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Article Marketing Success: 12 Tips For Making Your Article Headlines WORK For You!
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Good title: "How to Potty Train Your Puppy Without Getting Frustrated"

The effectiveness of your article titles makes a HUGE impact on your article marketing success.

We’ve just started a new series about how to create outstanding content, and your article titles play an integral role in how often your articles are viewed, shared and remembered.

An outstanding title should:

  • Be relatively unique, which reflects that the article offers a unique point of view.
  • Convey what the article is truly about.
  • Be interesting to your target readers. We’ll go into how to make your titles interesting in a little bit.
  • Ideally address a pressing need of your reader.
  • Be specific.
  • Be grammatically correct with proper spelling. You need to have a grammatically correct title in order for it to be easily understood.
  • Be written for human readers, rather than just trying to appeal to search engines. It is a good idea to have a keyword rich title, but the title must also appeal to your human readers.

Here are 12 tips for making your headlines work more effectively for you:

1 – Try writing your title before writing your article.

Your title will help direct the content of your article and help you to make the title a priority. Be sure that when you are writing your article that you are fulfilling what your title promises.

2 – Try using the Ezine Articles Title Suggestion Tool that I told you about recently.

This will help you to have a well-written keyword rich headline.

3 – Some of the most popular titles are “How To” titles.

The reason for this is that readers do not just want information–they want information that they can put into action. They want information that will help them solve a problem.

Set out to write an article that solves a problem or teaches a reader how to do something. The title does not have to say “How To…”, but the headline must clearly state what the article will be teaching the reader.

For example, the title of this post is “Article Marketing Success: 12 Tips For Making Your Article Headlines WORK For You!” I could just as easily have titled this “How To Make Your Article Headlines WORK For You!”

Here are 4 “How To” Headlines That GRAB Attention

4 – It’s always a good idea to do keyword research before coming up with your article topics.

Readers love articles that solve their problems, and doing keyword research will alert you to the types of answers that your target readers are searching for.

5 -Â Write articles that have clear steps and numbered list items.

Be sure that your title conveys that your article contains a numbered list or steps to accomplishing a goal.

For example:

15 Fun Facts About Chocolate

5 Recycling Tips Every Parent Should Know

Article Writing Tips – 5 Step Outline Example

Train Your Dog To Walk On A Leash In 3 Easy Steps

6 – Be concise and to the point.

Avoid overly long and confusing titles.

Another thing to avoid: Overly short titles! Your title must be at least 2 words long, but in most situations a title longer than 2 words would be better.

Remember, your goal is to clearly describe what your article is about in an interesting way. If your headline is too short, then you’re not giving the reader enough info. If it is too long, then you may be giving too much info or just confusing the reader.

7 – Try using a “question title”.

The idea is to engage your reader and asking a question in your headline often accomplishes that goal.


Chocolate Facts: What Is Cacao?

What Are Links And How Do You Get Them?

How Safe Is Flying Compared To Driving A Car?

Looking For Cheap Plane Tickets? – Consider Flying On Stand-By

8 – Make the title personal.

A simple technique is to use “you” and “your” in the headline. You can also appeal to emotions, for example:

Baby Care Tips For New (And Frightened) Dads

If you’re a new dad, would that title catch your eye? I know it would catch mine…four kids ago, maybe!

How to Potty Train Your Puppy Without Getting Frustrated

So, that article may be about how to potty train your puppy, but it strikes an emotional cord by acknowledging that it’s a frustrating process.

How many frustrated puppy owners go to the internet looking for help? How many of these puppy owners would choose this article title over a sea of others that simply said “How To Potty Train You Puppy”?

9 – Clearly state the benefit.

A reader will not read your article if there is no benefit to them. Your headline must tell the reader why they would benefit from reading your article. For example:

15 Tips to Make Life Easier For New Moms

What is the benefit? Reading this article will “make life easier” for a new mom.

10 – Solve a specific problem.

For example:

Happy Balance of Getting Kids What They Want For Christmas

Bringing a New Puppy Home to Another Dog

11 – Try identifying who you are writing for in your title.

