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Article Marketing Success: 5 Points of Encouragement for Those Who Did Not Meet Their Goals in 2012
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How did you do in 2012 when it came to marketing your website? Did you get your article marketing campaign underway in full swing and stick with it? Did you meet your writing goals?

I don’t ask these things to make you feel guilty–quite the opposite!

I know what it feels like to have every intention of doing something really important and beneficial, and to then have that good intention fall to the wayside as the busyness of life and business takes over.

Marketing is always in the foreground of every business owner’s mind, especially as a new year starts. You know that marketing is the key to building your customer base and gaining greater exposure for your business. But I know from talking to lots of business owners that oftentimes your enthusiasm and good intentions don’t get you very far for a couple of reasons:

1 – For some of you, you tried to learn about how to market your website online, but you quickly felt overwhelmed because there was just too much information to take in and you didn’t know where to start.

I completely understand. You have other things to do with your day than to spend hours online trying to figure out what in the world you’re supposed to be doing to market your website. I want to help make the online marketing research process more simple and pain-free. Stay tuned in the coming weeks…

2 – Others of you actually settled on article marketing as your primary marketing tool, and at one time during the year you even started writing articles and submitting them. What tripped you up was the writing part–you wrote articles for a month or a few months, but then you stopped for one reason or another. And after stopping you never got going again.

Over the next week or two I want to create some resources aimed at helping the people in each one of these groups either get started in earnest or “reboot” their stalled article marketing campaign.

In the meantime, I thought it would be helpful to offer you some encouragement and tips for anyone who is feeling overwhelmed or discouraged about not having fulfilled your goals from last year:

1 – The effort that you put into your failed attempt (or attempts) is a prediction of your future success.

I read somewhere that the biggest indicator as to whether a person will successfully stop smoking is whether or not he has ever attempted to quit before.

It seems that the attempt indicates a motivation, and even if you don’t meet your desired goal in your first or second or tenth attempt, the effort you exert is compounded over time–that effort or motivation that is inside you fueling you to try works in your favor, building each time you go for it.

Studies show that if you keep on trying it’s likely that you will eventually have enough motivation to actually do the hard thing that you want to do.

So trying and failing counts for something in your favour–don’t ever think that your efforts are wasted.

2 – Some of the greatest minds in history tried multiple times before getting it right.

Did you know that Thomas Edison tried 700 times (some say more) Â to create the light bulb before getting it right. He had the right attitude too. About his repeated “failures”, he said this:

I have not failed 700 times. I have not failed once. I have succeeded in proving that those 700 ways will not work. When I have eliminated the ways that will not work, I will find the way that will work.

3 – You learned something, whether you met your goal or not.

Again, that’s something that’s illustrated by Thomas Edison–instead of seeing your lack of success in reaching your goal as a failure, think of it in terms of what you learned from the setback.

4 – It may help to adjust your goals.

Remember this video of Derek Redmond? His initial goal was to win a Gold medal, but an injury during the race forced him change his goal. He went from sprinting triumphantly towards a Gold medal to limping painfully toward the finish line.

No doubt he was very disappointed in the change of goal, but his adversity allowed him to display a level of heroism and heart that running a perfect race never would have. The ironic truth is that sometimes our mess-ups, mistakes, and accidents develop us more than having things go just as we planned.

5 – And I would just like to add one more: Don’t give up!

I know that it’s frustrating to try (or intend to try) and then to fall short of your goals. But giving up won’t make anything better. The only thing that will make things better is to keep on trying.

Imagine what your article marketing campaign could look like a year from now if you made small positive changes each month, working on your writing, on your consistency, and on your knowledge of more advanced article marketing strategies.

If you find a way to keep on trying, in just a year’s time you could be seeing your business from a totally new perspective.

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5 Responses to “Article Marketing Success: 5 Points of Encouragement for Those Who Did Not Meet Their Goals in 2012”

  1. Steve,

    I have failed so many times to create an article, that
    I was told by your staff to get it right or else! Through the wonderful support system in place at Submit Your Article, I, who have never tried to write an article before was able to succeed!

    Why? Because I had what it takes to succeed through determination and encouragement from someone on your staff who had seen my efforts and cared !

    That alone is why I am right here, right now! Many thanks to you and your support system for helping a complete stranger on the the path to

    Michael Zaenglein

  2. Steve Shaw says:

    @Michael Zaenglein: Hi Michael,

    I’m so glad you got in touch with us, and congratulations on getting your first article published!

    The first articles are always the most challenging, because you’re doing something you haven’t done before. But as you’ve shown, if you stick with it and have some help and encouragement, you can do it. It gets easier, I promise!

    If you need further help along the way, please don’t hesitate to get back in touch with us.

    Keep up the great work, Michael.


  3. Article marketing has become a business which has been changed from last era. This is the main reason why people are moving toward professional writers to write their article instead of going for cheap content. Content is the main thing on which whole search engine optimization relies.

  4. I definitely agree with Stuart, Article marketing has curved itself a good piece of the pie when it comes to doing business online and ranking, but with so many “auto blogs” and automated software out there a lot of content gets rehashed and released. Hiring a professional writer as well as a copywritter in my opinion is the best to approach and hopefully succeed in 2013.
    My friend Shawn once said to me… “I’d rather shoot for the stars and miss, than aim for the moon and succeed”
    Alas 2012!

  5. Steve Shaw says:

    @Michael Mores: Hi Michael (and Stuart), Yes, article marketing is beginning to enjoy a resurgence now that the ‘garbage’ writers have largely been discouraged and left the way clear for those producing quality content (after the SEO changes of 2012).

    ‘SEO content’ is out … quality content written for real readers and adding proper value to the Internet as a whole is in. The important thing is to write (or have written for you) quality content offering real value to people interested in your niche.

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