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Article Marketing Success: How Much Do Clicks And Article Popularity Mean?
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Here’s a client question I received recently:

Can you give me some feedback on the quality of my articles, on the number or readers, and click throughs etc?

There are lots of things that you can do to maximize the popularity of your articles.

Some of the biggies are doing keyword research prior to writing your articles, writing your articles and titles to appropriately use those phrases, and making sure that your articles are well-written and useful to your target readers. (Here are some further tips for not only getting your articles read more, but published more as well.)

One thing to keep in mind though is that the goal of article marketing is not to get more readers for individual articles or to even get clicks from the articles (although that’s a big perk!). The goal is that with consistent article submissions your website will gradually achieve a higher ranking in Google and the other search engines for your specific keyword terms.

The higher search engine ranking for your website is the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow–that is where the big traffic comes from, rather than from individual articles.

Do Keyword Research–It makes all the difference!

You’re trying to rank highly for keywords associated with your specific niche. How you find out which keywords would be best to shoot for is by doing keyword research.

It just takes a little time, but the payoff is big. Read over the resource below to see how to use your keywords in your titles, the articles, and the resource box.

Keyword Basics Series

How can you increase your article popularity (the number of people who view your articles)?

Here’s a post I did listing 5 tips for boosting article popularity.

How can you use the ‘Article Popularity’ info to help with your future articles?

Here’s a post that details what you can learn from your most popular articles (and how to use that info in your future articles).

The article popularity (how many times an article is viewed) can be useful to you in creating new articles, but it’s important not to gauge your article marketing success with that measurement. When measuring your progress, do so by keeping track of where your website is ranked for each of your keyword phrases.

Keep a spreadsheet where you track your website’s ranking for each of your keywords, and you’ll see tangible evidence of how your website is doing. Remember that once you start your article marketing campaign in earnest (doing consistent submissions each month–I recommend about 8 per website if you’re submitting automatically), it will take a few months before you’ll see the initial fruits of your labors. After that, you’ll notice your website ranking starting to improve.

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One Response to “Article Marketing Success: How Much Do Clicks And Article Popularity Mean?”

  1. Thanks for this post. I can not fully claim that I know a lot about article marketing but from what I have read and gathered over the past years since starting an internet business, I guess the main reason why people write articles is to acquire back links in their search engine optimization efforts.

    On my website, although I love to see many visitors but the visitors that take action mean more to me than those who just read.

    On the other side, if I submit an article to a submission directory like yours then it is important how many visitors read my article because there is a greater chance that if they like it, they may visit my site and take action.


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