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Article Marketing Strategy: How Long Do You Need To Submit Articles To Drive Traffic To A Website?
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How long...?

Another great reader question

How long is “a long time” when it comes to using article marketing to drive traffic? I’m wondering how much time I should give it, and what I might be able to do in the meantime to improve my results.

I appreciate this question because it’s one that pretty much everyone wonders. Here is the answer:

You will ideally be submitting articles consistently each month over the lifetime of your website. You will likely see your first major impact about 6 months or so into a consistent article marketing campaign.

Article marketing works on momentum, and it’s a long term marketing tool. Like all website marketing tools, it is not the sort of thing that you do for a short period of time and then stop. As with all types of website marketing, you must do it consistently as long as your website is in business.

It’s also important to submit the appropriate quantity of articles each month to see an impact.

What is the right quantity and the right consistency?

You only need to submit 8 articles a month per website when you’re using (although we don’t have any restrictions on the number of articles you can submit).

If you’re submitting manually, you’ll need to submit significantly more articles than that.

If you are trying to drive traffic to more than one website and the websites are on different topics, you should work up to submitting 8 articles per website each month.

That would be my advise to you, to focus on maintaining a consistent submission schedule.

Consistency is the least glamorous of all the article marketing tips you’ll hear, but it is the most crucial.

You may be submitting 8 articles a month, but if they are on 2 or 3 different topics, you still have a little work to do to submit enough articles to market 2 or 3 websites.

If you are short on time, focus on marketing the sites that have the potential to make you money. Better to market one site thoroughly than 3 sites halfway.

For maximum results, I really recommend that you:

1 – Develop a comprehensive way of tracking your progress. Sometimes your article marketing is generating results, but if you’re only looking for one type of result you can very easily miss the changes that are happening. Â I’ll provide a resource below (5 Things To Do Before You Start Article Marketing) that tells you step by step how to track your progress.

2 – Work on submitting articles more consistently. When submitting through, work up to 8 articles per website each month. Do this each and every month. Consistently submitting articles will be your best article marketing strategy. It takes time to develop that habit, but it’s worth it.

3 – Start learning about keyword research and using your keywords appropriately in your articles. Keywords are critically important to article marketing and should form the basis of your whole article marketing campaign.

These two resources will help you:

Marketing With Articles: Are Keywords Really That Important?

5 Things To Do Before You Start Article Marketing…

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  2. Good article. My business is really starting to creep up the search engines for many national search terms after eight months of consistently using Submit Your Article — the best way to keep an eye on your progress [sometimes results can be suppressing and you may need to change the emphasis on targeting keywords] is I’m convinced that a combination of and Submit Your Article in a consistent article writing campaign is a really powerful combination.

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