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Article Marketing Success: 4 Really Basic Things You Can Do To See Better Results
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It’s a good idea to know the basic things you need to in order to see the best results possible before you start your article marketing campaign.

Unless you know the basics of how to submit articles, you can wallow around for months without doing what you need to do to have article marketing success.

If you have been spinning your wheels for a while, are frustrated and confused as to why it’s not working, and are now wondering what you can do to see real results, you should be congratulated–you’ve finally reached a turning point in your marketing activities!

Sometimes when we’re learning a new skill, we do stumble around for a while, but eventually we figure out what’s up and what’s down. This post is for beginners and those who may have been submitting articles for a while with a “by the seat of your pants” strategy.

What I’d like to help you do is become more strategic in the way you do article marketing.

Here’s the question I received that was the inspiration for this post:

I’ve been submitting articles for quite a while now and I haven’t seen any results from my writing. Am I doing something wrong or is there a better way to get more out of what I’m doing?

1 – Submit articles consistently, each month.

If you’re using my automatic article submitter, I recommend submitting 8 articles per month for each website that you’re marketing.

Right now, your article submission schedule is a bit erratic–some months an article or two is submitted, and other months there’s nothing.

Really, submitting articles consistently is the #1 thing you can do to improve.

2 – Submit a sufficient number of articles for each website that you’re marketing.

I’ve looked through 4 of your articles, and I see 4 different websites listed in the various resource boxes (one site per article):

That’s fine if you’ve got 4 or more different websites that you want  to drive traffic to, but in order to see results, you’ll need to consistently write 8 articles a month for each of those websites.

If you don’t have time to write that many articles for all of your sites, then to start with you might pick just one site to market consistently and get some results from that, and then you can build up to writing more articles for the other sites.

So, instead of trying to do a little bit for a lot of sites, you will see better results in doing a sufficient number of submissions for just one (or two or however many you can consistently write for).

3 – Do keyword research for each of your niches.

Right now, it does not appear that you’re targeting any keyword phrases. Doing keyword research and learning how to use your keywords in your article submissions will go a long way toward your article marketing success.

Here’s more info on how to do keyword research and how to use the keywords in your article submissions:

Keyword Basics Series For Articles

4 – Use the “naked articles” tool that offers.

If you are a Gold Level member of, you have the option to use our Naked Articles feature. This will only really be useful to you after you do keyword research, but it’s really worth it as it will let your articles be sent to more publishers, particularly niche specific blog publishers.

You Can Do This!

These are some very simple and concrete things that you can do to help your cause when you’re submitting articles. If you’re a Gold Level member of my article submission service, then by all means use the tools that are available to you, such as Naked Articles.

Schedule some time this week where you look over the keyword research resource I provided above and try your hand at doing the research (it’s not hard, really!).

Then, just work on becoming more consistent with your article submissions. By submitting articles automatically, you’ve already made your work easier–8 articles a month is doable for one website.

It may take some time to train yourself to adopt the habit of writing consistently, but you can build up to it gradually. The important part is to stick with it.

Don’t forget–You can also outsource your writing if it’s in your budget.

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3 Responses to “Article Marketing Success: 4 Really Basic Things You Can Do To See Better Results”

  1. Nick says:

    Hi Steve,

    Thank you, as always, for another very informative post.

    I have to admit, however, that one point that struck home to me while reading was the element of cost as mentioned in items 1 & 4.

    Steve, I realise that this is only my personal view, but in the early days of trying to find your feet the last thing you want is any additional expense!

    I really do believe that, down the road, your article submission service will be an absolute must but that is then & this is now & all a lot of newbies want is FREE!

    Steve, tell me am I on my own here or do you hear similar comments from others too?

    Thank you

  2. Steve Shaw says:

    @Nick: Hi Nick,

    As a newbie, it’s fine to take some time to get your feet wet and to learn what article marketing is about and how to do it before jumping into the deep end of the pool, but you can’t see the same results by submitting to a few sites manually as you can in using an automatic article distribution service with all of the tools that we offer. It really is an essential part of article marketing for a professional website where the business is dependent on the website marketing.

    Depending on what your purposes are and your own situation, it may or may not make sense for you right now. You have to just start where you are, and you can work up to it when you’re ready.

  3. Su says:

    Thanks Steve for another great post. It makes sense about submitting articles on regular basis and promoting one website at a time. Free or not, article marketing is a must to get our sites known. There’s no such thing as free lunch especially in today’s economy. Just need to take baby steps and invest a little along the way. It sure worth it all….just my two cents.

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