For example:

Grandparents – Collecting Words of Wisdom For Children

Local Business Owners: Can Article Marketing Work For You?

12 – Be descriptive.

For example:

Awesome Quotes About Children

Good Activities to Do With Autistic Children

Encouraging Words For Newlyweds

Your Homework

Spend 15 minutes today using the above suggestions to generate article titles specific to your niche.

Your Thoughts On This Topic…

Before I began this series I did a little survey on what is outstanding content to you. Here’s what some of you said on this topic:

  • “I guess what makes articles really stand out for me is a title that indicates it will offer a unique perspective and that I can tell it’s written from the heart by the actual author.” — Gwen
  • “Compelling Headlines then bullet points that complete the data.” — Grant
  • “A great article for me would be one that has, first of all, a GREAT attention-grabbing headline that applies to what I’ve been searching for.” — Michael
  • “..A headline that promises to show how something I am interested can be done better. I don’t need revolutionary ideas, but small steps that help me achieve my desired outcome…” — Eric
  • “One thing that catches my attention each time I’m searching for contents or articles is GREAT HEADING. It makes all the difference. That is where the real compelling force is. If your article has a great heading, then it is very certain that you will get lots of readers. Consequently, your article heading determines the traffic to your site or article.” — Uche
  • “First of all, a title that makes me believe that article contains the specific details I want, not a general title that tells me nothing much.” — Nick
  • “Make the title of your article eye catching to your readers as much as possible that by reading at it they will take a pause and spend sometime to know exactly of what you have written.” — Arnold
  • “It is definitely a title. A title usually prompts me to read more, if the title is not interesting to me or does not grab my attention I move on.” — Kathryn
  • “A first class headline has to be the primary consideration. After all, it’s the first thing you read, so if it falls flat, you’re not likely to go much further.” — Mike
  • “…a headline that attracts my attention because it promises information that interests me or that I can make use of.” Leon

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9 Responses to “Article Marketing Success: 12 Tips For Making Your Article Headlines WORK For You!”

  1. Uche Nwaobi says:

    Great post. I think you said it all. The headline of an articles is a great determinant for it being read. I completely agree with you.

  2. Great article. I’ve actually started to bookmark all the good articles I read so I can refer to them later.

  3. I especially like titles that list the number of ways you can arrive at solving a problem. For example, “10 best foods to give you better skin complexion”

  4. Sally says:

    I found this article really helpful, I must admit my article titles have been quite poor so this should help me revamp them for maximum success, thanks Sally :)

  5. Julie Hodges says:

    Excellent suggestions. I feel like going in to my account and changing headings right now. Will definitely take your information on board.

    Something like this would work great with a difficult keyword or term.

    # Chocolate Facts: What Is Cacao?

    Thanks again

    Julie Hodges

  6. Ramachandran V says:

    Nice suggestions and recommendations.

  7. Gopala says:

    I have written a few articles but wasn’t sure if I have been doing it right. Your articles have given more insight into the essentials of writing good articles. Thanks for sharing your experiences.

  8. Great tips. I try to give my articles what I call the “bikini effect” – that is fascinatingly revealing and enticing and able to turn heads. Coupled with your very specific tips, your title should be a winner.

  9. suryachalla says:

    Your article: “Article Marketing Success: 12 Tips………….” is very good in that you have verbalized lucidly, the correct ideas many good writers get, but remain as loose disjointed words at the back of their minds. In fact, looking back, two days ago, I wrote an encouraging article for discouraged triathlon beginners. Somehow, without saying it out, I felt that a “How to” title would be good. So I titled it: “How to Psyche Yourself into Training for the Triathlon”. Now that you have verbalized the 12 points on Article Marketing Success, it seems my article fits:
    1. The need of encouragement for beginner triathletes.
    2. “How to” start of the title fulfills another of your 12 points.
    3. The title is powerful as it suggests the route to overcoming the fear of triathlon training.

    In short my article falls under most of your 12 points that assure a successful marketing for my article.

    I should once again express my appreciation of your article for verbalizing and elucidating the 12 Tips (points) for making one’s article a success.


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