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How To Use Article Spinning Technology For Good Instead Of Evil In Your Article Marketing Strategy
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It is possible to use spun articles for good instead of evil...

Articles created using spinning technology can get a bad rap when they’re poorly crafted, but it doesn’t have to be like that!

Spinner articles (or spun articles, as they are sometimes called) use special syntax in the article that allow a person to create multiple variations of an article.

This means that you could write one article, then go through the article and insert variations for words, phrases, and sentences so that when the article is distributed you actually have lots of different articles.

Why would you want to make one article into lots of different articles?

It’s search engine friendly. It looks better from a search engine perspective to have links coming from different content around the internet. That helps your website to be ranked higher.

Having lots of different articles also helps you to have more articles that are ranked highly for your keyword terms.

Spinning Articles: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Sounds good–what’s wrong with creating different article versions in this way, with spinning technology?

Herein lies the problem: Article spinning can be done either very poorly or very well, depending on the skill and attention of the writer and the spinner technology that he is using.

What kind of skill is needed to produce a spun article that makes complete sense to a human reader?

Nothing mind blowing–you just need to carefully read over each variation that you have created.

You also need to be sure that the variations that you are creating are completely interchangeable with the original word or phrase. If you do not do this, then you will end up with an article that doesn’t make sense.

Here’s another place things can go wrong:

There are some types of spinner tools that automatically take your article and create spins for it. They use something like a built in thesaurus and they take random words from your article and come up with what the spinner tool considers to be appropriate word substitutions, but which in reality often turn out to be just plain nonsense.

If you have ever seen a really terrible article that looked like gibberish with weird word choices throughout the article, then you have likely seen the product of a low quality spinner software that was not proofread by the author before submitting.

This does not have to be you! Those kinds of articles are really embarrassing to have your name attached to, and publishers don’t like them either.

That’s how things can go wrong. We’re about to talk about how to make things go right..

In the next post or two, we will be talking specifically about how to create high quality article variations (you might call them “spins”) using’s Advanced ArticleLeverageâ„¢.

You are about to learn how to use article spinner technology for good instead of evil.

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5 Responses to “How To Use Article Spinning Technology For Good Instead Of Evil In Your Article Marketing Strategy”

  1. I have tried out many article spinners and I hated them all. It just seemed to me that it was just as easy to re-write the article from scratch. That way I got better quality without the hassle. Then just a couple of weeks ago I tried another articles spinner and to my surprise I liked it! Like you said if you just spin the article without reading every variation then you will end up with crap. I am pretty good at created articles that can be spun now, and I finally see the value in spinning articles. Speaking of articles thanks for all the good ones this site puts out. I stop by once in a while and I am never disappointed.

  2. Jay says:

    Well said Robert. Poorly spun articles, besides being crap, don’t do what the author intended. Why would anyone even try to read an article filled with grammatical errors? And if the article isn’t read, the links go to waste. Far better to spend the additional time to make something readable.

  3. I use rewrite rocket but not necessarily what it was intended for.

    If I rewrite an article it is done by hand, I can then check how different it is. I always go for 70 – 80%. There is also a plagarism check if you want to use it.
    Submit to ezine articles by hand and then to SYA with the leverage option.

    Then I use the spin feature in rewrite rocket and create 10 articles, that are at least 20% different, to use with hub pages, squidoo etc. for a link wheel.

    Of course I cant do it with every article because there just isn’t enough time but I try once a week.


  4. I prefer to spin sentences multiple times rather than sentences *and* synonyms. I’ve found that synonym substitution is the path to nonsensical articles and headaches with proof-reading. If you stick to re-writing sentences three times for each sentence in the article, you can’t go far wrong.


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