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Article Marketing Success: Avoiding Spelling and Grammar Issues In The Article Body
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Recently we’ve been covering some of the major issues that online publishers look for when reviewing your articles for editorial issues. Here’s how it usually works:

Your article is submitted to an online publisher, be that an article directory, a blog, an ezine editor, or some other type of website owner. Then the publisher will review your article and decide if it abides by the publication’s editorial guidelines.

Over the past few weeks I have been teaching you the types of things that publishers commonly include in their editorial guidelines. So far we’ve covered resource box issues, problems with the title, and sales oriented (promotional) articles.

Today we’re covering one of the most difficult topics when it comes to creating a suitable online article submission: Spelling and grammar issues in the article body.

Here are a few observations when it comes to spelling/grammar issues in the article body:

  • Most publishers don’t expect absolute perfection, with every comma in the perfect spot, etc.
  • What they do want is basic readability and an article that looks like someone proofread it pretty thoroughly.
  • Publishers will often be more picky about spelling/grammar issues in the first half of the article–if there are mistakes in your opening paragraph, then it does not bode well for the rest of the article.
  • You may be able to get away with having mistakes in the concluding paragraph more easily than you would in the opening paragraphs (not that it’s good to have mistakes anywhere!).
  • Editors are not the only ones concerned with proper spelling and grammar –your readers will be making judgments about you and your business based on how well your article is written. An article that is laden with errors can send the message that the author and/or his business is less than professional.
  • Getting spelling and grammar right in an article is more crucial than getting it right on one of your blog posts or your own website. You can easily correct a post on your own blog, but once you distribute an article it is out there for the world to see, and many times you won’t have the ability to correct it. Your article will also be (ideally) republished, so it’s not just about correcting it on one site.
  • Grammar and spelling checking tools on word processing programs can’t be trusted–they won’t catch everything.

How to Avoid Spelling and Grammar Issues in Your Articles

I wish I had a glamorous, fun suggestion for you, but there is only one solution: Proofread!

If that sounds hard or boring, it may help to know that there are proofreading techniques that you can use to help you spot errors. I’ve collected 8 proofreading tricks here, and below are a few extras:

–If you use MS Word to create your articles, see if your program includes the Speak text-to-speech feature. That feature makes it so that the program “reads” your article out loud, which is super helpful in helping you to spot awkward phrasing or grammar (and even spelling) issues.

–If you have trouble with English as a second language, it may be helpful to enlist the services of a professional ghost writer. Many times a person will speak English beautifully, but the nuances of grammar when writing are more difficult to handle. If you get the feedback from a second party that your article sounds like it was written by a non-native English speaker, that is probably the case and you’ll benefit from outsourcing your content writing to a professional writer.

–I highly advise using the techniques of changing the font, the font color, and font size when proofreading. I do that with my own articles, and it helps tremendously.

I know that proofreading isn’t a very exciting topic, but it’s absolutely crucial to your article marketing success. Do you have any proofreading tricks that you rely on?

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