    And yes, I like to ask for reader input–many of the posts on this blog were written based off of ideas and questions that readers submitted. You know the saying “two heads are better than one”–it’s definitely true!

    And I wanted to thank you very much for your excellent comments–I’m glad you’re also getting some help out of these articles! You are a help to me as well. From this comment you just left and from others on other posts, you have helped me think of a few new article topics.

    I hope this helps, and thank you for being a help to me :)

  5. Creating my own ebook is a great idea! I’d imagine you have articles, which I’m still trying to sift through, to create a dozen ebooks.

  6. Patricia says:

    I think a freebie is pretty much de rigeur these days, but you don’t have to create it yourself. There are numerous PLR (Private Label Rights) sites on the web — some offering free material (and if I say caution!!! on the quality it wouldn’t surprise you), and some for fairly reasonable amounts. Too, you could outsource the writing of a report on the subject of your choice.

  7. Eddington says:

    From my experience, this post has some great tips on article writing, really there is very little one can add on if at all.

    Good article consisting of a good title well thought out and carefully inserted keywords, good introduction (clearing spelling what it is that you are writing about – your niche or product so to speak) , body (the connection with the emotional bit of your readers) and conclusion (summary of your points) with a carefully constructed resource box is what I have heard taught by many different experts and that’s what makes a good article.

    It is said writing articles is not hard, and I think it shouldn’t, but of course for some it is, and it has been for me and I think now I will have to succumb and start using, because it just makes sense in terme of time saving and exposure and much more.

    Howeveras for offers, again I don’t think creating your own ebook is the best of ideas, there is a lot you cna do, why not consider using PLR products? Just buy one or a few or even search for free ones, there are there if you got time to search for them.

    You can then offer those, but there is a lot I could go on and on on this subject but I will stop here for now.

  8. Oma Edoja says:

    I came across the following tip today: if writing articles is a struggle for you then choose your topic and record yourself talking about it. Next, transcribe, use a spelling and grammar checker, add some formatting and a heading and there is your article, ebook, ecourse, free report etc. Or you could hire a virtual assistant to do the transcription and formatting! :)

  9. Aynn Daniels says:

    Just joined Submit Your Articles (SYA) and I can’t wait to get started. Updating my website with niche articles, products and programs. If my site is not yet complete to offer my own products, etc., can I write my articles now to submit through SYA to include my affiliate links without currently linking back to my site?

  10. Steve Shaw says:

    @Aynn Daniels: Hi Aynn,

    So glad to have you on board–welcome! :)

    That is great-update your site with lots of great info for your target readers. But let me see if I’ve got this straight…

    You have a site, but it is not yet finished.
    Your have affiliate products that you are marketing too.
    You want to know if you can use article marketing to market your affiliate links when you do not yet have a website to link to.

    Great question…

    Actually, I wrote a post addressing this question recently:

    If you’re doing affiliate marketing, do you need a real website?

    Ideally, yes, you would market your affiliate products via your website rather than just the affiliate link on its own. Please see that post I linked to above for more detailed info.

    I hope that helps!

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