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Article Marketing Success: 4 Ways To Reveal Yourself In Your Articles
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Here are some reader-suggested ways to "reveal yourself" in your articles...

A while ago I took an informal survey where I asked the readers of this blog what made a piece of content outstanding.

You might have thought that the object of your article was just to provide information, but the feedback that many of you provided said that an outstanding article goes beyond what the brain perceives and ventures into more personal territory.

I thought that it was pretty cool that several of you noted that the authenticity and personality of the author played a crucial role in determining the quality of the content.

We can learn a lot about being better writers from thinking about the type of content that we like to read. Let’s take a look at what some of you said about getting more personal in your articles:

Written From The Heart…

“I guess what makes articles really stand out for me is a title that indicates it will offer a unique perspective and that I can tell it’s written from the heart by the actual author.”

Gwen Tanner

I like the way that was stated–the article needs to be written from the heart. I’ve heard that a person preaches the message that he most needs to hear. For example, if the person is feeling like a failure, he preaches about unconditional love or hope that defies experience.

As I’ve worked on writing my articles each month, I have found that to be true. When I have suffered from writer’s block, writing an article about how to conquer writer’s block has been just what I needed. I’m sure that when someone else who is going through the same challenge sees the article I’ve written, he knows that I can relate to his problem–I’m not just someone who has it together all the time and never struggles. I think that is writing from the heart–come up with article topics that mean something to you, and present solutions that you’ve actually used for yourself.

I want to feel like the author really wants to share with me…

“Then, when I get to read the article…it has ORIGINAL, not re-hashed content that is totally relevant to what I wanted information on. It is genuine, carefully thought out & thought provoking content that provides me with real information that I can use – not a bunch of words that have been hastily strung together simply to creat an article for marketing purposes.

I must feel that the author really knows about the subject and really wants to share with me.”

Michael B Wilbraham

I would call this “generosity of spirit”–being eager to give whatever information you have to help your reader. It’s not about proving how much you know, but the focus is rather on helping your reader to know more.

I want to connect with the person writing the article…

“A bit of personality in the article itself. I want to connect with the person writing the article, and not feel I am simply getting a ‘faceless’ treatise on any subject.”

Eria Odhuba

There are different ways to “connect”:

  • The reader gets a sense of your personality in the article and can tell that you’re interested in helping him.
  • You teach in such a way that it’s easy for your reader to understand. Making something confusing less intimidating is always a great icebreaker!
  • In your articles, do you sound like someone the reader would be comfortable approaching, at least to ask a question?

It touches the brain and the sixth sense…

“Quality of an article can be judged not only with the uniqueness of its content but also with the genuineness and authenticity. Contents of article reflect the depth of knowledge and research done by its creator which make it stand alone in the crowd. People love the  know-how which appears real and touches the brain and the sixth sense.”


The brain is touched by the objective facts–the reader is helped because he has gained knowledge and now knows how to do something that he didn’t know how to do in the past.

But what is the “sixth sense” when it comes to writing articles?

I think it’s the je ne sais quoi element of your article–rather hard to put your finger on but you know when it’s there.

Maybe it’s your subtle sense of humor.

Maybe it’s the sense that you really do like your readers and want to connect with them.

Maybe it’s the sense that you are more interested in helping your readers than any technical benefit that you may gain by submitting the article. Of course you are submitting articles for a technical reason (for marketing purposes), but it really is crucial to you that your reader take something valuable away from your article.


For your next article try to pay close attention to your attitude as you write. Practice writing your article as if it’s just for one person.

I’ve enjoyed pondering each of these elements as it keeps my mind on the fact that writing articles is an art form, and even though you will probably never see your readers face to face, they can tell when you’re really plugged in and when you’re just “phoning it in”.

Question for you:

Can you think of any other ways to show authenticity and personality and to connect with your readers?

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3 Responses to “Article Marketing Success: 4 Ways To Reveal Yourself In Your Articles”

  1. Nick says:

    Hi Steve,

    I really believe that the best way to show authenticity & personality is with knowledge.

    Those who know me, know that generally speaking I am a quiet man but when I have something to say it all comes out !

    When I feel like this I speak from my heart, expressing how I feel, & this is based on experience which then turns into knowledge.

    This is the main reason people do not succeed on-line. It takes time to learn. Too often people simply re-submit old content instead of putting their twist on the subject?

    Sometimes Steve I would like to leave a video response in the comments section as I feel I would be able to express my self better. Would that be alright with you?


  2. Andy Hinton says:

    Steve, this is exactly where I am struggling with regarding sales and online marketing. Thank you so much!

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