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Article Marketing Success: Do You Need To Have Credentials to be Successful with Article Marketing?
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Recently I received this question from a reader:

Can I be successful with article marketing without being well known? I just have a fear that I don’t have the credentials to pull this off.

The wonderful thing about article marketing is that you can be completely unknown and still have great success. The attention that you and your website receive through your articles is not based on any pre-existing fame that you have, but it’s rather due to the quality of your articles.

If you are just launching a new business and want to become known, then submitting articles is a great way to get your name out there and build respect and trust.

Here’s how you can establish yourself as an expert with free reprint articles:

1 – Write educational articles on your niche.

Your articles should be teaching your reader something related to your field. A good mindset is to write articles that solve problems or provide helpful information.

The bread and butter of free reprint articles are “How To articles” (articles that teach a reader how to do somethingĂ‚ specific) and “List articles” (for example “Article Writing: 5 Top Tips For Writing Articles Readers Love”).

Also, a key component in article marketing success is writing articles with your keywords in mind. If you’re completely new to this “keywords” topic, here’s a great resource for you:

Keyword Basics

One thing to remember is that your article is not the place to bring attention to yourself, your business, your website or products. Save that type of info for the resource box (more on resource boxes below…).

2 -Write a strong resource box.

The resource box is basically a short author bio, usually around 400-450 characters or so (characters are letters, spaces, punctuation, etc). That’s usually a few sentences.

In your resource box you can tell your name, a little about your business, why the reader should go to your website (say, for a free e-book, a newsletter, more valuable info on a blog, etc), give a “call to action” and then give a clickable link going back to your site.

This resource box is submitted along with your article (unless you are using the Naked Articles feature on The resource box will appear below your article whenever it is reprinted.

The resource box is extremely important, as this is the one place where you can talk about yourself, your business and your website. The whole objective with the resource box is getting the reader to click the link going to your website, and you do that by offering them something valuable at your site.

Here’s some more info about resource box lures.

3 – Ensure that your articles are well written.

Take your time in writing your articles. You will get faster the more you get used to writing. The first step is to write a first draft, which will usually include lots of typos. In the first draft you just want to get your basic ideas down. Then put your draft article aside for a day or so.

Then, pick up your article and do a second draft–read over your article and rearrange ideas and sentences. You’re just trying to make things more coherent and logically organized. Put your article aside for a day or so.

For your final draft, you will be proofreading. Proofread very carefully, because after your article is out on the internet, it will be republished (hopefully!) and you won’t have an easy time making changes at that point.

Also, the quality of your article will say a lot to your readers–readers tend to be more likely to trust an article that is well written.

Doing free reprint articles isn’t like writing posts for your blog–your blog readers can see lots of content that you’ve written, so they have a more comprehensive view of who you are and the quality of content that you create. Plus, on a blog any typos are very easily corrected by you.

It’s not so with free reprint articles. Usually the reader will just be seeing one of your articles, and once your article starts to be republished online, it’s very hard to make corrections.

So, please be sure that your article is absolutely free of spelling and grammar issues before you submit it.

3 – Write articles that are easy-to-read.

You may be surprised to learn that there is a special way to write and format articles that will be published online.

People reading articles on their computers have different needs than people who are reading an offline magazine or newspaper, so it’s helpful to keep that in mind when you’re structuring your articles. Check out these two resources on this:

10 Tips For Better Web Writing

How To Submit Articles That Are Easy-To-Read

4 – Submit articles consistently over the long term.

Submitting just a handful of articles probably isn’t going to do much to bolster your online reputation. What’s really impressive is being consistent, submitting your articles each and every month, and covering all aspects of your niche backwards and forwards.

You can set up a page on your website that displays your article titles, a short description, and a link to the article. Anyone who comes to your website can see your library of articles and find the answer to pretty much any question they have. This makes a huge impression. Someone who is around for the long haul also sends the message that they are stable, invested in their niche, reliable, and trustworthy.

When you’re first starting to submit articles, don’t worry that no one knows who you are. That’s why you’re submitting articles! You want to bring attention to yourself and your website, and you can accomplish this very nicely by following the 4 tips above.

Questions for you:

Do you think you need to have built-in credentials to be successful online?

How has article marketing helped you establish yourself as an expert in your niche?

Or are you still working on that? If so, tell us what you’re doing.

NOTE: Please be aware this content may now be outdated. For the latest quality content on how to build massive publicity for your website, please go to The vWriter Blog - Helping Businesses Grow Traffic, Build Engagement, and "Be Everywhere"

4 Responses to “Article Marketing Success: Do You Need To Have Credentials to be Successful with Article Marketing?”

  1. Nick says:

    Hi Steve,

    This is a very truely understandable situation! The feeling of wanting to have your say by writing an article, & then, not getting the click throughs you were hoping for is very demoralising. You cannot help but think that you are unknwn so who would bother reading your stuff!

    What absolutely amazes me are those who claim to be a total newbie. Write a few articles that are actually read & then go on to make thousands in the first month!!!! How so may I ask?

    I suppose, from my point of view, I keep on reading your articles Steve because I enjoy them & learn from them so I keep on coming back for more!!


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  4. [...] is where article marketing comes in. Here are 4 simple things you can do to create article marketing success, even if you’re totally unknown in your [...]

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