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Article Marketing Strategy: Teaching Recurring Basic Article Topics In Unique Ways
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Recently we were talking about the importance of anticipating the needs of your readers. As we covered briefly in that previous post, one of your readers’ biggest and most persistent needs is to understand the very basic elements of your niche.

There are more people than you realize who do not know the most elementary concepts having to do with your niche. The tendency when thinking up article topics is to skip the basics and move on to more complicated matters, thinking that “everyone knows the simple stuff already.”

If you have ever thought that, you couldn’t be further from the truth.

There are some very basic aspects of your niche that you will never quit writing about in your free reprint articles, simply because no two people learn in the same way.

You may think, “I’ve written about that topic once already–can’t I mark it off my list?”

For the topics that form the foundation of your niche, you cannot teach about them enough. In my own experience in teaching people website and article marketing for many years, I can tell you that even one very thorough and well-written piece of content cannot satisfy the needs of everyone who is interested in that specific topic.

There have been times when I’ve written an article or series of articles that cover one topic in depth. I thought, “Well, if anyone asks me about this again, I’ll just refer them to those articles for the answer.”

What I’ve discovered is that no matter how detailed you are in your article, there will always be people who read it who still come away a bit foggy on matters you thought were thoroughly explained.

What do you do then?

You write another piece that teaches the same topic in a different way.

Why do people need to see the topic explained in different ways?

Well for one thing, everyone learns differently. Some people learn by seeing things step-by-step deliberately spelled out. Other people learn by stories and examples. There are an endless number of ways that people learn.

Sometimes it simply takes the reader seeing the topic taught from different angles and in different ways before the main concepts start to sink in. You may give one example that sort of makes sense to the reader, but it’s not until he sees three or four more articles on the same topic each with a different example that he finally says, “Ahh, I think I’ve got it now!”

So, I’m encouraging you to have some foundational topics that you teach on a regular basis in a different way each time. I have certain topics like that–the topic of “keywords” is one of my recurring topics. Another is learning to write articles consistently.

Think about your own field–what are some basic topics that never go out of style for your readers, topics that people always ask questions about?

Teaching Recurring Article Topics In Unique Ways

Now, your next question probably is, “How can I teach on the same topic in unique ways?”

I just want to be sure that it’s clear that I’m not suggesting that you resubmit the same or similar article multiple times or that you re-write previous articles.

Rather, what I’m talking about is writing a brand new article with new tips and new insights that teaches the topic in a new way. How do you do that?

We’re going to be covering that next time, and I’ll give you a specific method that you can use to create multiple unique, totally new articles that teach the same topic.

Until then, I was wondering if you already do this, or would writing on the same topic in new ways be new for you?

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2 Responses to “Article Marketing Strategy: Teaching Recurring Basic Article Topics In Unique Ways”

  1. You have hit on something I have had trouble with. I was wondering how basic I should get because I didn’t want to “insult my readers intelligence”, so to speak, with really simple stuff. I keep figuring that almost anyone with an interest in my niche would know these things, but after reading this, I see your point. Thanks for the great article, it helped me make up my mind!

  2. Sir,
    I would like to write the article what I taught from others and from informations given in the good magazines. I like to follow your training.

    with regards,

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