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Article Marketing Success: How To Get Loyal Readers By Hardly Trying
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Here are two ways to attract loyal readers...

Sometimes we just try too hard.

When we do our writing becomes stiff and calculated, sort of like trying to learn how to dance by reading instructions from a book.

For a few moments, let’s just step back a bit and think about why we keep coming back to an author to read his or her content:

=> On a recent book I read, one of the reviews said, “I finished this book at 10 p.m. I was so anxious to read the sequel that I went out to the store in my pajamas to get the next book.”

=> I have the same reaction over a good book–When I read a book that I find to be insightful, helpful and that has unique ideas, IÂ immediately crave to read the author’s other books.

=> When I read someone’s blog post and find it to be creative and helpful, I will usually look at other posts by the same author. Sometimes I will spend hours pouring over someone’s archives and be disappointed when I finally come to the last post.

=> Some of my favorite bloggers have written books, and I will buy the hard copy book because I like the blog so much.

Fiction, non-fiction, blog writer, book writer, article writer–what is it that makes a person see one piece of content and want to read more by the same author?

With the first piece that a person reads a bug is caught, a sense of anticipation is built, and upon finishing reading the piece the reader says, “I want to read more!”

Sometimes it seems like the harder we try to get someone’s attention, the more they ignore us. This is not an exact science, but here are a few ‘hardly trying’ tips that can help your readers ‘catch the bug’ of your writing and crave to read even more:

Give enough info to rope the reader in.

I think that the best articles are about 600-800 words of valuable content. That length of articles gives you enough room to elaborate on a few key concepts, while at the same time not being so long that you lose your reader’s attention.

With all of the examples I gave you above of times when people were roped into reading further by being exposed to one piece of content, the author had provided sufficient info in the original piece of content to satisfy at least part of the reader’s interest.

You don’t have to satisfy every last need for the reader in one article, but you do need to give him or her something to chew on.

Leave the reader wanting more.

Yes, you’re eager to show your expertise and provide useful information for your readers, but it can be really helpful not to write a definitive ‘here’s everything you ever wanted to know on my topic’ type of article.

I see this from time to time, and I’m not talking about an overview type of article or an article that’s full of helpful information. I’m talking about a doctoral thesis type of article.

I struggled with this when I first started writing–for every article, I always wanted to include every last thing I knew on that particular aspect of my topic because I thought, “What if this is the only article of mine that this reader sees?”.

This resulted in some extremely long articles that would take me weeks to write and others that were never finished.

There is a strategy with any type of writing where you want to provide valuable content and meaty information, but you also want to hold back a little so that the reader has the opportunity to anticipate more info from you on your topic. This is especially true of article marketing.

Your articles should be worthy of your reader’s time and contain helpful, unique information, but it is not necessary to tell every last thing you know in every article.

Questions for you…

What do you look for in an author? (Could be a fiction or non-fiction author, someone whose book your would buy or check-out from the library)

Think about times when you read one piece of content from an author (could be an offline author) and you became motivated to seek out other works from the writer. What made you do that?

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6 Responses to “Article Marketing Success: How To Get Loyal Readers By Hardly Trying”

  1. Thanks for your articles-they’ve really helped!

  2. Nick says:

    Hi Steve,

    Over the years I have greatly enjoyed reading, but there has only been two authors whose writing I actually craved for – Wilbur Smith & Jeffrey Archer.

    Both these men have the ability to turn their written words into a mini cinema screen so that the story became alive! They both write with such detailed knowledge on their subject matter, but not to the extent that you too had to be an expert to understand!

    The stories always had numerous twists & turns to keep the readers interest on tenterhooks. I would pick up a book of theirs at any given opportunity, albeit for a few moments at times!


  3. Well, when one has just started article marketing, there is always a tendency of writing to satisfy every reader, which is impossible. It’s one reason why one ends up writing very long articles. I also fell prey to it and I think you have brought it out clearly.

    On the other hand, I feel disappointed with very short articles that hold scanty information on a subject. At first you get taken up by the title, thinking that you will find much useful information. But as soon as you start reading the article ends. Very dissappointing, especially when you came hungry for information on a subject.

    What I have noticed is that quite a good number of online marketers are just for having as many articles circulated on the internet as they can. That’s why some articles leave the reader still wanting. Is it quantity or quality? Should one focus more on quantity just to get backlinks at the expense of quality? Is there any need for doing things hurriedly?

    Thanks Steve for giving us those good insights.

  4. Steve Shaw says:

    @Charles Kiyimba: Hi Charles,

    It’s a balance of quality and quantity. The articles need to provide enough information to be of help to the reader, and they shouldn’t be just filler. Quality is absolutely essential with article marketing.

    Quantity is secondary–there’s no point in having a large quantity of useless articles floating around the internet (and such articles would be much less likely to be republished any way).

    There is not a need for doing things hurriedly, but there is a need for writing and submitting articles consistently.

    If you’re using an automatic article submitter like, then I recommend submitting 8 articles a month per website, which is entirely doable. If you aren’t used to writing 8 quality articles a month, then you can work up to it over a couple months.

    So, it’s a balance of quality and quantity–you need to write articles with value, and depending on your distribution method, you need to submit a sufficient number of articles to make an impact.

    You don’t need to feel like you’re hurrying, but most writers will naturally learn to write faster as they get more practice. It’s always essential to come up with a quality article though.

    Hope this helps!

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  6. I was looking for this, thanks! I think all of the info are so great. Bookmarked, i’ll check back later!

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