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Article Marketing Strategy: What Is Your Favourite Writing Location?
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What is your favourite place to write articles?

Many professional writers have their little rituals–they write in the same location and at the same time each day.

Going to a particular place where you are used to writing can help get you ‘in the zone’.

On the other hand, sometimes shaking up your writing habits can give your writing a jolt of adrenaline and creativity.

Many professional writers prefer a quiet writing area where they can concentrate and be left alone. That is completely understandable–I tend to like a quiet, isolated room myself!

One thing that surprises me though is how efficiently I write in a busy cafe.

I am out of my element, trying my hardest just to get my work done so that I can leave, and at the same time trying to block out all of the unfamiliar noises and smells.

For some reason I find that writing in a environment that is the opposite of ‘quiet and isolated’ actually spurs me on sometimes. I wouldn’t want to work like that every day, but when I have worked from the cafe I’ve been especially productive.

I’ve been thinking of being more creative about where and how I write. Here are some of my ideas:

  • Perhaps taking things offline and writing long hand now and then (does anyone do that any more???).
  • Taking my laptop to the library to write.
  • Maybe once a month going to the cafe or coffee shop and writing from there. (It helps to go during off hours.)
  • Maybe dictating some articles into a recorder and then simply typing them up later. That would definitely cause the mind to think differently. I think that dictating articles may work better if you already have an outline to work off of. If I am just ‘winging it’ off the top of my head, I might come up with an article that is less than organized.

Those are my thoughts–what about yours…

Questions for you:

What is your favourite writing location?

What are some ways you can shake up your routine as far as where and how you write?

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7 Responses to “Article Marketing Strategy: What Is Your Favourite Writing Location?”

  1. Nicki says:

    I’m lucky enough to have a separate home office with a great view where I work. Must admit, though, it’s often tempting to just get up and go outside to enjoy the day when writing isn’t going well, or go to my painting table and slosh around some watercolor.
    Sometimes my ideas come from researching – garden books for my garden articles, and our library of personal development books for more ‘business oriented’ writing.
    I often get my best ideas while I’m on my walk with my partner. Somehow the forest trails and beach walks nearby seem to open up the mind.

  2. Ralph says:

    How about Dragon Naturally Speaking software in your mobile device, you just need to talk and the words appear in your documents – very fast. Then you can write anytime, anywhere, even whilst you’re doing something else and the words suddenly come to you.

  3. Nick Jervis says:

    I think variety but with a deadline is the key for me. One day I could write a great article from home, the next day home won’t cut it so I try in my office. That can work well but then the phone starts ringing, so often a cafe is the king.

    The key for me is setting a definite time wherever I am and working to that timetable. Knowing the absolute power of article marketing when it comes to websites rising up the Google charts, I have been training a graduate to write articles for one of my client’s websites and at first she was very slow. I then set her time limits to write an article. She does not always hit them but comes a lot closer than when she had all day to write them. This is not her fault, it is her first position since University but it just shows the power of focused time and deadlines!

  4. Steve Shaw says:

    @Nicki: It’s true, the best ideas often flow when doing something completely different and in a relaxed frame of mind – not just for writing, business ideas too! Best plan is keeping a notebook close at hand, or phoning your own voicemail – ensures you capture those moments of inspiration for future use …

  5. Steve Shaw says:

    @Nick Jervis: Hey, Nick :) – you’re absolutely right, deadlines help no end. My most effective days are often those where I’ve set specific times in which to accomplish something with a ticking clock close at hand, and a loud bell when time’s up. True Dan K, anti-”time vampire” style …

  6. Steve Shaw says:

    @Ralph: Great idea … will have to try that

  7. diane says:

    Hi, I have so much material, my problem is sorting it out, how do i make the content interesting and how do I get my point across with out making my article to long and losing the reader, allot of my material is important, many of my writings are on social issues, personal material, the place I like to write is in my room, but my ideal place would be in a cottage in the mountains where I can see the mountains and trees and birds outside, the outside inspires me to write, i also paint, I have to be in the right mood to paint, I just do not oil paint everyday, but when I do I spend at least 3 hrs on one painting, but again the setting plays a big role in both my writing and painting, it matters sometimes I listen to soft music when i am writing or I listen to spiritual music.

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