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Article Marketing Strategy: Which Is More Effective-A Blog Or Article Marketing?
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Here’s a recent reader question I received:

Can you give me some guidance comparing the relative advantages between article marketing that gets keyword targeted links on other websites pointing to your site, vs blogging that builds your site’s own content?

That’s a great question, and as someone who has a blog and does article marketing, I’m happy to share my thoughts on this.

I like to use both as part of my article marketing strategy, because they complement each other, and they accomplish different things.

What are the perks of an article marketing campaign?

An article marketing campaign can give your website and your blog a higher search engine ranking for keyword terms associated with your sites.

The articles themselves can also turn up in search engine searches, and when people read your article they can click the link in your resource box and be taken to your website.

So, you have two forms of traffic that are generated from article marketing:

  1. Traffic from search engines. This is where your ‘payday’ is. By getting a higher ranking for your site in search engines, you can dramatically increase your website traffic over the long term.
  2. Traffic from the articles. This is icing on the cake. It’s not your main goal, but it’s always nice to create as many avenues as possible for your customers to find you.

The articles can also help establish you as an expert in your niche and build trust with potential customers. So, the articles can “warm up” the customer before they reach your website.

What are the merits of having a blog?

It’s a great idea to have a website with frequently updated content. A blog suits that purpose perfectly. By adding content to your site on a regular basis, Â you are continually adding value to your readers.

You see, a traditional static website doesn’t change much. You visit it one day, and when you come back to it a week later, it will likely look exactly the same.

Not so with a blog–with new content being added regularly, readers have a great reason to return to your website on a regular basis.

The blog also allows you to connect with your readership and customers. You provide them with helpful content, and they can interact with you via the comments. Making personal contact with the real people who are interested in your topic is a valuable part of  any marketing campaign.

Google and the other search engines also appreciate sites that have frequently updated content, so it’s usually easier for a well-tended blog to get a higher ranking than a static website.

But what about your static website? You can use your blog to ‘leverage’ it.

If a traditional website is your main site, then you can use your blog to drive traffic to your traditional website. See, the blog has an easier time attracting visitors, because of the fresh content that’s being added on a regular basis. People go to your blog, and then they find your traditional website via links on the blog. The links from your blog to your website can also help your website to get a higher ranking.

Of course your blog is on the same topic as your website, so the people who are interested in your blog are likely to also be interested in your business website.

How Can Article Marketing Bring Visitors To Your Blog?

Anyone who has a blog knows that the traffic doesn’t come automatically. As with any website, you need to market it in order to attract visitors. Article marketing is a perfect way to market your blog (and your traditional website).

Here’s an easy way to do this:

1 – You write your blog posts on a regular basis–say two posts a week.

2 – Then, at the end of the month, you rewrite each post so that you can submit it as a free reprint article (that’s  article marketing). Be sure to re-write the post, so that you can keep the content on your own site unique.

3 – The article will have a resource box that accompanies it, and you can link to your blog and your traditional website from there. You can also do some ‘deep linking’ by linking to individual blog posts in some of your resource boxes.

(If you’re on’s Gold Level membership and you submit articles using our Naked Articles tool, you can make these links anchor text links that are in the body of the article.)


So, the blog and the article marketing campaign can bounce off of each other. You can use a blog to leverage your website, but you need the article marketing campaign to help the search engine ranking of your blog and your traditional website.

If you don’t have a blog, then it’s fine just to use article marketing to market your traditional website. But if you do have a blog, then article marketing is a natural complement that will help you build traffic. The better search engine ranking your blog has, the more useful it will be to you as a leveraging tool for your traditional website.

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One Response to “Article Marketing Strategy: Which Is More Effective-A Blog Or Article Marketing?”

  1. Issia says:

    Food for thought here… thank you. If you had a static website and used article marketing to generate traffic, after how long could you put those articles on the website for visitors to check out? That makes the website less static, right?
    How does that compare with feeding a blog that refers to the website? I read somewhere that Google isn’t keen on a blog that is external to your website… is that right?

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