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Article Marketing Strategy: How To Spin Articles Correctly
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The Gold Level members of have a cool new feature at their disposal: Advanced ArticleLeverage.

Advanced ArticleLeverage allows you to create spins (variations) for your articles by inserting spinner syntax. In case you’re new to this, here is what spinner syntax looks like:

Original sentence:

Jim is looking for a new car.

Here’s how you would use Advanced ArticleLeverage to set up variations for that sentence:

Jim is looking for a new {car|vehicle|automobile}.

As a recap, the curly bracket encloses the variations, and the vertical bar separates the variations.

When the article variations are created, one of those options between each of the brackets will be used. This will result in tons of article variations, depending on how many spins you created (how many words and/or phrases you create substitutions for).

So, the resulting sentence when constructed would be one of the following “spins”:

Jim is looking for a new car.


Jim is looking for a new vehicle.


Jim is looking for a new automobile.

That is spinning in a nutshell. We covered how to spin your title in the last post, and now we’re moving on to the article body. Really, it is the same technique, but I’m just breaking things down so that you see the connection between creating on-target spins that result in high quality article variations.

As we’ve said, the effectiveness of the spinner technology is determined by the user–if you create spins that are completely interchangeable with the original, you will create article variations that make sense. If you are not careful and your spins are not quite right, your article variations will be off as well.

Here is a real life example.

Here is my original article in full. I take that article, then put it into

Then, I come up with completely interchangeable variations for words and phrases in the article. Here is an example of the first sentence:


Judging by the questions I receive on a regular basis on this particular topic, many times there is a misunderstanding between the terms ‘duplicate content’ and ‘duplicate articles’.

After I set up ArticleLeverage variations for that sentence:

Judging {by|from} the {numerous|} questions I {regularly|} hear on a{n ongoing| consistent} basis on this {specific|particular} topic, {many times|often} there is a misunderstanding {going on|} between the terms ‘duplicate content’ and ‘duplicate articles’.

Something interesting you may have noticed…

1 – Now, notice that some of the spins in that sentence only have one variation. For example:

I {regularly|} hear on a…

The word “regularly” is the only option within that bracket. So, when that sentence is spun, it will sometimes include the word “regularly” at that spot, and other times it won’t.

2 – You’ll also notice something that may look unusual on this spin: “…on a{n ongoing| consistent} basis…”

You might wonder why it says “{n ongoing| consistent}” . What’s the “n” for in front of “ongoing”?

Look at the word preceding that phrase–it’s “a”.

If the variation is the word “consistent”, then I want it to say “on a consistent basis”.

If the variation is “ongoing”, I want it to say “on an ongoing basis”.

I add the “n” before “ongoing” in my variation so that I can be grammatically correct with either variation.

Those are the sorts of things that you need to watch out for when creating spins.

You get the idea…. Now, do this for the whole article.

This is an extremely important step, so don’t skip it!

Create all of your spins, then press the “preview” button at the bottom of the article submission page. Here is what the top half of the preview page looks like:

Variation 1: Click to see a bigger image.

And here's another variation (Click to see bigger image.)

It is important that you use this page to check that different versions of your article maintain the same quality as the original – the colour coding helps you see where the variable text is located.

Click the “Show New Version” button to show a randomly generated different version of your article.

Carefully read over all of your variations to be sure that they all make sense.

Article Spinning: Think Of It As An Art Form

This is a no-fail way to create completely understandable, coherent, intelligent article spins.

  • Carefully write completely interchangeable variations for words and phrases in your article.
  • Be conscious of grammar–you may need to account for using “an” instead of “a” some places in your article (as I did in the above example).
  • Preview ruthlessly! Read your variations pretending to be an editor or reader who has never seen your original article. Does all of your phrasing make sense? Is your article still grammatically correct? Does your article have the same meaning as it did previously?

You will be so glad that you took the time to ensure the quality of your article spins…and so will publishers and your readers!

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13 Responses to “Article Marketing Strategy: How To Spin Articles Correctly”

  1. Goose says:

    Great article on spinning! I’ve seen where many people use spinning software and forget to make sure to edit their spun copies for wierd combinations.

  2. Steve Shaw says:

    @Goose: Hi Goose,

    Yes, proofreading is key! And also creating your own variations rather than letting some piece of software decide what is an interchangeable word.

  3. John Yeoman says:

    Hi Steve

    I’m having great fun with spinning – even nesting the text at three successive levels of syntax. That makes proofreading a real challenge!

    But here’s a question: if we spin at three (or even two) levels of imbedded syntax, we’re going to end up with more potential article variations than there are atoms in the brain of Bill Gates. And certainly more directories, blogs, etc than are available to host them. Can that be too much of a good thing? When does the spinning have to stop?

  4. Steve Shaw says:

    @John Yeoman: Hi John,

    We only support a couple of levels of spinning. In, we provide the estimated variation level for an article on the article preview page, and it’s recommended to aim for around 40-50% but there are no hard and fast rules – the more variations you’re able to provide for an article, the greater the links you can potentially receive.

    Hope that helps!

  5. Mike says:

    Very interesting article. I had been very wary of spinners because of the large number of poorly spun garbage out there but this puts things into perspective. I’ll now give it another try.

  6. Chris says:

    This is a great method but I am still unsure whether to give it a go

  7. Thanks for the valuable information you are providing on regular basis. I am totally new to this field of promoting websites and trying to comprehend the whole issue.

  8. Leslie says:

    Thanks for the great tips! I learned something new with the one variation spin and the preceding word spin.

  9. Hi Steve

    I have just submitted my first article which I spun using the free trial of Spin Rewriter (very impressed with it so far). I have proof read to the max but something just dawned on me as I’m spinning my next article.

    How do I know how many versions I have and if there are hundreds do I need to proof read them all? Sorry if that’s a really stupid question! I am a little nervous about the whole spinning thing. My knowledge at the moment is pretty limited but my pet hate is poor grammar and punctuation. My articles will be pretty basic for a while but at least I want them to make sense and look professional.

    Would really appreciate your advice.
    Thank you:)

  10. Steve Shaw says:

    @cheryl rushton: Hi Cheryl,

    Congratulations on your first article! :)

    Your question isn’t stupid at all! In fact, it’s a really smart question. Here’s the answer:

    You need to proofread every version of the article. The software can help you create the spins, but it’s important to go through what’s produced to ensure it’s going to read properly.

    Hope that helps!

  11. cheers Steve, that’s very helpful

    And thanks for the support !

  12. Tavi says:

    Usefull information regarding spinning.
    However i have a question for Steve Shaw which i hope he will answer

    Steve after Penguin update i`ve found that it`s better to use the main keyword we want to rank for 30% of the time and in rest using variations such as click here, maybe some lsi keywords domain hyperlink URL etc.

    I`ve read your post about Penguin update however there is one question which i don`t know the answer and I hope you could clarify.

    Let`s say the keyword I want to rank for is “SEO”. (of course this is just an example) If i had to use this keyword 30% of the time in my backlinking and let`s say i have 10 variations my questions is can I add the following anchor variations in the article body ?

    {seo|seo|seo|search engine optimization|variation 1|variation2|….} If i add 10 variations in this spyntax and i have 3 ones with “SEO” i would have this 30%.

    Can I do this (suposing all the variations makes sense when read) ???

    Please correct me if i`m wrong and in case you have a recomendation for me by all means please let me know

    Thanks in advance,

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