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Article Marketing Success: Beginner Help with Internet Marketing
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The first question that every newcomer to marketing online wonders is:

What am I supposed to be doing? What areas of online marketing should I focus on? What produces results, what is doable for me, and how much do I need to be doing?

I know what you’re thinking–you want to do something that will benefit the long term health of your website and that is not totally over your head to understand. You also want to do enough to see results, but not more than you have to.

With that in mind, we’re going to start covering a few things you need to focus on when marketing your website:

Article marketing.

Beginners and people totally new to online marketing have been using article marketing for years and years. It is an accessible marketing tool that you don’t need to be an SEO mastermind to do. You will, however, Â want help from an automatic article submitter in getting your articles distributed as widely as possible and with as little effort as possible, but aside from that article marketing is something that most people can wrap their minds around.

Is article marketing still effective after Google’s algorithm changes?

You may have heard various reports that Google’s algorithm changes have affected the effectiveness of various types of online marketing tools.

With the dust settling from all the SEO changes in 2012, we’re continuing to see strong results from article marketing, and article marketing is even beginning to enjoy a resurgence now that the ‘garbage’ writers have largely been discouraged and left the way clear for those producing quality content.

Here is a comment I received that illustrates the real experience of actual users on the front line of SEO who continue to use and article marketing in their strategy:

None of my [SEO] clients who I use for were negatively impacted by Penguin … and, after an initial dip for one of my own sites, it’s now back at #1 in North America (and I did absolutely nothing to change my website or my link profile). Thanks for your great program!

Steve Penny, – USA

Here are two things to focus on in order to make article marketing work for you:

  • Ensure your content is high quality, gives real value to your readership, and is in line with what potential publishers in your niche may be looking for.
  • Give your content as wide a distribution as possible to a quality and diverse distribution network such as that provided by – rather than say just a handful of article directories.

If you’re unsure where to get started, I’d strongly advise you pick up my free sustainable traffic report in the P.S. below.

That is where we’ll stop today. We’re only getting started–next time we’ll talk about other marketing tools to use to complement your article marketing campaign and some crucial ‘must do’ things that proceed marketing your site.

In the meantime, do you have any questions about article marketing?

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