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Article Marketing Success: Do Your Articles Show Your Personality?
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Outstanding content bears the unique fingerprint of the author.

Sometimes the most effective way to improve your own writing is to take off your “author” hat and put on your “reader” hat.

That is what we’ve been doing for the past few weeks as we’ve explored what it takes to create outstanding content.

Outstanding content is:

  • Highly readable
  • Extremely relevant to a reader’s specific interests
  • Useful to a reader’s life
  • Sharable
  • Memorable

Additionally, outstanding content is authentic.

What in the world does “authentic” mean in terms of articles?

Authentic Articles Are Original

There are two aspects to writing original content:

1 – An outstanding article is written from a position of expertise where the author has his own ideas, philosophy, teaching methods and advice. When you are writing from your own expertise, you will not be copying portions of anyone else’s content. You will have enough knowledge to create a fresh article based on what you know.

2 – Let’s say you would never dream of copying someone else’s material–are you inadvertently copying your own? How many times have you felt like you were being repetitive in your own articles? An outstanding article offers fresh information and a fresh perspective.

We can all get in ruts from time to time, especially since we are writing articles on our niches on a regular basis. Here are some tips for writing fresh and original content:

How can you be more original?

Constantly expand your own knowledge on your topic.

=> Do an experiment that will teach you something about your field. Learn something new, try something new. Write about your experiences and what you’ve learned.

Develop a fresh perspective on topics you’ve already covered.

You can write unique content even without expanding your knowledge if you come at it with fresh eyes.

=> Look at your topic from the perspective of a complete newbie. When you are teaching newbies, you will need to use different types of examples and illustrations than you normally would.

Authentic Articles Display A Unique Perspective

Do your articles say basically the same thing as all the other writers in your niche?

If you are in a very competitive niche it is very easy for this to happen. Also, if you read other people’s articles as research for writing your own articles, it can be very easy to lose your unique voice.

=> Try not to read other people’s articles in your niche, especially directly before you write.

=> If you don’t know what your own “voice” is, then experiment with different voices. Perhaps you’re quiet and encouraging, and your articles take on that general tone. Maybe you’re dramatic. Maybe you’re a “tell it like it is” sort of person. Perhaps your sense of humor is an essential part of how you communicate.

Authentic Articles Are Passionate

Is there a way for you to learn to write with passion? I think there is.

We’ve actually covered this topic of how to write with passion.

Authentic Articles Have Personality

When it comes to being authentic, I think it all comes down to being willing to show who you really are in your articles. Everyone has a personality, and the way you write can express it.

Writing with personality does not mean that you’re making a spectacle of yourself. It just means that you are not afraid to reveal some of yourself in your writing. You’re willing to be known. The person you’re presenting to the outside world through your articles is truly who you are. You are multi-dimensional, with flaws and good qualities living side by side.

Here are some tips for showing more personality in your articles:

=> Have a genuine interest in the people who read your articles.

=> Don’t be too concerned about what others think of you. Do you think that little joke in your article is funny? Go for it. Do you have some colloquialisms that are a part of the way you normally speak? You can use them in your writing, while still being grammatically correct.

=> Don’t be afraid to be playful and friendly in your articles. Too often people become very serious when they are writing, but it’s also good to loosen up a bit sometimes and give a glimpse behind the armor.

Your Homework

This week, write an article with just one reader in mind–your best friend, your mum, your spouse or your child.

Write your article in a way that this special person would “get” what you’re saying (of course you will be writing on your niche). Relax, and keep on reminding yourself that this person you are writing for accepts you unconditionally and tends to think the best of you.

Your Thoughts On This Topic…

Before we started this series, I asked you the question “What is outstanding content to you?” Here are some of your thoughts related to the topic of this post:

  • “…it has ORIGINAL, not re-hashed content that is totally relevant to what I wanted information on. It is genuine, carefully thought out & thought provoking content that provides me with real information that I can use – not a bunch of words that have been hastily strung together simply to creat an article for marketing purposes. I must feel that the author really knows about the subject and really wants to share with me.” — Michael
  • “A bit of personality in the article itself. I want to connect with the person writing the article, and not feel I am simply getting a ‘faceless’ treatise on any subject.” – Eria
  • “Quality of an article can be judged not only with the uniqueness of its content but also with the genuineness and authenticity.Contents of article reflect the depth of knowledge and research done by its creator which make it stand alone in the crowd. People loves the thing and know-how which appears real and touching to brain and sixth sense.” mra
  • “Make your content and ideas unique to stand out even more even if you’re dealing with the same topic. To me, less words but more unique content is the essence of a good article.” Arnold
  • “I guess what makes articles really stand out for me is a title that indicates it will offer a unique perspective and that I can tell it’s written from the heart by the actual author.” — Gwen

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3 Responses to “Article Marketing Success: Do Your Articles Show Your Personality?”

  1. Very good article. When I read the part about telling a joke or being funny and going for it, I thought, “I don’t know about that”. Some people are naturally funny and others are not. Trying to use too much humor may bore the reader especially if he/she doesn’t understand the joke.
    Being yourself as the article mentions is paramount, and if being funny is being yourself, then I say, “Go for it”.

  2. Randy says:

    I like learning thanks for the information you shared

  3. Really great article. Its nice to see being yourself counts as much as all the technical aspects.. It makes the art of article marketing easier and not so task driven. good stuff

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