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Article Marketing Strategy: What Topics Should I Cover In My Articles?
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Does my article topic need to match the topic of my website?

Reader Question:

Is it alright to write on one topic, then have a link going to a site on a different topic?What topics should my articles be about?

This an excellent question. Does it matter what topic your article is about?

Yes! The topic of your articles serves a very important purpose in your article marketing strategy.

This is what you should write about…

Your article should be on the same general topic as the website that you’re linking to in your resource box.

If your website is about fishing, then all of your articles should deal with fishing and related topics.

You can write about special equipment used in fishing, your philosophy of fishing, the benefits of fishing, fishing techniques, strategies for catching different types of fish, etc. Any topic having to do with fishing is fair game.

Why does it matter what the article topic is as long as the link is going back to the website?

You have to look at things from your reader’s perspective.

A reader who is enjoying your article on fishing will likely be interested in further information on this topic. They read your educational article, then they see your resource box, and they say,

This person is obviously an expert on fishing. He’s offering more information on fishing at his site. I think I’ll visit his site because I’m interested in this topic.

That’s the way that things are supposed to work, but what would happen if you wrote an article about ballroom dancing when your website was about fishing?

Well, the reader would read your superb article on ballroom dancing and be craving more information on this topic. He would look to your resource box to see who the author is and why you should be regarded as a ballroom dancing expert. The reader also wants to see if there is more helpful ballroom dancing information available on your website.

And what does he find when he looks at your resource box?

Information on fishing! What?

Do you see the disconnect?

Your resource box is not just about the link. There will be actual human readers looking at your article and possibly (hopefully!) clicking the link in your resource box to get back to your website. To maximize the number of readers who click the link in your resource box, you need to write on the topic of your website.

You also have to look at things from Google’s perspective.

All links are not created equal…

That link in your resource box leading back to your site tells Google something. It tells Google what your site is about.

Let’s say that your website is all about fishing, and you write your article about fishing. The link coming from the page where your article is published affirms to Google that your site is indeed about fishing.

What would Google think if your website about fishing had an incoming link from an article on the topic of dog training? Would that link be helpful to Google in determining what your website was about? Not really.

The significance of your resource box link is increased by the context in which it is found – i.e. you’re writing about your niche in the article, and then linking to a site that is within the same niche.

This is a more significant link than say if the article was about dog training, and then you linked to a site in the resource box that was about fishing. The link would be out of context, and not make a lot of sense to Google.

Always write articles on the same general topic as your website.

=> You will maximize the number of readers who visit your website after reading your article.

=> You will also increase the SEO benefits of those precious links that you are building to your site.

=> On top of that, with each article that you write, you will be working toward establishing yourself as an expert in your niche.

=> Another perk of writing on one topic is that you grow in your own knowledge. If you are not already an expert, you will become one by consistently writing articles on all aspects of your niche.

Yes, it takes more effort to write consistently on one topic, but the payoff is worth it.

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  1. Thanks for this enlightening article. I’ve often wondered how to market a new ebook I am writing on ways to get the most out of your doctor’s visit. There are just so many articles I can write on this topic without giving away the book. I wondered if others feel that ANY health/disease/medical article would be on topic enough to send readers to my sales page for my book?

  2. sylvan says:

    Thank You for the very educational information. It’s always a very good experience visiting this site. Thanks Again. Blessings and Wealth

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