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Article Marketing Strategy: Learning To Work With Search Engines–Not Against Them!
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Your website is like a resort. Google is like a travel agency...

Some website owners take the attitude that in order to get a high ranking in Google and the other search engines, that they somehow need to resort to trickery and backhanded tactics.

It’s as if they don’t believe that they can legitimately rank higher for their keyword terms by simply having a great website and marketing it honestly.

This article teaches why it is important to work with search engines and not against them for the long term health of your website.

In fact, the strange truth is that in order to do well in the search engines, you need to stop focusing all your efforts on building your site for them, because:

  • search engines are not your website’s visitors
  • you cannot follow up with search engines and build a relationship
  • they will not become your customers
  • they will not refer other visitors and customers to you after having had a positive experience
  • and most importantly, search engines will not spend their money with you!

Yes, you need to keep Google in the back of your mind and help them discover what your site is all about. Search engines should not be ignored by any means, but neither should they be the main focus of your website building efforts.

Your Website Is Like A Vacation Resort, and Google Is Like A Travel Agency.

Imagine that you own a vacation resort that focuses all of its attention on pleasing travel agencies in order to get in their listings. You spend your time scheming to give a false impression of what your resort is really like, all the while forgetting about the real people who will come and spend their money, sleep in your beds, eat your food, and come again and again if their experience has been a positive one.

As soon as the travel agencies start receiving poor reports from the people they are referring because of the lack of value that you provide, guess what happens?

That’s right–the travel agencies have to think about their relationship with their customers. In order to continue providing value and a quality experience to their customers, they start moving you down their referral list, and your visitor numbers start to fall.

Then you are left high and dry, without the advantage of repeat customers and word-of-mouth referrals, two elements which lie behind every successful business on the planet.

Build Your Resort (Website) With The Visitor In Mind.

Stick with me on this ‘resort’ metaphor for a little while longer…

Let’s say you took a different route and decided to build your resort with the visitor in mind, and you were always trying to give your visitors greater value and a positive experience–then what would happen?

If you developed a stellar resort that was attractive to visitors, then travel agencies would naturally want to send their customers to you because it would reflect positively on them.

Even if there was some sort of an error at the agency and you end up not in their listings for a few months, you would still have repeat visitors and new customers arriving through word-of-mouth referrals. You would still have a business because you focused on your visitors!

It Works The Same Way With Search Engines…

You need to focus on serving the best interest of your visitors and stop worrying about search engines so much. By doing this, your ranking in the search engines will naturally start to improve. They will naturally want to send visitors to you because it reflects positively on them. You will start to naturally attract visitors from other sources as well.

Yes, you need to market your website the same as any vacation resort would create marketing materials to get the word out about their business. But that is not the main focus…

Here is something to think about this week:

Your primary goal is to create a website that is full of valuable content. You please your visitors, and search engines like Google will be pleased as a natural result. They are simply looking for quality websites that contain valuable content, because that is how they please their visitors and provide their own value.

We’ll talk more about this next time and also explore a tried and tested honest marketing technique that you can do and feel good about!

Photo Credit:

The Resort from the Ocean by buck82

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14 Responses to “Article Marketing Strategy: Learning To Work With Search Engines–Not Against Them!”

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  2. [...] Last time we said that your website is like a vacation resort and Google is like a travel agency. [...]

  3. [...] Last time we said that your website is like a vacation resort and Google is like a travel agency. [...]

  4. Hi Steve,

    I always enjoy your helpful articles. Thank you.

    I do have a question about this one on building a site to please visitors more than SEs.

    My site contains a lot of information in the area of anxiety. As you recommend, it’s been my natural approach to provide this content with the visitor in mind. No black hat or other actions that irritate Google.

    This particular site has been around for about a year, yet Google does not seem to have recognized it to the level I would expect. In other words, it has good original, quality content.

    Can I assume, then, that this limited credit is more about marketing than about the actual content?

    I’m looking forward to reading your “honest marketing technique”. I bet it has something to do with article marketing. ;)


  5. Hello Steve,

    Good article and good philisophy.

    So, how do we rank if we are an online retail store?

    What kind of articles should we write?


  6. I have been a frequent reader of your blog posts and have found valuable tips to rank better on search engines. Reading through this posts I exactly saw what happened to one of my sites a few years ago when I was just a beginner. All that mattered then was just to earn but I thought that by placing flashy banners etc will convert. Yes but you need to get visitors to your site.

    That was when I realized that google for instance pays more attention to how well you serve your visitors. This changed my whole view about the entire business.

  7. John Yeoman says:

    I applaud Google’s new algorithm – that rewards quality sites. I’m all for ‘valuable content’. I look at the ‘featured’ articles at Ezine articles and other directories and I puke. I don’t want my articles to be in that low-life company.

    Why? Because I try to provide quality content. And (unlike many article spammers) I don’t craft my articles – with great toil – just to give fodder to search spiders. And to improve my page rankings (some time, maybe, when Hell freezes over). Am I old-fashioned… simply to want human beings to read my stuff? And to enjoy it?

    Question: how can a Google robot rate the ‘quality’ of any content whatsoever? If I put Wittgenstein’s Tractatus up on my site, I wager Google would zero-rate it.

    Why? Too many keyword repetitions.

    Ditto for Einstein’s E=MC2.

    Short of a human being rating every site, how can site ‘quality’ ever be rationally determined?

    Moreover, could that fallible human being even recognise quality – if it saw it?

    So… hurrah for ‘valuable content’. Two quarks for Master Google! But its new algorithm is still several protons short of an electron.

    BTW: will anybody ever read this post, other than Steve. And a Google spider?

    Dr John Yeoman

  8. Steve Shaw says:

    @Improving Lifestyles: Hi Andrew,

    I have a post on how to write articles for a product based website.

    Any questions, just let me know.

  9. Steve Shaw says:

    @Sylvia Dickens: Hi Sylvia,

    You build the island resort, and then you must market it. If you build the island resort and don’t market it effectively, then your island is great, compelling, captivating, but no one knows about it.

    Yes, you guessed it–article marketing is a very effective way to market the excellent website that you’ve built.

  10. parvesh says:

    article marketing is very effective

  11. ya….rightly said google is like travel agency. But what you you think is google doing fair as i am watching many scam website at the top in google search.

  12. yaron mayer says:

    Thanks for the reminder. Sometimes you are so focused on ranking in Google, that you do forget your ultimate goal is to actually help the people who read your material and in the process have them exchange currency for some products also.

  13. Steve Shaw says:

    @John Yeoman: Hi John,

    I certainly agree with you in terms of writing for the real reader rather than writing for search engine robots … that said, you still need to bear search engines in mind so that your quality content ends up being found and read, and optimizing for relevant keywords that people are actually searching for can make a huge difference. Quality content is worth little if no one actually finds and reads it.

    The trick is not to overdo the optimization and end up crafting the article purely for the search engines, which is self-defeating anyway, and forget about the real reader.

    Your page rankings will naturally improve as your site fills with content relevant to your niche, and then it’s a no-brainer to syndicate that content and link it back to your site to further improve rankings and attract more traffic and eye balls … my free report (see end of post above) gives you more info on how to do this.

  14. Carl says:

    I totally agree Steve.

    There is a fine balance between writing great articles and spending half your time writing a good article and spend the other half backlinking the daylights out of it.

    Far too many people talk about how great they write and the quality of their articles…come on…a ton of those sites and authors got killed during the google change. And I would venture to say those great writers are making a lot less then the good ones.


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