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Article Marketing Strategy: Write An Sports Themed Article This Week
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How can you bounce an article off of the Olympics?

How can you bounce an article off of the Games?

The Games start in just a few days, and this is a perfect opportunity to use this article marketing strategy:

Capitalize on the worldwide interest in this topic by writing an article with a sports theme.

What’s that you say–your topic is not sports oriented?

Doesn’t matter. Get a little creative and you can use the Games as the theme for pretty much any topic in any niche.

Article marketing doesn’t have anything to do with the sports, but I had fun coming up with a way to incorporate the this topic into one of my articles.

Here are some approaches you can use in brainstorming ideas:

What can people in your niche learn from the athletes?

There’s all sorts of possibilities there–discipline, striving for excellence, never giving up, sacrifice, fulfilling potential, going for your dreams, how to set long term goals, work ethic, heroism, the marriage of artistry and technique, strength, grace, beauty. The list goes on and on.

Success Tips from World Class Athletes (directed to people in your niche)

If there’s anyone who knows how to succeed, it’s a world class athlete. What would one of these athletes tell you that would inspire you in your work or your life?

Will you try this?

Right now there are many people looking for articles that have an sports slant to them–not necessarily about sports or about the Games, but just with this general theme. I also think this is an evergreen topic (provided you do not mention a year) and that the article would be interesting and of value at any time.

If you do write an article with an sports slant, leave a comment letting us know what your approach was. This is a great chance to get creative with your articles!

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3 Responses to “Article Marketing Strategy: Write An Sports Themed Article This Week”

  1. Carl says:

    What do you suggest for us? WE do not have a lot of add copy or a person to do it. I did one on enzine that went well though.

  2. Steve Shaw says:

    Hi Carl,

    If you cannot write your own articles, then find decent writers (eg. places like who can write articles within your niche. It may take a while and some pain to find writers who can do what you’re looking for, but it’s worth it for the gain.

  3. I just wrote an article I just submitted to ezinearticles comparing an athletes attitude, consistency and focus to a video marketing campaign.

    It’s titled “What I Learned from the Olympics About Producing an Effective Video Marketing Campaign”

    It takes up to 7 days for the ezine articles crew to approve and publish.

    So let’s see what happens

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